Theme Switching

US $69
2-3 business days
  • Professional design (logo, slider, pages, etc.)
  • Theme customization
  • Adding categories and menus
  • Integration of basic elements and widgets (if there were any in the previous version)
Please leave your email on the checkout page. Our team will contact you to discuss the details within one business day after a successful payment.
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About this service

Have you decided to change the theme on your dropshipping store? Great! You are in the right place. 

Our experts will be happy to help you switch from one theme to another, create new design elements, and customize your store!

If you want to change a logo or the whole appearance of your store, we can do it within this service as well.

What are the benefits of the Theme Switching service?

  • You don’t waste your time and effort
  • You don’t need any specific skills or knowledge – we take care of everything
  • You get a refreshed, good-looking store
  • We complete the entire setup and customization procedure – no hassle for you

To get started, please select a theme. Go through the list below and choose the most suitable for you.

If you are using the AliDropship original plugin with a built-in theme, we can switch it to any of the following themes:

Da Vinci
Da Vinci 2
Andy Warhol

If you are using the AliDropship Woo plugin with a WooCommerce theme, we can switch it to any of the following themes:

Da Vinci 2 (for WooCommerce)

Also, we can switch an AliDropship original theme to an AliDropship Woo theme and vice versa. But in this case, please mind that all the existing settings and products will be lost.

You will get a reset store with a new theme installed.

Please note: this service doesn’t include the Andy Warhol theme itself.

What happens after I order this service?
Within one business day after the payment processing, our specialists will contact you to discuss the order details.
When do I get my order?
The timing varies from 2 to 3 business days depending on the selected package.
How will you deliver this service?
We need access to your site with the AliDropship plugin installed and to your site’s cPanel. Then we create a new design and a logo (if you want), switch themes, customize your store, and set up the plugin if necessary.
Will you create a new store design for me?
If you want to try another business niche or refresh a store view and need a new design and logo, we will do it within the service.
What if I want to switch my theme to one that isn’t on your list?
We work only with the themes included in the list above.

20 reviews 5

5.0 rating
Sep 8, 2019
I love my new theme! Now I am sure the decision to switch a theme was right! With the help of the team I could do it fast and without hassle.
By Petunia, England
5.0 rating
Aug 25, 2019
i simply adore my new theme and design!!!
By F., D.
5.0 rating
Aug 19, 2019
It is funny that at first, I wanted to install exactly the theme which I want to switch on now. Good that I can rely on the team in this case.
By Rami, Tunisia
5.0 rating
Jul 13, 2019
It is great that the team is so careful! They warned me about all the consequences of the theme switching but I was ready. Some companies just do their work and don’t even ask people if they understand every aspect of the service.
By Yulian, Bulgaria
5.0 rating
Jun 26, 2019
Thanks, with the Dali theme, my store looks rather good!
By Kiania, Malaysia
5.0 rating
Jun 5, 2019
Such a good day because you guys just are the best
By Manoel, Brazil
5.0 rating
Apr 19, 2019
Very professional work!
By Edgars, Latvia
5.0 rating
Apr 1, 2019
A new theme is stunning! Can’t help looking at my new store!
By Pablo, Chile
5.0 rating
Mar 27, 2019
Why don’t I find your company before? Each your product and service are godsent!
By Ghulam, Pakistan
5.0 rating
Mar 23, 2019
I didn't have problems with this service and the team. I also wanted to change categories on my store but it isn't included in this service, you should know it before ordering
By Mark, USA
5.0 rating
Feb 16, 2019
By S. S., Spain
5.0 rating
Feb 8, 2019
You are big professionals! Happy to work with you
By Lenny, Switzerland
5.0 rating
Jan 27, 2019
Thank you and your team I am glad to be your client looking forward to do more business with you guys great stuff
By Yas, Poland
5.0 rating
Jan 19, 2019
Their team members are very nice. They explained to me everything and gave recommendations on how to switch themes without losses for my business
By Mary, Germany
5.0 rating
Dec 31, 2018
When I saw a new theme I immediately decided to switch on it. This service came in real handy! I am satisfied
By Tim, Australia
4.0 rating
Dec 29, 2018
I just wanted to change one theme to another. But, as it turns out, it's not so easy. If you switch an Alidropship theme to a Woo theme, everything that you have on your website will disappear. So, you will have to set up everything again! It was really unpleasant news but the team told me about it and suggested to order another service to back my products and plugin's settings.
By Nina, Switzerland
5.0 rating
Nov 19, 2018
I wanted a new theme to be installed on my store. Usually, I prefer to rely on professionals rather than do everything myself. This case wasn't the exception. The Alidropship team have never let me down!
By Pedro, Portugal
5.0 rating
Oct 26, 2018
I decided to redesign my website but didn't know what to do. The AliDropship team helped me to select the right service. They completed the job in 2 business days! I was bowled over!
By Ava, Italy
5.0 rating
Oct 21, 2018
Thank the Lord that you have such a service! I don’t know how I could bear it on my own!
By Noémie, France
5.0 rating
Jun 11, 2018
Great work! The team did everything promptly and effectively
By Oliver, Australia
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