Custom Design

US $20 per hour
depends on the task
  • All kinds of graphic design
  • Banners, logos, business cards, cover pictures for social networks
  • Affordable, professionally made materials
Please, contact us before placing your order. Our support manager will contact you to discuss details and give a quote. As soon as the payment sent we will proceed with your project.
About this service

Do you want a new logo? Or, maybe you are about to start a Sale but have no promo banners? Don’t have the skills to create them by yourself? That’s the task we can help you with!

Our professional designers will provide you with any visual products you need: promo banners, covers for social networks, business cards, brochures, a brand book, or even a media kit.

What are your benefits from this service?

  • You get a high-quality design product
  • You don’t waste your time trying to do it by yourself
  • You don’t spend extra money – and get exactly what you need
  • You aren’t required to have any designer skills
  • Your store/social networks look better, brighter, and refreshed

We want to be sure that we’ve got your ideas straight, so please contact us to discuss all the details BEFORE you order the service.

Any questions? Ask us at

What should I do after we have discussed the details of the task?
When all the details are clear, you should select the required number of hours (that you’ve defined with the specialist) and order the service. As soon as the payment comes, we proceed with your project.
When do I get my order?
The timing depends on the tasks you want to be performed. You will discuss the delivery time with the specialist before ordering the service.
How will you deliver this service?
Our professional designers will create graphic materials based on your ideas and preferences. Please send us some examples or pictures you want to use in your project. The more accurately you describe your ideas, the better the result will be.
What if I change my mind and want another design during the work?
You should discuss it with the specialist. You will probably have to pay for additional hours.

25 reviews 4.9

5.0 rating
Sep 4, 2019
I have ordered this service for the third time. And each time the team did perfect work. If you need help with your site appearance, just buy custom design
By Tobias, Austria
5.0 rating
Aug 29, 2019
I changed my niche and needed a new design (logo, different pictures). I don't know how but their designers created just what I want. It seems like they got my ideas from my head and transfer it to new design
By Alex, New Zealand
5.0 rating
Aug 21, 2019
In fact, everything is nice but there was a problem in understanding between me and designers. I had to pay for one more hour to get what I want
By Natcha, Singapour
5.0 rating
Aug 2, 2019
With a new logo, my sales have grown! I didn’t expect such a great result!
By Aadelheide, Germany
5.0 rating
Jul 19, 2019
Recommend to all who want to change something.
By Emilia, Norway
5.0 rating
Jul 12, 2019
looooooooooooove youuuuuuu AliDropship!!
By Felicia, Brazil
5.0 rating
Jul 1, 2019
By Alan, US
5.0 rating
Jun 28, 2019
I wanted to change the layout of my store: colors, logo, pictures, and icons because I decided to change my niche. The team finished the work in the short term and the result was really impressive.
By Okoro, Nigeria
5.0 rating
Jun 14, 2019
They created a wonderful logo for my store! It looks exactly as I wanted!
By Edith, Spain
5.0 rating
May 22, 2019
If you want to make your store more original, I recommend paying attention to this service
By Olga, Poland
5.0 rating
Apr 14, 2019
Don’t have any problems with the team. Good job!
By Hom, UK
5.0 rating
Mar 31, 2019
My appreciations to the team. I like your work!
By Joshua, Canada
5.0 rating
Mar 7, 2019
It is hard to find good web designers but I am satisfied with the alidropship team’s work
By Pablo, US
5.0 rating
Feb 28, 2019
My store brings a good profit to me and I decided to improve some elements of its layout. I wanted to make it more modern and handsome. I like what alidropship professionals did. It is veeeeeery good!
By Chakan, Lebanon
5.0 rating
Feb 14, 2019
If you want to make your store even more good-looking, get Custom Design. Trust me, you won't be sorry
By Vincent, Germany
5.0 rating
Jan 23, 2019
I am absolutely sure that my spike in sales was because of the right design by alidropship! When I changed it, people started buying more
By Alala, Greece
5.0 rating
Oct 16, 2018
WOW! This is really the best ever I have seen. The designer is very exceptional able to read my mind. Thank you very much. This is the best ever!!!!
By Manny, Canada
5.0 rating
Sep 19, 2018
Great work!
By Alice, Greece
5.0 rating
Sep 3, 2018
I appreciate what you did for me and my business! To be honest, I didn't fully believe that these changes could improve my sales. But this fresh and bright design made my store alive again. This gave more power and whiches to promote the business to me, too.
By Paavo, Finland
4.5 rating
Aug 29, 2018
Good job
By Edern, France
5.0 rating
Jul 16, 2018
This service is what I have been looking for so long! I wanted to change the layout of my store many months ago but couldn't decide what colors, elements, icons, and images I should pick. Having told with the Alidropship specialist, it all made sense. Apparently, the design couldn't be bad. Many thanks!
By Ruby, USA
4.0 rating
Feb 3, 2018
I am satisfied with the result. At first, there were several misunderstanding and the design didn't meet my expectation but we could resolve all the shortcomings. Nice work!
By Frank, Czech Republic
5.0 rating
Nov 5, 2017
So admirable! You are simply the best team ever!
By Sebastián, Spain
5.0 rating
Jul 26, 2017
I would like to create a new logo I thought that the existing one wasn't catchy. When I saw the result of their designer's work, I didn't recognize my logo! I mean it was just awesome. Thank you, folks
By Henoch, USA
5.0 rating
Nov 12, 2016
I don't know HOW but they understood what I wanted and created everything according to my description... and it is just perfect! Your designers are magicians
By Dina, Great Britain
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