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It's good and secure.
4.5 rating
from Philippines
its very good income for yourself thanks alidropship
5.0 rating
from Canada
Very Recommended!
5.0 rating
from Jordan
Great product for beginners and even experts in dropshipping!
5.0 rating
from Romania
Un e-mail envoyé à l'équipe alidropship, un retour en quelques minutes et une résolution en moins de 2h ! Une équipe très professionnelle, très réactif, digne de confiance et qui on fait un très bon travail. Merci à l'équipe alidropship !
5.0 rating
from France
Thank you Elena and Co for your patience and great Email set up. Cant wait to get going now.
4.5 rating
from United Kingdom
Great plugin! Intuitive interface, timely support, perhaps one of the best plugins I have seen. Solid top five to the development team!
5.0 rating
from Russia
Good day Ms.Kate, I'm writing to share my gratitude and tons of thank you for your / team's kind assistance throughout the process. It's been a pleasure working with you to obtain the required assistance in the portal creation. You guys have been an incredible support till the end. Once again thank you!
5.0 rating
from Singapore
very good customer service really impressed with alidroppship team, support team very helpful job well done. Thank you you all .
5.0 rating
from Melbourne Australia
A BIG THANK YOU to Yaros and the entire Alidropship team! I have two stores created by ADS team and I am extremely happy with the amount of dedication and professionalism they have extended towards making my stores. Special shout-outs to Elena Baranova for being extremely helpful guiding me in the entire process of my first store creation, and Vlad and Egor from customer support for helping me with Plugin update issues. It is very exciting indeed to launch your very own e-commerce business with the support of ADS team, who is always there if you need to fall back for any hiccups. Keep up the good work team and I look forward to many many more awesome product releases from you all!
5.0 rating
from United States
AliDropship rocks! You guys are super talented and you got great service. Thank you Ksenia my project manager for all the hard work you have done for this project and to the whole team I have worked with till the success of this beautiful store, I really appreciate everything and everyone and once again "THANK YOU ALL" and keep up the great work.💪
5.0 rating
from Oman
Very good services and products with the best support ever
5.0 rating
from tunisia
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Here's what our customers say:

“I reached out, I paid for the Custom store, and someone reached out to me immediately. Suddenly the entire team was working on it! They did everything: they did SEO, they set up the email marketing, they set up the entire design… I had a manager just doing a logo!”
Jonathan, US
“The whole experience has been really wonderful, especially, with my personal support manager who provided me with the step-by-step process of the development. I highly recommend that you get a custom store if you have no idea what to do or how to develop your website like me. My website looks really great.”
Adeliana, New Zealand
“Since I had no experience whatsoever about dropshipping. I was afraid that the custom store could be too much for me, too difficult for me. But working with the team of AliDropship, especially my manager Vika Kudryasheva, things became clear, easy. And I’m happy about that. My custom store was ready in less than a week and I was so excited! My main goal is to make my custom store successful with good profit.”
Aristodemou, Cyprus
“You guys did an excellent job, especially the project manager Kate. The communication with all of the staff was friendly and professional. And I’m very excited about the website that they designed. I definitely would like to work with the company in the future.”
Erik, US
“Throughout this website building journey you may have questions, they continue to support and advise you. AliDropship also provides add-ons for newbies like me with Premium Products and Social Rabbit. That’s what I’m using right now to help me kickstart my dropshipping journey and accelerate my online marketing using social media.”
Lim, Malaysia
“AliDropship is well-established in dropshipping. They have a rich knowledge base and really good resources for dropshippers. The team was constantly in touch with me and communication was easy and clear. I’m very happy and satisfied! Thank you!”
Andrew, Malaysia
“I’ve been meaning to build an online hat store for a couple of years actually, and I eventually started looking into it just after the lockdown started. Without AliDropship, I would not be where I am: we’re already trading. So, I just wanted to say big thumbs up to them, ten out of ten.”
Matt, UK
“I really appreciate all the support and guidance. Thank you for the patience, for all the questions that I have given, for all changes that I have made in the process of creating my store.”
Robert, Oman
“The plugins are great. The integrations with WooCommerce and with WordPress are excellent. Even though I’m a beginner, I think they’ve given me enough resources to really get it going. I believe my custom store is exactly what I wanted. It is actually more, it exceeds my expectations -- with really little input I actually gave them from my side.”
Gabriel, US
“I love everything about my store, especially the logo of my store. If I would be given a chance, I would get another store and work with AliDropship again. And I would definitely recommend AliDropship to my friends or to whoever is planning to have an online business. Thank you!”
Claire, Philippines
“I’m really happy to make this video today because I’ve just got my first online store. A big shoutout and thank you to AliDropship. Without you guys, it wouldn’t have been possible. I’ve got no idea on how to start a dropshipping store. I took a big step forward to start with AliDropship.”
Emmanuel, Singapore
“The reason why we decided to start dropshipping is that’s an easier method to start with: obviously, you don’t need a lot of capital to start. We would definitely work with AliDropship again. You guys have created a website for us which is very very professional, which we do like!”
Serena, UK
“I bought the Ultimate Package and it came with 200 products. AliDropship pretty much completely helped me set up my entire store. They also provide you at the end of your experience with this giant sort of a booklet-like thing with about 41 pages that tells exactly how to run your dropship store.”
Mckenzi, US
“From the time I started I was allocated the project manager who told me everything I needed to do in order to make my custom store a success. And even now my custom store has been delivered I still keep in contact with my project manager regularly for any updates or for any advice on things I can do for business' success.”
Lisandra, Jamaica
“I chose the custom store website and I took the Basic plan, I was very conservative about it. It’s amazing because you don’t have to pay monthly fees, it’s just a one-time payment, and it gives you unlimited products that you can import from AliExpress to your own website.”
Ahmed, UAE
“I came across an ad for AliDropship, a platform for dropshipping. I looked into the offering and the thing that attracted me most was the fact that the store built on this platform will belong to me for life. I can give it as a gift or leave it to anyone to inherit and do whatever I want!”
Valerii, Russia

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