SEO Starter Pack

US $69
7 business days
  • Unique SEO-friendly article for your Blog or Homepage*
  • Customized SEO elements for Homepage and Categories
  • Better Google indexing that helps Internet users find your store faster
  • Creation of diversified backlinks**
*depends on your store theme **more details below
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About this service

Are you wondering how to improve your store’s Google ranking? We’ve got many years of experience and will be glad to share it with you. 

The main goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is helping people easily find that specific website on Google. If your store is properly optimized, it is continuously viewed by Internet users. So, you get more visitors, enjoy more orders and higher profits.

When you buy this package, our skilled team will adjust the most important basic SEO elements of your store.

What are the benefits of the SEO Starter Pack service?

  • The number of visitors from organic search will grow
  • You get more orders effortlessly 
  • Your store ranks higher in search engine results
  • You earn more money with your dropshipping store

To lift your store’s positions on Google, we create a number of backlinks using your brand name, your site URL, and the keywords related to your niche.

These backlinks will be submitted as follows:

  • 30 web 2.0 properties
  • 30 contextual backlinks
  • 30 article submissions
  • 90 web 2.0 profiles
  • 25 high DA profiles
  • 4 PDF creation

Link building refers to getting other websites link to yours. It’s an important piece of any smart SEO strategy, and its main target is pretty simple: to make your site perform better in the organic (non-paid) search results.

As soon as we deliver the service, you’ll get an Excel spreadsheet report with all the created links, so that you can see the phases of work in the table and check all the sources by yourself.

In addition, we’ll write a unique SEO-friendly article for your store with the keywords related to your business niche.

As a result, your store will have better positions on Google, which will be a major growth factor for your business in the future.

Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask us at

What happens after I order this service?
Within one business day after the payment processing, our specialists will contact you to discuss the order details.
When do I get my order?
We will finish the task within seven business days.
How will you deliver this service?
We’ll contact you to discuss all the details. Then we’ll write an article related to your business niche, start the link building process, and customize SEO elements on your store’s Homepage.
What if I have a non-English store? Will you provide this service in another language?
Yes, we can provide the service in several languages. Contact us at support@alidropship.con to discuss details.

23 reviews 4.9

5.0 rating
Sep 6, 2019
I got this service a month ago (maybe more). At first, I didn't notice any changes in my traffic or ranking position. But now I come to write a rave review on this service! I don't know how but my store appeared on the first page on Google! Of course in the bottom but anyway, it is a miracle! I can't believe in my luck! It feels like I found a windfall. People have started buying from me, traffic is in 3 times bigger than it was a month ago.
By Tyler, Canada
5.0 rating
Aug 28, 2019
I am satisfied with the results of your work, guys. Hope, my ranking position will be higher soon.
By Carlos, Mexico
5.0 rating
Aug 22, 2019
This report is so detailed, I can check every link there and see how you place my article. Nice!
By Indie, Greece
5.0 rating
Aug 18, 2019
I really like the article you wrote!
By Sunny, US
5.0 rating
Jul 5, 2019
I am bad at SEO, really! Just can’t understand how people can improve ranking positions and boost sales with this tool. Thank God, there is such a service!
By Alef, Germany
5.0 rating
Jun 17, 2019
I am zero in SEO. And actually I don't want to study it while there is such a service. I ordered this service several months ago, I guess about 5 or more. Today I've decided to check out the results and you know what? My ranking position has become better! Good to know that my investments paid off
By Eric, Germany
5.0 rating
Jun 14, 2019
I don’t understand anything in the doc they sent but the work is impressive
By Delfina, Greece
5.0 rating
Jun 1, 2019
I am completely satisfied with team’s work. Recommend if you need help with seo
By Bruce, UK
5.0 rating
Mar 15, 2019
Usually, I don’t write reviews and feedback but this time I want to share my experience with you. I hope that it will help you to resolve your SEO problems. So, I want to say that this service really works! I see that my traffic is growing and my ranking position became higher. So, obviously, it works!
By Joe, Luxembourg
5.0 rating
Feb 18, 2019
Don’t have any complaints. The team did everything that they promised but I don’t know if it brings any results. I guess yes but I can find it out only in several months.
By Helen, Canada
5.0 rating
Jan 2, 2019
Got the doc with tons of links, let’s see what results they bring in the future!
By Dylan, USA
5.0 rating
Dec 23, 2018
It is not the first service I ordered from Alidropship. And I want to praise the company and the team. Everything was done just in time, all my wishes were met... Don't hesitate to get the service!
By Marcin, Poland
5.0 rating
Dec 19, 2018
They created a lot of backlinks, for my new store is enough. I will check over the stats in some time to see results.
By Zuzanna, Poland
5.0 rating
Oct 19, 2018
To me, SEO is too challenging, ha-ha. I am happy that Alidropship has such a service. I have been working with this company for about half a year, and we haven't had any problems so far. If you need help with SEO, I am sure that the team will help you.
By Filip, Poland
5.0 rating
Oct 17, 2018
Cool! By the way, the article you wrote for my blog is impressive.
By Eric, Spain
3.0 rating
Jun 2, 2018
How can I understand that service brings results? I should wait for several months to see them! Awesome!
By Olec, Latvia
4.5 rating
Feb 6, 2018
I don't know anything about SEO so I ordered the service. Let's see how helpful it will
By Eddie, England
5.0 rating
Nov 21, 2017
Good, thank you!
By Gloria, Holland
5.0 rating
Aug 18, 2017
You made a big work, guys! Great!
By Liisa, Finland
5.0 rating
Jul 26, 2017
Thanks! Your report is so informative! I need several days to study the document.
By Caleb, USA
5.0 rating
Jul 4, 2017
There are more than 3 months since the time I ordered the service. My store has a higher position and organic traffic has grown several times! At first, I couldn't believe my eyes
By Kevin, Canada
5.0 rating
Jan 9, 2017
It was too scary to order the service because I was bad at SEO and didn't even know how to check the result I would get. But the Alidropship team is so nice! Their specialist explained me everything and even sent a report when finished. Good service and an excellent team! Recommend!
By Sharon, USA
4.5 rating
Oct 31, 2016
If you want to sell more, you need to have a high position on Google. Hope this service help me to grow my profit!
By Austin, Germany
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