Server Configuration

US $40 per hour
depends on the task
  • Server software upgrade installation
  • Server software installation for website needs
  • Web server configuration for website needs
  • Diagnostics of installed software for compatibility with AliDropship plugins
How to place an order: Please, contact us before placing your order to discuss the details. The essential condition for this service rendering is granting root access to a client’s server.
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About this service

Do you need to configure the server or hosting for your website needs? Don’t waste your time on doing it yourself!

Rely on our technical support team. They will help you not only with server configurations, but also with:

  • PHP and MySQL configuration
  • Web server testing
  • PHP+Apache/Nginx+MySQL optimization
  • Website backup
  • Website relocation to another server or hosting
  • Demand analysis of log files and resources

Save your time and ensure the consistency of your store performance with the help of our team!

7 reviews 4.9

4.5 rating
Dec 15, 2018
The only solution for my problem they suggested was the relocation of my website to their hosting. Of course, I agreed, I didn't want to lose my store! Ultimately, their hosting is better than my previous one but I think that there could be another variant to solve the problem.
By Michele, France
5.0 rating
Nov 29, 2018
They resolved my problems with hosting within several hours! Isn't it a miracle?
By Zlatan, Serbia
5.0 rating
Oct 19, 2018
Many thanks! One more happy clients of your services!
By Will, Great Britain
5.0 rating
Oct 16, 2018
I contacted Alidropship because the plugin didn't work on my website. Can you imagine my astonishment when finally found out that the reason was a bad hosting! Alidropship relocated my store and the plugin started working again.
By Adam, Poland
5.0 rating
Sep 24, 2018
When you are bad at everything that connected with websites, such a service is like a blessing. Just order and don't care about anything.
By Brian, Canada
5.0 rating
Sep 9, 2018
I got this hosting and they relocated my webstore to their hosting from another one for free! It sounds like a fairytale but it is true!
By Carol, Sweden
5.0 rating
Aug 2, 2018
Thanks for your help, the Alidropship team!
By John, USA
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