Facebook & Instagram Video Ads

US $39
5-10 business days
Packages include:
  • Advertising videos
  • Target audiences
  • Advertising texts
  • Detailed guides
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About this service

Video marketing dominated last years and there is no reason to think that will change. Roughly 86% of marketers are using video content to advertise & entertain. 65% of consumers make a purchase after watching branded videos on social platforms. (— Tubular Insights)

No wonder, many businesses use video ads to create a real buzz around their brands. Traditionally, creating beautiful & effective video ads meant either learning how to use video editing software or spending big on video production. Either way, it was expensive. Now you can get your own videos without investing a bunch of money! Sell more stuff & score more leads with irresistible video ads – we’d be glad to create them for you!

So, why do dropshipping entrepreneurs choose this service:

  • A video ad is newer and therefore more attractive for future customers.
  • The video gets 40% more clicks than the image – videos tend to drive more engagement.
  • A video ad can show a product in use – it’s the right way to get customers on the hook!
  • A video ad is created by the team of professional designers & dropshipping experts using a variety of tools: animation, effects.
  • Our clients have a 20 to 30% higher conversion rate when utilizing video over images when it comes to Facebook ads.
  • You save money on video editing software & from 3 to 6 hours of your precious time on video creation.

With this service, you’ll easily expose your clients to a visual & audio experience that will leave them wanting (and buying) more.

Attract customers and boost sales with a scroll-stopping video ad!
1 ad
1 audience
1 video
1 ad text
Delivery 3-5 business days
Get a bigger pack of the best-looking video ads on the block!
3 ads
3 audiences
3 videos
3 ad texts
Delivery 5-7 business days
Power your store promotion with high-quality video ads that can’t be ignored!
5 ads
5 audiences
5 videos
5 ad texts
Delivery 7-10 business days

By ordering Facebook & Instagram Video Ads For Your Dropshipping Store, you get:

  • Catchy advertising video(s) with your products for Facebook & Instagram Feed
  • Target audience(s) including gender, age, locations, interests, and behaviors
  • Advertising texts that will motivate your clients to buy your products
  • Step-by-step guide on how to prepare your dropshipping store for promotion & launch ads

Don’t waste your effort & time – grow your business with video ads that convert now!

P.S. Don’t forget: the secret of effective sales & best results is a combination of video & regular ads with images.

What comes next after I order ads?
After you order ads, our experts will swing into action. Your order will receive accelerated attention, after which you will be sent a link to a Google folder, which contains a guide on how to make ads, advertising pictures and a Google Doc with all the targeting settings and texts.
How soon will I receive my package?
The type of package you order determines your delivery time. Typically, delivery takes between 5 and 10 business days.
Will you handle my entire tasks in Ads Manager?
We would have loved to do this, but we care about the safety of your account. It can be banned by Facebook for being accessed by third parties. However, don’t worry as we will provide you a personal guide that will enable you to run ads easily.
Is there a guarantee for sales?
Our ads are so effective that they increase the chance for sales. However, you should also note that several other factors drive sales, such as the implementation of our recommendations, the products themselves, the appearance of your website, strategies for optimizing your ads, pricing, to mention a few.
Is there a limit to the products I’d like to be advertised?
You’re welcome to choose goods for your ads. Notwithstanding, you have to limit the number of your products so that your targeting can be highly effective. We recommend as follows: Tiny pack – 1 product max, Standard pack – 3 products max, Extended pack – 5 products max. We care about the effectiveness of your ads that’s why we reserve the right to pick the most promising of products for your ads among the submitted ones.
What if I want to change something in the delivered service package?
We want to save your time, so please check all your preferences before we start working on your order (we always ask our customers to fill into the form & tell about their preferences thoroughly). As an exception & as a last resort, we accept one set of corrections.
What the video ads you offer look like?
See a mini-compilation of video ads that we offer here.
Can I get this service in any language other than English?
The service is provided in English only. Thank you for understanding.

43 reviews 4.9

4.5 rating
Oct 17, 2020
It a great service, looking forward to get more sales. great team effort.
By Yahya Alsitad, Saudi Arabia
5.0 rating
Oct 12, 2020
A very professional team providing best products and services.
By G.Khoury, United States
5.0 rating
Oct 8, 2020
Pretty great video I must admit. Very happy with it.
By Tonya McGilbra, United States
4.5 rating
Oct 8, 2020
Another great service ! I obtained from AliDropship & very satisfying. I am learning so much just by using their services and to take my store to the next level !! Thank you AliDropship Team.
By Talat, Saudi Arabia
4.5 rating
Sep 18, 2020
The Vedio is very nice, and it delivered on time. Thank you!
By Ala Issa, Cyprus
5.0 rating
Sep 3, 2020
The product was delivered above expectations. I am really satisfied with the result. The video I got made my marketing very easy and I am sure this will increase my sales very much.
By Thomas, Sweden
5.0 rating
Aug 31, 2020
Way beyond what I expected! Alidropship is by far the best choice when it comes to building an online e-commerce business. Whether it's a single add on or a custom store. You cannot beat the quality and service offered by Alidropship.
By Brent, USA
5.0 rating
Aug 29, 2020
Extremely satisfied with the results. Very happy with the video ads that came with simple but thorough guide and instructions. Might come back and order some more next time! Good job team!
By Adel, New Zealand
5.0 rating
Aug 5, 2020
Thank you for the service. Prompt delivery and professional video with simple to follow instructions and guide.
By Liz, Kenya
4.5 rating
Jul 21, 2020
Great service fast. Videos were simple and on the mark for what i wanted to sell. Great job!
By john esparza, USA
5.0 rating
Jul 1, 2020
Great Service, very happy with my order, got more than i expected! love it.
By Kimberly, USA
5.0 rating
Jun 21, 2020
We didn't give much except my website and our logo and these guys created an amazing ad! That is soo cool!
By Tobi, United States
4.5 rating
Jun 18, 2020
I really love the video ads and all marketing tools offerrd by Alidropship. Thank you Alidropship
By Teyib, Canada
5.0 rating
Jun 15, 2020
Another great service! Very very satisfying. I am learning so much just by using their services.
By Omid, Canada
5.0 rating
Jun 4, 2020
The videos are great. Thanks for your time. It made my marketing so easy
By innocent Ekeanyanwu, Kuwait
5.0 rating
May 18, 2020
When I got my videos, I understood what it really means - "thumb-stopping"! Thank you guys, really appreciate all the job done:)
By Daniella, USA
4.0 rating
May 15, 2020
Nice Work.Thank you for the Guide And i strongly recommend
By Clement, Germany
5.0 rating
May 12, 2020
10/10! I'm really happy that Alidropshi[p launched this service, I cannot find better quality anywhere
By Eathan, USA
5.0 rating
May 2, 2020
These dropshipping video ads knock it out the park. They are stunning and very professional and draw you in. I found myself watching it over and over in amazement. Thanks, team!
By Roberto, USA
5.0 rating
Apr 26, 2020
The product was delivered above expectations. I did not expect that it is possible to create a good video with just an aliexpress link and a logo, but the team did! Totally recommend!
By Marsha, USA
5.0 rating
Apr 19, 2020
The video came out amazing way better than I thought and it was delivered a day early. 10/10
By Asif, UAE
5.0 rating
Apr 11, 2020
Best videos ever! Very engaging, solves the problem in the first 3 seconds and ended with a very good call to action. I am already putting my requirements together for my next project.
By Nathan, United States
5.0 rating
Apr 3, 2020
Nice service! Delivered on time
By Ilenia, Belgium
5.0 rating
Mar 31, 2020
Eye Catching Videos. I will use this service for my next ad campaigns.
By Nishant Turekar, India
5.0 rating
Mar 27, 2020
Amazing service. Ads delivered are minimal and very direct. Details on instructions on how to use the ads are very clear.
By Fejaycris, Philippines
5.0 rating
Mar 25, 2020
Alidropship team gives an excellent service, quick and of high quality. Always in contact by Skype and other channels. I´m very happy with my decission to work with Alidropship.
By Pepe Llabres, Spain
5.0 rating
Mar 23, 2020
I don't know what to say, you did a crazy job! English is not my native language and I would never have been able to do all this. You're awesome! Now all i have to do is apply this. Once again, thank you.
By Melaine, France
5.0 rating
Mar 5, 2020
Great. Would be better if the cost is reduced.
By Zen, Singapore
5.0 rating
Feb 28, 2020
The service is exactly what I was looking for! And for this price..ONE WORD- AMAZING! Keep up the great work, Alidropship! You're really helping out all the drop shippers out there
By Ethan, USA
5.0 rating
Feb 28, 2020
why haven't I used video advertising before?? It's working miracles, videos are getting more views and they make my products look more appealing. So happy my friend recommended this service to me!
By Christoper, USA
5.0 rating
Feb 27, 2020
I can feel a very individual approach and a great work of designers and video editors. saved me so much time and money!
By Bruce, USA
5.0 rating
Feb 25, 2020
Alidropship experts picked the best products from my store for video advertising! finally my Facebook posts are starting to get noticed!
By Ross, Canada
5.0 rating
Feb 23, 2020
I purchased 5 ads and they are all awesome and SEO optimized. Could you please make a bigger pack? Like at least 10 video ads. I'm loving this service!
By Renat, Philippines
5.0 rating
Feb 21, 2020
Yay, my video ads look very dynamic and eye-catching. I'm super excited to start posting them next week !! THANKS!!
By Weston, USA
5.0 rating
Feb 20, 2020
If you're looking for a high-quality video ad service, seriously - stop looking! That's the perfect choice on the market. Fast delivery time, great price, excellent quality!!
By Justice, UK
5.0 rating
Feb 19, 2020
I’m so glad alidropship offers this service now, videos are number one tool for promotion these days. To all the dropshippers out there - try videos for your store promotion and you’ll see results.
By Elizabeth, US
5.0 rating
Feb 18, 2020
Great service, delivered on time. Very pleased with the style and all the effects and transitions.
By Susan, Canada
5.0 rating
Feb 17, 2020
Nice looking ads, great for boosting social media engagement. Thank you!
By Joe, New Zealand
5.0 rating
Feb 17, 2020
Everything looks amazing, I’ll be back for more soon ;)
By Steven, Germany
5.0 rating
Feb 16, 2020
AMAZING! Excellent video quality and fast delivery time.
By Poppy, GB
5.0 rating
Feb 15, 2020
I’ve always known video ads are effective for product promotion. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough editing skills to produce my own. So happy I can just get the service at a low price. The ads look nice and eye-catching, I purchased 3 to promote my store’s dress sale and my facebook audience is loving them. Thank you!
By Karen, USA
5.0 rating
Feb 15, 2020
This is the best way to promote your sales or show your product catalogue.. My facebook page is looking much more alive now, thank you!
By Skyler, US
5.0 rating
Feb 13, 2020
Finally found a reasonably priced video service with quality ads. Video experts have took into account all my wishes and I’m very satisfied with how everything has turned out. Great job!
By Marcus, United States
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