Social Rabbit Plugin Setup

US $79
3-5 business days
  • Social Rabbit plugin installation and activation
  • Authorization with social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest)
  • Uploading niche related images to your Media Gallery
  • Setting up the main Social Rabbit tools
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About this service

Are you curious to try the outstanding plugin that can automatically promote your business on 4 major social networks? To help you save even more time on your store promotion, we will install Social Rabbit plugin on your store and set it up!

This service includes:

  1. Authorizing the plugin with four social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest)
  2. Setting up main Social Rabbit tools – Posters, Galleries, Grabber, Blog Post Templates, etc.
  3. Adjusting the best posting time and posting frequency for each social network
  4. Uploading niche related images to your Media Gallery for future posts

Please note: you need to be registered in social media accounts beforehand to provide the necessary details. If you don’t have any social media accounts yet, we recommend that you check this service.

This service does not include Social Rabbit Plugin itself.

10 reviews 4.8

5.0 rating
Apr 4, 2019
I appreciate your team member's work! The service was done very professionally and in the short term.
By Whitney, Netherlands
4.5 rating
Mar 15, 2019
In my opinion, Social Rabbit is a great plugin but it is hard for setup on your own. Actually, I tried to set it up myself but after several hours I gave up. What about the service, this one is a wonderful solution for non-tech people. But I don't understand why they don't set up all the tools.
By Kathleen, Canada
4.5 rating
Feb 24, 2019
They uploaded about 70 images to my media gallery. I thought that this number would be bigger but anyway, they did everything well.
By Kenneth, USA
5.0 rating
Feb 16, 2019
Excellent! I got my plugin in 2 business days with all the necessary settings.
By Robert, USA
5.0 rating
Jan 3, 2019
Thanks! Everything is great. Also, it is awesome that you sent the letter with detailed instruction. This is very helpful
By Nicolas, France
5.0 rating
Dec 24, 2018
I like it!
By Kamran, Pakistan
5.0 rating
Nov 6, 2018
Very nice
By Dieter, Germany
5.0 rating
Oct 22, 2018
Social Rabbit is an amazing plugin! But if you want to get the most out of it, I recommend you to ask the team to set up Social Rabbit. This way you will avoid any mistake in settings
By Eva, Spain
5.0 rating
Oct 9, 2018
Thanks to the team for the plugin and high-quality services! I am happy that I am your client!
By Marta, Spain
4.0 rating
Sep 30, 2018
I was surprised that this service doesn't include setup of all tools. For example, Grabber!
By Jakub, Czech Republic
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