Website Installation

US $37
2 business days
  • Creating a database
  • Installing the latest CMS WordPress version
  • Installing WooCommerce (optional)
  • Installing AliDropship plugin or AliDropship Woo version
  • Installing WP template
  • Website transfer to another domain
Please, leave your email on the checkout page. Our team will contact you to discuss the details within one business day after a successful payment.
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About this service

How to begin an online dropshipping business if you don’t have any technical skills at all? Don’t want to look into all the details of a WordPress site installation? Or just need some help with the AliDropship plugin? In any case, this is a perfect offer for you! 

Our technical support team will complete all the necessary work to install CMS WordPress on your hosting site, as well as the AliDropship plugin with the chosen theme.

What exactly will you get with this service? 

  • You save your time and effort on the manual setup of your site
  • You don’t need any specific skills or knowledge – just rely on specialists
  • You get your store with the plugin and theme installed with no hassle
  • You enjoy your leisure time because we complete the entire setup procedure

With the Website Installation service, you don’t need to worry about anything! You can be sure that your site works without bugs and issues.

The service is available for both AliDropship and AliDropship Woo plugin versions.

Please note: the service doesn’t include the AliDropship plugin itself.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask us at

What happens after I order this service?
One of our specialists contacts you to discuss details
When do I get my order?
We will finish all the work within two business days.
How will you deliver this service?
We need to know your domain name and the license key of your AliDropship plugin. If you buy one of the paid themes (Andy Warhol, Shopkeeper or Flatsome), you should also provide us with the license. Once we have received this information, our experts will start working.
Is the price of the AliDropship plugin included in this service?
No, this price is only for the service. You need to buy the AliDropship plugin separately here.

28 reviews 4.9

5.0 rating
Oct 7, 2019
Good job! The service was done in a day. Impressive!
By Saira, India
5.0 rating
Sep 27, 2019
thanks! very fast work!
By Joan, UK
5.0 rating
Sep 24, 2019
You have just changed my world! I am about to begin my online store! Wish me good luck!
By Andrew, Scotland
5.0 rating
Sep 8, 2019
To start my business, I needed a website. I went through a number of freelancers but their conditions were not good enough for me. Then I bumped into AliDropship. I ordered this service despite the fact that I wasn't a dropshipper. And I am satisfied. They did their part of work ideally. Thanks for that.
By Aiden, Canada
5.0 rating
Aug 29, 2019
Got my website in two days! I was surprised at their speed of work
By Mark, Cuba
5.0 rating
Aug 19, 2019
Don’t know what to say, I am completely satisfied as usual. I ordered this service for the fourth time (for different sites, of course) and each time the team completed all the settings perfectly. If you need help with the first steps of your store installation, I suggest you order the website installation service
By Twain, Finland
5.0 rating
Aug 8, 2019
I bought the AliDropship hosting, plugin, and this service a day ago. Today the team have already installed CMS WordPress on the hosting and AliDropship plugin along with the chosen theme. Good job
By Garcia, Puerto Rico
5.0 rating
Jul 29, 2019
The service was delivered in a day! I didn’t even expect to get it so fast!
By Fleur, USA
5.0 rating
Jul 8, 2019
It is really great that your team provides all types of services! I was really happy when I found out that I could order website installation and I wouldn't have to look into all these tech details.
By Inga, Latvia
5.0 rating
Jun 19, 2019
I changed my niche so that I needed to transfer my store to another domain. Guys did it very fast! Recommend this service
By Aatazaz, Lebanon
5.0 rating
Jun 8, 2019
With the help of the alidropship team, I could finally change my domain name.
By May, 5
5.0 rating
Jun 3, 2019
Hola, desearia recibir mas informacion sobre este producto
By kiko, España
5.0 rating
May 18, 2019
Your help is priceless.
By Adrian, Greece
5.0 rating
May 6, 2019
Thanks a lot! You did work ideally!
By Emma, USA
4.0 rating
Apr 17, 2019
Good service It is a pity that you don't include the plugin itself in this service
By Sam, US
5.0 rating
Mar 16, 2019
I am so excited! I got my store with the plugin installed, so my dropshipping business is about to begin. Wish me luck, guys!
By Mihai, Moldova
5.0 rating
Feb 14, 2019
Your work is impressing! High-quality, fast, without difficulties or problems. If all the companies worked like you, it would be perfect!
By Advait, India
4.5 rating
Feb 13, 2019
The team made a good WordPress website according to my wishes
By Laurits, Norway
5.0 rating
Jan 27, 2019
It is great that you have such a service. For such people like me (I mean those who don't know anything about websites, hostings, design and etc.), it is the best solution.
By Zsolt, Hungary
5.0 rating
Nov 6, 2018
That's the stuff! The result meets all that I wanted to get
By Andy, Australia
5.0 rating
Oct 3, 2018
By Katrín, Italy
5.0 rating
Sep 27, 2018
I'd chose WooCommerce for my store and guys made a website for me on this platform within 2 days! Thanks!
By Jacob, USA
5.0 rating
Aug 24, 2018
The team installed WP and the plugin, theme, and add-ons I bought. Brilliant work!
By Máximo, Portugal
5.0 rating
Jul 16, 2018
Thanks for your job! You make the life of ordinary people better! What about the service, everything was made in a high standard. And very fast!
By Jerzy, Poland
4.5 rating
Apr 13, 2018
I got my website, everything was completed to schedule.
By Niels, Denmark
5.0 rating
Jun 9, 2017
Many thanks to the team! My website is nice :)
By Daniel, USA
5.0 rating
May 9, 2017
Well done!
By Javier, Spain
5.0 rating
Feb 18, 2017
Je vous remercie yana, vous êtes vraiment un trésor, je vous en remercie, j'espère un jour vous voir pour vous serrer la main, vous ètes une personne exeptionnelle. BON DIMANCHE ET BONNE CHANCE EN TOUT
By Laurent, France
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