Niche Research

US $49
3-10 business days
Packages include:
  • 3 profitable niches
  • Top 5 suppliers
  • Top 10 countries
  • Other useful info
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About this service

Puzzled about what to sell in your new dropshipping store? Afraid to make a mistake and lose money by choosing the wrong niche? We know how you feel – and we’re ready to help!

As our years of experience confirm, it’s your niche that determines the success of your entire dropshipping business. So, you need to do a research and go deep in statistics to find your perfect profitable dropshipping niche. Or, you can do nothing and get professional help from Dropship Club experts. We can provide you with three profitable niches based on trends, market saturation, and your interests & passions. All you need to do is fill in our questionnaire after the checkout process. That’s it!

What’s so good about the Niche Research service?

  • You save up to 8 hours of your time
  • No skills needed – experts perform the research themselves
  • No wasted money – all the suggested niches have a promising potential
  • You can be sure of the success of your business
Have the list of your 3 perfect niches with some tips from us
Top 5 Suppliers & Top 10 Countries to target your niche products
Product types for your niche from AliExpress
Estimated # of products on AliExpress for your niche
The popularity rating of your niche on AliExpress & other platforms
Delivery 3-5 business days
Get more insights & trends analytics for your 3 best niches
Package includes standard niche research
Extra types of products you can add to your store
Recommended promotional avenues with detailed analysis
Top 5 products to promote in your niches
Delivery 4-7 business days
Full analysis for your 3 niches with recommendations
Package includes extended niche research
Promotional tips for Top 5 products in your niches
SEO analysis of each niche
Types of products recommended as site categories
Keyword ideas for your PPC ads
BONUS: the list of Top 5 trending products for more inspiration
Delivery 7-10 business days

By ordering the Niche Research service, you get:

  • 3 profitable niches to choose from
  • Top 5 suppliers on AliExpress to partner with
  • Top 10 countries to target your ads at
  • Much more useful info to help you make the choice
What happens after I order a Niche Research?
Our experts start analyzing your answers in the questionnaire to define three best niches for you! After the list with the analysis is ready, we’ll send all the info to your email with all the necessary details.
When will I receive my service?
The delivery time may vary from 3 to 10 business days depending on our specialists’ workload and the chosen package.
Should I order a Niche Research first before getting a Custom Store?
AliDropship Team can help you in defining a trendy and high-demand niche for your future store. With this particular service, we offer you much more than that. Our niche research is based not only on our huge experience in dropshipping business and niche potential but also on your personal interests, hobbies, and preferences. This way you will feel that it is not a work but an alternative way to do something pleasant related to your hobby and money-making! Also, we provide you with details about the best store categories, products, most reliable suppliers and targeting tips for your store. The Premium Package includes the SEO analysis of each of the recommended niches and keyword ideas for your future PPC ads (+ the list of Top 10 trending product ideas as a bonus).
Can I order a Niche Research if I already have a store with a defined theme and products?
Our niche research service is suitable only for those who don't have a store yet and have no idea what to sell :) We don't do niche research on the niche(s) you already have.

30 reviews 4.9

5.0 rating
Sep 25, 2019
Great help with an expert to find Niche products. A good recommendation for the beginner in dropshipping.
By Rodel, USA
5.0 rating
Sep 5, 2019
Immensely thought-out research! I think other clients would love this.
By Maricota M., Portugália
5.0 rating
Sep 1, 2019
Mission accomplished. I’m glad =) because I have soooo cool niche now) WATCH OUT, RIVALS!!
By pjjohnson75, USA
5.0 rating
Aug 25, 2019
had no ideas what to sell and it liteerally hurted me. i was depressed. really. and i thought screw it, man. and bought premium pack. aaaaaand. dropshipping experts helped me. and now i happy af. thx for your research. you chose really gorgeous niche for me and now it’s a pure pleasure to dropship yeah!!!!
By lonelydropshiper, USA
5.0 rating
Aug 13, 2019
It’s a must-have for dropshipping beginner like me. thanks Diane, you did great job. many thanks
By thomas_k, Canada
5.0 rating
Aug 7, 2019
nice service. recommended
By AnjaGracious, Danmark
5.0 rating
Jul 23, 2019
once i no know what to sell and thank god i don't hesitate and buy this service. sorry for my english
By Chwalimir, POLAND
5.0 rating
Jul 22, 2019
I wanted to dropshipping but not know how to choose the right products. thank you dear professionals for your help
By TEO, Brazilia
5.0 rating
Jul 20, 2019
honestyl i don't expect that you will find a really cool niche with sellable products. but you do it!!! THANKS!
By Bartolomeo, Spain
5.0 rating
Jul 14, 2019
i bought premium! it is worth the money thank you!
By franco, italy
5.0 rating
Jul 9, 2019
selection of products is the most difficult thing…. it is what I was afraid of most.... it is good that are people who can help and do it instead of me! super team!!
By 王张, China
5.0 rating
Jun 25, 2019
thank you, no complaints
5.0 rating
Jun 18, 2019
I got the research PLUS promotional tips and ideas that actually worked!! Just great and I love the result!! Totally RECOMMEND!
By Feriden, Germany
5.0 rating
Jun 7, 2019
I’ve come to learn it pretty quick that dropshipping is a challenging business, and mistakes do come at a price. Thanks to the research from AliDropship I feel more confident in knowing that the niches I work in have been analysed by specialists and have real potential Really liked the service quality provided by these guys. Will probably choose them to analyze niche choices for my other businesses, so far they’ve done a good job
By Karl, Italy
5.0 rating
May 19, 2019
Got some useful tips on the product range and its promotion, quite worth the money i think
By Mike, USA
5.0 rating
May 1, 2019
Went for the extended package and was pleasantly surprised with the professionalism of this service and the level of analytics. will not hesitate to pay for the premium option next time
By KateK, USA
4.5 rating
Apr 21, 2019
Chose the Premium package to be absolutely sure in my success since I’m a complete newbie in this type of business..… Completely satisfied! I learned a lot of I had no clue about before. SEO analysis was especially helpful. I was lead by professinals to see the situation from a completely different perspective than I imagined. Already got my first sale on the very first day. Thank you! SEO rules!
By BrAn, France
5.0 rating
Apr 19, 2019
Good service, can’t complain
By samuel, Russia
5.0 rating
Apr 14, 2019
Very happy with the results. Got the niche search and it was definitely worth the money.
By ZOFIA, Finland
4.0 rating
Apr 13, 2019
An exciting opportunity. Never thought that dropshipping is actually a thing. I decided to give it a try after reading some of quite convincing articles. The “Standard” option seemed to be enough, so… I don’t regret getting it at all. The consultants explain everything in a polite and comprehensible way. Quick answers to all my questions are another big plus. Keep up the good work, guys!!
By MirandaK, Serbia
5.0 rating
Apr 9, 2019
C'est excellent! Merci beaucoup pour votre service. -Chloé
By Chloé, France
5.0 rating
Apr 9, 2019
Great service for those who want to start dropshipping but don't know where to start and what to sell. I like all the three niche options provided, have to choose one, still thinking :) Thanks!
By Melanie, USA
4.5 rating
Apr 4, 2019
I’m pleasantly surprised with the niches alidropship experts chose for me. this service seems a bit pricey. but now I see that it’s hard work that was conducted, and I understand the importance of picking te right niche. So it’s worth that money, and it’s necessary investment.
By Mub_rah, NIgeria
5.0 rating
Apr 1, 2019
It's the first service I ordered from AliDropship, and I must admit I like these guys! Real professionals. Will order more (I'll probably go for a custom store)
By sam, Canada
5.0 rating
Mar 27, 2019
It was pleasant to work with the team, they adviced me well and no regrets.
By Nina, Portugal
4.5 rating
Mar 18, 2019
Hi, my name is David, and frankly speaking it was a bit suspicious seeing only good reviews here. I ordered an extended pack, and.. I must confess now I see why people like this service! Experts put lots of thought and analysis in your niche research report! I appreciate your work, team. Best wishes to you from the UK!
By David, UK, UK
5.0 rating
Mar 15, 2019
I would recommend this service to everyone! When you start dropshipping, it’s VITAL to choose a profitable niche. It doesn’t guarantee effortless sales as you still need to promote your store, do ads, shoutouts (like for any type of business), but it’s the foundation of your success. Glad to work with you, guys! Looking through your other promotion services, thinking about getting an ads package from you/
By Lena Vakulski, Poland
5.0 rating
Mar 10, 2019
I'm very thankful for the assistance, choosing a niche is hard for me... but at least I narrowed the choice up to the three options. they provided me with recommendations on each of the niche, listed reliable suppliers and gave other valuable details. recommend
By Louis Brazel, USA
4.0 rating
Mar 3, 2019
I like only two niches from the three offered ones. The third niche was suggested according to recent product trends, it was about a certain type of electronics and gadgets, and I answered that I would sell sth like that in their questionnaire… But now I think I won’t go for this niche as I’m not a gadget lover. Other two niches are perfect for me though. Recommend this service for those who have doubts what to sell in their stores.
By AlexandruuHjk, Romania
4.0 rating
Feb 28, 2019
If you have absolutely no idea about what youw ant to sell in your online store, this service will help a lot. You still will need to choose, but it will be the choice from 3 niches, not a million you know. Thank you for making my life much easier!
By Johhnty, USA
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