SEO Starter Pack

  • Unique SEO-friendly article for either Home page or Blog*
  • Customized SEO elements (title, description) for Home page and Categories
  • Up to 100 backlinks that improve the store ranking on Google
  • Technical SEO website audit for future optimisation
  • Better Google indexing that helps Internet users find your store quicker
*depends on your store theme
7 business days
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The main goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is to help people easily find this specific website on Google. If your store is optimized properly, it is constantly viewed by Internet users. So, you enjoy a bigger amount of visitors, a larger volume of orders, and a greater profit.

Buying this package, you let our skilled team adjust the most important basic SEO elements within your store.Your website will get a strong backlink profile (a range of incoming links that are placed on other reputable sites), and you can further develop and improve it the way you like.

Plus, our SEO experts will also perform the website audit and prepare a report that shows you the most important areas you can continue improving in future. As the result, your store will have a better position on Google search results page, which will be a major growth factor for your business.