AliDropship Plugin Setup

US $57
2-3 business days
  • Email notifications setup
  • Homepage search engine optimization
  • Currency converter setup
  • Pricing formula setup
  • Business branded email
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Payment gateways integration
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About this service

Do you want to launch your website ASAP? Use our service to polish your online store and get ready to gain profit!

  • Email notifications setup. This service will allow you to get notifications right into your inbox from the ‘Contact Us’ form placed on your site and send your customers email notifications about their orders and shipping process.
  • Homepage search engine optimization. We will add the necessary meta data (page title and description) to the homepage of your store to make it visible on search engines.
  • Currency converter setup. If your business targets multiple countries, your store visitors will be able to see the products prices in their national currency.
  • Pricing formula setup. We will set the pricing markup formula, which has proved its efficiency on our most successful stores.
  • Business branded email. You will get your own branded email (like with a professional and convenient control panel.
  • Google Analytics integration. With the Google Analytics tool integrated into your store, you will be always informed about your traffic sources, visitors’ behavior, conversions, etc.
  • Payment gateways integration. We will connect the necessary payment gateway to your site. (Please note: you need to be registered and approved as a client of a payment processing company like PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, etc.)

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5.0 rating
Apr 4, 2019
I was so excited when I bought Alidropship. Of course, I could not even imagine how much work I would have to do. Well, I was so happy when their support team offered me this service. I didn't worry about anything and got a ready-to-use plugin! Fantastic!
By Lucy, Great Britain
5.0 rating
Feb 3, 2019
The team was very supportive with immediate results and you can be stressed free about issues with regarding your site as they have most of solutions that can get the business running well
By Amelia, Australia
4.5 rating
Feb 3, 2019
The plugin works well! I am so excited about my future opportunities! Just wow!
By Daan, Finland
5.0 rating
Jan 29, 2019
They took into account all my needs and wishes. The plugin works well. Recommend :)
By Nessan, Ireland
5.0 rating
Jan 19, 2019
By Noah, USA
5.0 rating
Dec 9, 2018
Many thanks for a lovely plugin and service. I got the final result in a week, but this is my fault - I couldn't give all the necessary information to the specialist, I was too busy.
By Brigitte, France
5.0 rating
Oct 29, 2018
Thanks a lot for your service.. I hope you have a great time ahead... Thanks for all your help..
By Kenneth Richard, USA
5.0 rating
Sep 30, 2018
I didn't want to get into all the details of plugin setup, I am good at promotion not in the tech side of website managing. So, in several days I got an installed plugin, Without hassle and time wasting. What can be better?
By Guilherme, Portugal
5.0 rating
Sep 26, 2018
This is a great service!
By Chloe, Canada
5.0 rating
Aug 31, 2018
I would like to start dropshipping business the second I bought the plugin. But if I decided to set up the plugin myself, I would not have any store yet :) The team set up all that I needed to start working right away. Happy to be your customer, Alidropship!
By Ethan, USA
5.0 rating
Aug 22, 2018
The AliDropship team are great professionals! Thanks for your work and the service you provided for me.
By Gaspare, Italy
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