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Meet Exceptional Dropshipping Services Taking Your Store Performance To A New Level

By Timur Y.

Meet Exceptional Dropshipping Services Taking Your Store Performance To A New Level
Find the dropshipping service that will help your online store thrive! These cover all kinds of business tasks, be it technical improvement, promotion campaigns or creating the design of your dropshipping store.

A unique and professionally built website is a good start for your dropshipping business. However, in order to guarantee stable growth, you need to pay attention to various tasks such as product choice, promotion, etc.

Some say this is the most exciting part of online business and being distracted by other, purely technical issues is really annoying.

That’s why AliDropship offers a number of extra services so that you could focus on developing your business while leaving all technical problems to our team.

Dropshipping services to improve your website

AliDropship Plugin Setup


Manual installation of AliDropship plugin is quite clear even to an online business newcomer. However, we wouldn’t want the people who have no experience of dealing with ecommerce software to get frustrated over possible slowdowns. That’s why we introduced the setup service!

Along with setting up AliDropship plugin on your website, we will also:

  • Set up email notifications for your dropshipping store to make it easier to communicate with customers
  • Optimize your homepage for search engines
  • Set up our pricing formula
  • Integrate your store with Google Analytics
  • Set up payment gateways
  • Register a branded business email for you

Learn more about AliDropship plugin setup here.

Add-ons setup

To boost your business, you might need to use a number of add-ons for your dropshipping store such as Countdown Timer, Upsell or Recent Sales Pop-Up. If you don’t feel like dealing with software, leave it to our team!

We will not only set up any plugin you require for your online store, but also adjust its settings according to your preferences.

Learn more about Add-ons setup service here.

Social Rabbit Plugin Setup

No matter what business you have, it’s always a good idea to promote it through social media. Your store is no exception. Use this dropshipping service to make your store famous on top social networks – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

Our team will install Social Rabbit plugin on your website and authorize your business with these social media. As a result, you will get a fully functioning auto posting promo plugin within just 3-5 days.

Learn more about Social Rabbit setup here.

Product Data Entry

Choosing what products to import to your dropshipping store is one of your most important decisions. The items you offer represent your store, its benefits and competitive advantages. That’s why one must pay close attention to products’ choice as well as amendment of their titles, descriptions, photos, etc.

But if you don’t have time, AliDropship team will take care of it for you. Our specialists will find the most promising products on AliExpress and edit product data to make your store look nice and professional.

Learn more about Product Data Entry here.

Website Installation

If IT is not really your thing, you can use this service and get a fully functioning dropshipping store with no hassle.

Our specialists will take care of every step:

  • Install WordPress CMS on your site
  • Setup WooCommerce plugin (if required)
  • Install AliDropship plugin
  • Set up the theme you chose

In just two days, your dropshipping store will be ready for further customization!

Learn more about Website Installation service here.

Custom Development

Do you want more than just another typical online store? Do you want your website to be truly unique? Say no more! This dropshipping service will allow you to customize your store even further.

It is designed for those who would like to make non-typical adjustments to the websites built with AliDropship Original plugin.

Learn more about Custom Development service here.

Custom Design

Visual content attracts more views than any other type of data. So, visual materials such as logos, banners, social media covers, etc. have huge value. If drawing is not your strongest side, leave this task to us!

Our team of designers will create high-quality visual materials for your needs. All you have to do is contact us and provide our team with your personal vision on what you’d like to see in your store.

Learn more about Custom Design here.

Theme Switching

Feel excited about some new theme our team has developed for AliDropship store owners? Want to apply it to your store instead of the previous one? Say no more!

The theme switching service lets your store get a whole new appearance and layout with no extra effort. Just make up your mind on the theme you’d like to try, and we’ll do the rest.

Learn more about Theme Switching service and available templates here.

Email Subscription Form Integration

Many businesses communicate with customers through emails and consider email marketing one of the most efficient promotion methods. Your dropshipping store can benefit from it, too!

To do that, you need to set up a subscription form so that your store visitors could receive emails from you. Use our service to save time and efforts and start building your mailing list in just three days!

Learn more about Email Subscription Form Integration here.

Dropshipping services for marketing

SEO Starter Pack

No ecommerce business can do without search engine optimization. The better your website is optimized, the more Internet users see it in search results. Therefore, you enjoy more visitors and higher revenues!

SEO Starter Pack is designed to improve your store’s ranking in the search engines. After ordering this service, you will get a SEO-friendly article to publish on your homepage or your blog. Furthermore, our team will customize the SEO elements on your homepage and on each category page of your store and create multiple backlinks.

Learn more about SEO Starter Pack here.

SEO copywriting

While the previous service is good for a start, SEO copywriting will further improve your store ranking on Google.

Our team of professional copywriters will create SEO-friendly texts for your homepage and category pages. Here you can expect good readability, clear descriptions and efficient calls to action, which will enhance the appeal of your offer.

Learn more about SEO copywriting service here.

Social Media Setup

Social media marketing is essential for any kind of business, especially for small-scale online stores. So, using a variety of social networks to promote your brand and products is a must.

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter have proved to be efficient marketing tools. Our team can not only setup your social media accounts, but also make them look professional, which is crucial for attracting audience.

Learn more about Social Media Setup here.

Have you come up with a brilliant promotion idea, but faced the lack of time to create the required advertising materials? Don’t worry: our team can provide you with all you need within a couple of days!

The designers of AliDropship will create original banners for your campaign. You can send us the pictures and texts you want to use or leave it entirely to us.

Learn more about Banner Ads Design service here.

Promo Video Creation

If you’re looking for new promotional tools and instruments, consider using video materials. After all, videos attract attention more efficiently than any other type of content.

By ordering this dropshipping service, you will get a professionally made, high-quality video up to 2 minutes long. So you don’t have to waste time trying to learn how to create videos on your own.

Learn more about Promo Video Creation here or check other marketing services we provide.

Social media assistance setup 

dropshipping service Social media assistance setup 

Social media is one of the most crucial sources of quality, incoming traffic. If you need professional, engaging social media accounts for your business, this is the perfect offer for you.

Most of your potential clients are active users of social networks. Having attractive social media pages is essential to promoting any business in today’s day and age.
With the help of our team, you can have us do the work — and potentially grow your traffic and leads by several times!

With the Social Media Setup service, you:

  • Receive fully-functional social media accounts
  • Win customer trust with searchable accounts
  • Gain quality traffic from your accounts
  • Get more orders from social media
  • Save your time for more vital tasks

To learn more about social media assistance setup click here.

Lead generation pop-up setup 

dropshipping services lead generation pop up

We all love special deals and discounts. So, if you place an attractive pop-up offering that on your site, you’ll reveal all those bargain lovers, get their email addresses (to use for future email marketing campaigns) and inspire them to place an order on your site by sending them a coupon code!

What are the benefits of the Lead Generation Pop-up Setup?

  • You take a proven path to effortless sales
  • Your store is 3X more attractive to visitors
  • You save your precious time (up to 8 hours)
  • No coding or marketing skills needed

To learn more about social media assistance setup click here.

Irresistible lead magnet

dropshipping services lead magnet

Even if you’ve never heard the term “Lead Magnet” before, it’s never too late to reap its benefits to boost sales! Lead Magnets are extremely common for one simple reason – they work very well maximizing the number of email addresses of your potential customers. Then just use them in your email marketing campaigns & be ready to roll in money!

So, how does this all work?

  • An ad attracts traffic to your site;
  • People visit your site and see a pop-up (powered by Mailchimp) with an attractive offer;
  • People leave their email addresses to receive a useful e-book;
  • Throughout the e-book, people accidentally on purpose come across your products and visit your product pages. Moreover, at the end of the e-book, we put a coupon inspiring for purchases.
  • You have plenty of email addresses to use for future email marketing campaigns

To learn more about this dropshipping service click here.

Winning products and ad strategy

dropshipping services winning products and ad design

After years of testing and analyzing ads, we found the gold mine strategy of the right product presentation and effective advertising. We know the secret of choosing cool products, making them look irresistible to your audience and advertising them efficiently to get high profits very fast.

You’ll see how this strategy works, once we upload a winning product to your store and give you tools to advertise it.

Why do you need to learn our secret product advertising strategy anyway?

  • Make your ads effective. We already spent days and thousands of dollars on finding the right strategy – so now you could save yours!
  • Scale your business with a powerful technique – you can apply it to many products and get profit.
  • Save your money on hiring a marketer – you’ll be able to professionally advertise your store by yourself from now on.
  • Increase your profit! The more effective your ads are, the more money appears in your bank account.

To learn more about this dropshipping service click here.

Facebook & Instagram Video Ads

dropshipping service FB and Insta video ads

Traditionally, creating beautiful & effective video ads meant either learning how to use video editing software or spending big on video production. Either way, it was expensive. Now you can get your own videos without investing a bunch of money! Sell more stuff & score more leads with irresistible video ads – we’d be glad to create them for you!

So, why do dropshipping entrepreneurs choose this service:

  • A video ad is newer and therefore more attractive for future customers.
  • The video gets 40% more clicks than the image – videos tend to drive more engagement.
  • A video ad can show a product in use – it’s the right way to get customers on the hook!
  • A video ad is created by the team of professional designers & dropshipping experts using a variety of tools: animation, effects.
  • Our clients have a 20 to 30% higher conversion rate when utilizing video over images when it comes to Facebook ads.
  • You save money on video editing software & from 3 to 6 hours of your precious time on video creation.

With this service, you’ll easily expose your clients to a visual & audio experience that will leave them wanting (and buying) more.

To learn more about this dropshipping service click here.

Facebook & Instagram ads

dropshipping services fb and insta ads

No less than 3.2 billion people across the globe are regular users of Facebook and Instagram. This provides the largest advertising opportunity for businesses. You can’t afford to miss this!

However, dropshipping beginners often face the challenges of reaching a proper target audience and creating appealing visual materials. This is why it is advisable to get a professional assistance!

Amazing benefits of this powerful Dropshipping Advertising Service:

  • It saves your time – up to 48 hours!
  • About 90% of our clients achieve a high rise and a huge breakthrough in sales
  • Your ads are directed towards your targeted audience
  • You aren’t required to have pro marketing skills as experts prepare everything for you
  • No worries – our professionals prepare powerful, effective and compelling ads for you

To learn more about this dropshipping service click here.

Email marketing setup 

dropshipping services

Do you want to promote your business through affordable email marketing efforts?

What are the benefits of the Email Marketing Setup service?

  • We complete the entire setup procedure for you
  • You save a sufficient amount of time (up to 20 hours) to dedicate to other business areas
  • You get orders effortlessly – discount promo codes in promo emails will inspire sales!
  • Automated emails continue to function for many years after the setup
  • You achieve a greater volume sales and get repeat buyers

To learn more about this dropshipping service click here.

Deep niche research 

dropshipping services deep niche research

You need to do a research and go deep in statistics to find your perfect profitable dropshipping niche. Or, you can do nothing and get professional help from Dropship Club experts. We can provide you with three profitable niches based on trends, market saturation, and your interests & passions. All you need to do is fill in our questionnaire after the checkout process. That’s it!

What’s so good about the Niche Research service?

  • You save up to 8 hours of your time
  • No skills needed – experts perform the research themselves
  • No wasted money – all the suggested niches have a promising potential
  • You can be sure of the success of your business

To learn more about the deep niche research service click here.

Engaging social media posts 

dropshipping services engaging social media posts

Your store’s pages on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are great assistants on your way to sales. But what to do when they are almost empty and you don’t know how to make effective posts? Let professionals create beautiful and exciting content for your social media and enjoy the benefits!

What can you expect after publishing the posts we prepare for you?

  • More professional-looking social media pages of your store
  • 2X increased interest in your store by page visitors
  • More traffic to your site
  • Better understanding of how to run social media
  • More trustworthy image of your store = more sales

To learn more about the engaging social media posts service click here.

Traffic generating ad & blog posts 

dropshipping services traffic generating ad and blog posts

It’s time to try a new advertising scheme: selling through content that speaks to your audience!

So, how does this all work?

  • An ad attracts traffic to an exciting blog post on your site;
  • People visit your site and read this blog post;
  • Throughout the post, people accidentally on purpose come across your products and visit your product pages.

Easy & completely transparent, right? We’ll help you turn this scheme into reality!

To learn more about traffic generating ad & blog posts click here.

Facebook followers booster 

dropshipping services fb followers booster

Wanna get the most out of your Facebook store account and sell through posts? Dream of making your Facebook page look trustworthy for prospective customers? Then you need enough followers on Facebook!

A wonderful blend of top-quality content, entertaining posts, and Page Likes Facebook Ads that will grab the user’s attention quickly and make them follow your FB page.

Here’s what you’re going to get:

  • Instant exposure to new followers – which means more people who know about your amazing store
  • Save some money on advertising as this type of ads typically are the least expensive
  • Highly-targeted audience of followers that are easy to reach and already interested in your store
  • New engaged visitors gained through social proof (read as other people’s likes and shares)
  • A guide that will help you gain followers – no PRO knowledge needed! Just follow the steps our experts suggest.

To learn more about Facebook follower booster click here.

SEO Premium Service Subscription

dropshipping services seo premium

Do you want your store to be more visible on Google, attracting attention — and visits — from the users who look for something from your niche? SEO, or search engine optimisation, is an efficient and hassle-free way to make it happen!

Applying for this subscription service, here’s what you get on a monthly basis:

  • SEO-friendly articles written exclusively for your blog by skilled copywriters

These articles not only multiply the number of relevant keywords mentioned on your site (which naturally leads to a boost in the number of visitors from organic search). They improve your conversions as well, thanks to their engaging language, persuasive power, and impressive call-to-actions.

  • 200+ backlinks

To boost your store’s ranking positions on Google, we create a number of backlinks using your brand name, your site URL, and the keywords related to your niche. These backlinks will be submitted as follows:

  • Web 2.0 properties
  • Contextual backlinks
  • Article submissions
  • Web 2.0 profiles
  • High DA profiles
  • PDF creation

To learn more about the SEO premium service subscription click here.

Dropshipping services for hosting


Your dropshipping business might be virtual, but it requires real space on a hard drive. Our hosting service is ideally optimized for dropshipping websites based on WordPress. AliDropship guarantees high performance and proper loading speed which are crucial to keep visitors active.

Learn more about our hosting service here.

Hosting Setup & Support

This dropshipping service is designed as additional help for our customers dealing with specific tasks such as WordPress installation, protection from viruses, replacing your primary domain name, etc.

Learn more about Hosting Setup and Support here.

Server Configuration

A website usually uses a number of software products, and compatibility issues are a common problem. If not treated properly, they can slow down your website which might affect your business performance negatively.

If you’re not absolutely sure you can handle these tasks on your own, leave them to us. Our professional team will take care of your website’s server configuration and other issues.

Learn more about Server Configuration service here.

Use these dropshipping services to boost your business. And remember: if you haven’t launched your business yet, our team can build a fully ready custom dropshipping store for you!

By Timur Y.
Timur holds a Ph.D. in Philology and works as a senior copywriter at AliDropship. He's been writing articles on ecommerce and dropshipping for more than 3 years and is keen to create easy-to-read educational content for ecommerce newcomers and beginners in dropshipping.
Ouellaj 5 years ago

I would like make my chipe but i foud sommes difficulte i tant Somme help pelade thanks

Timur Y. 5 years ago

Please, contact our support team and tell them about your problem here –

Shabbir Ali 4 years ago

Dear Sir,

Can we start Drop shipping from Pakistan region. Is there any Restriction from Ali Express Drop Shipping or any Payment Restriction issue. Can we receive our profit by Pioneer A/C. Please advise us.

Secondly, Can you receive subscription payment via our pioneer A/c. Awaiting, your precious Advise.

Thanks with Best Regards,

Shabbir Ali
Director Sales & marketing

Timur Y. 4 years ago

Thanks for the question. As long as a given supplier from AliExpress sends products to a given country, it doesn’t matter where the dropshipping store is registered. So it’s possible to live in Pakistan and dropship goods from China to France, for example. As for your other questions, I asked our team for a detailed consultation. They’ll contact you shortly. Hope to see you again!

Nancy 4 years ago

Can start dropship from kenya

Timur Y. 4 years ago

Hi, Nancy! Yes, you can dropship from Kenya. Check out this page for more details:

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