Traffic Generating Ad & Blog Post

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2-7 business days
The service package includes:
  • Entertaining blog on your site featuring your products
  • Materials for an ad (image + text + all targeting settings)
  • Blog subscription form setup
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About this service

Imagine you see two ads: “Stay Stylish With These 15 Outfit Trends of 2020” or “Buy clothing with up to 30% off”. Which of them is more calling and easier for users to click on? Yes, the first one as it doesn’t suppose spending money. 

What if we tell you that both of these ads are selling the same thing? The difference is that the first advertiser opted for a more elegant way to promote their store than just a usual offer to buy, and this wise advertiser could be you! People see regular ads all the time, so, it’s time to try a new advertising scheme: selling through content that speaks to your audience!

So, how does this all work? Long story short, you just let us turn your blog into a traffic magnet and a lead generation machine with the following scheme:

  • An ad attracts traffic to an exciting blog post on your site;
  • People visit your site and read this blog post;
  • Throughout the post, people accidentally on purpose come across your products and visit your product pages.

Easy & completely transparent, right? We’ll help you turn this scheme into reality!

Boost your store performance by getting traffic to your site and content marketing!
1 blog post
1 ad
subscription form setup

What’s included in Traffic Generating Ad & Blog Post service: 

  • Catchy blog content on your site – our specialists design a beautiful blog post that presents your products in an entertaining way and gently sparkles the desire to buy them;
  • Ad materials package – we provide a picture, a text and necessary targeting settings you’ll need to reach your audience and tell them about your site and your blog;
  • Subscription form setup – it’s never been easier to collect emails of your blog visitors! Use them to send promotional email campaigns in Mailchimp and discover one more source of effortless sales.

Our team of dropshipping store managers repeatedly turned to this method of promotion, and statistics show that sometimes blog post + ad combination is ~80% more effective than regular ads when it comes to attracting traffic to your store. So content marketing might be a big help on your way to increased traffic & sales!

Try it now – and we’ll be glad to assist!

What comes next after I order this service?
After you order traffic generating ad and blog post service, our experts will swing into action. Your order will receive accelerated attention, after which you will be sent a link to a Google folder, which contains a guide on how to make ads, advertising picture, document with targeting settings, ad caption. You'll also get a blog post created on your site and blog subscription form ready to collect emails.
Will you handle my entire tasks in Ads Manager?
We would have loved to do this, but we care about the safety of your account. It can be banned by Facebook for being accessed by third parties. However, don’t worry as we will provide you a personal guide that will enable you to run ads and attract traffiс to your store easily.
Is there a guarantee for sales?
The suggested scheme (ad + blog post) is so effective that it increases the chance for sales. However, you should also note that several other factors drive sales, such as the implementation of our recommendations, the products themselves, the appearance of your website, strategies for optimizing your ads, pricing, to mention a few.
Is there a limit to the products I’d like to have mentioned in the blog post?
Let's set a limit about 10 products. Too many products in the blog post will make it less entertaining and more ad-looking, and you don't want that, right?
How soon will I receive my package?
Typically, delivery takes between 2 and 7 business days.
What if I want to change something in the delivered service package?
We want to save your time, so please check all your preferences before we start working on your order (we always ask our customers to fill into the form & tell about their preferences thoroughly). As an exception & as a last resort, we accept one set of corrections.

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5.0 rating
Jan 8, 2021
They did an amazing job, couldn't be happier with my purchase!
By HealthPlacers, Canada
5.0 rating
Jun 16, 2020
Article I asked for was great. All my suggestions were met. The length was on point and it really felt like there was a lot of effort involved. I really loved it.
By Rianne, United Kingdom
5.0 rating
Jun 3, 2020
Quick turnaround with the blog, thanks!
By Lucian, United States
5.0 rating
May 29, 2020
Another amazing work by the Alidropship team. The traffic generator and add blog post is simply outstanding. Thanks again team you deliver above and beyond my expectation.
By Andrews, Canada
5.0 rating
May 19, 2020
You're gems, guys! I have purchased this service recently and satisfied as always:) They spotted some cool products from my store and used them in the article so a lot of people got interested. More than happy with the result
By James, USA
5.0 rating
May 14, 2020
I got a captivating article that was interesting to me to read. I like that they chose a topic that would be interesting to all potential clients of my store. It was written in flawless English and no editing was necessary. Recommend to any dropshipping entrepreneur.
By Nanna, USA
5.0 rating
May 9, 2020
Followed the writing requirements exactly! I got a really interesting article on my website which included all the products I wanted to see. 5 stars!
By Misha, USA
4.5 rating
Apr 27, 2020
Really good 👍👍
By Ala, Cyprus
5.0 rating
Apr 5, 2020
Really captivating and easy to read blog piece ahead of the deadline:) I also liked the idea of promoting it - it really helped me to attract people's attention. Recommend to any drop shipper!
By Michael, United States
5.0 rating
Mar 27, 2020
Absolutely amazing! Splendid research job on the topic. The best content creators I've ever had the pleasure to work with.Thanks:)
By Hailey, United States
5.0 rating
Mar 13, 2020
This is really a nice and smart way to bring customers to your store! definitely going to use it again.
By Joshua, United States
5.0 rating
Feb 12, 2020
I really appreciated, I have not words to explain, satisfaction guaranteed....
By sandro, United States
5.0 rating
Feb 6, 2020
I’m reading the blogpost provided by the service and it honestly makes me buy my own products.. AliDropship experts really know how things are done!
By Mateo, Poland
5.0 rating
Jan 28, 2020
Best way to attract the most curious and active buyers to your website! Happy with the price as well!
By Audrey, Australia
5.0 rating
Jan 22, 2020
Writing a whole blog post promoting a product takes so much time and effort. I’m happy I found the service as I want my add posts to be fun and educating for the buyers.
By Natalie, GB
5.0 rating
Jan 18, 2020
Good job as always! I’m leaving this review because I’m soooo grateful for everything you did for me.
By Cecilia, Italy
5.0 rating
Jan 15, 2020
Thanks! Nice bright eye-catching picture, instructions easy to understand.
By Mikus, Zanda and Matilde from, Sweden
5.0 rating
Jan 7, 2020
I ordered this service... very fast deliverable.. detailed .. everything was set by the team for my store.. i really did not have to worry about anything... very professional team and highly recommended. I will set the blog post this week :)
By Sara, Lebanon
5.0 rating
Jan 4, 2020
nice service, cool texts and pictures 5/5
By Ricky, USA
5.0 rating
Dec 28, 2019
I saw a difference. People are really tired of ordinary ads. They don’t want to be forced to buy. With this service they feel like it was their own decision to buy from me. Excellent!
By Cooper, USA
5.0 rating
Dec 20, 2019
Absolutely delighted with the service I received. I really cannot believe that this is so easy to get clients with a cool article
By Logan, USA
5.0 rating
Dec 15, 2019
I'm really glad I purchased this service! This blog turned out to be a really effective marketing tool with a quick turnaround
By Mila, France
5.0 rating
Dec 10, 2019
Really great and funny content! I laughed so hard over articles' memes:) I think lots of visitors I got too!
By Ronald, USA
5.0 rating
Nov 28, 2019
I couldn't imagine that this marketing tool is so powerful, definitely gonna use it again. Thanks for a great job!
By Samuel, Great Britain
5.0 rating
Nov 25, 2019
Wooww! I got so many customers from this post, I didn't even think this is possible! Huge thanks!
By Manny, USA
5.0 rating
Nov 21, 2019
Excellent work, I could not be happier. The post is informative, accurate and really a great read. I think my customers are gonna enjoy it!
By Helen, USA
5.0 rating
Nov 16, 2019
Wouldn’t change anything about the article! Thank you for your work, I really appreciate
By Amelia, USA
5.0 rating
Nov 8, 2019
Quality of work is superb and speed of delivery is exceptional. Cool! Looking for the results
By Katy, Greece
5.0 rating
Nov 4, 2019
Thanks for fast delivery. It included everything that I asked for and should help me improve my new blog. Thanks for everything.
By Henry, USA
5.0 rating
Oct 31, 2019
Okay my review will be the first, apparently.. I must admit that some serious work was done on my site, the blog post looks really great, and now I'm thinking about working on my blog further. Just started running the ad and see people come to my site. I'll let you know about the results later. Keep up the good work, alidropship!
By Eric MacCormack, Ireland
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