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3 Great Ways to Find the Best-Selling Products for Your Drop Shipping Store

by Diana S. Marketing tips
Sep 08, 2017 5 minute read
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Every drop shipping store owner is eager to place only the best products on their website, and we are not an exception. So, get ready: we are about to share our experience in searching for best-selling dropship products that would mesmerize your customers and fatten your profits!

As you know, we use AliExpress as the main source of items and suppliers for our drop shipping store. Still, when it comes to choosing the suitable products, it can actually be challenging to scan through this platform and go through all the hundreds of thousands items.

This is why we actively use additional sources of information. Even though we don’t import any items from these alternative sources, we look at them really carefully to understand how we can enhance our product strategy.

Here is the list of the ways we use to find highly popular dropship products that see a huge demand.

1. How to Find Best-Selling Dropship Products on Pinterest: analysing buyable pins

Pinterest is, as its’ founders state, a “catalogue of ideas” where people get inspiration and good mood. But besides that, Pinterest is a great marketing tool for companies because it helps advertise and promote various trends. You can make good use of it too, searching for the most buyable products:

The language you need to choose is English, and the country is the United States.

Now you are ready to do magic and find the most buyable pins!

A pin is a little post with an image. People save the pins they like to their virtual ‘boards’.

  • Go to home page and type your keyword into the search box
  • Click on the ‘Buyable Pins’ tab

  • Analyse the goods shown. Even though you can’t rank them by the popularity, you can see how many people saved certain goods to their boards (the more the better), and what are the names and image style of the most popular products. Use this information wisely, and your drop shipping store will contain only the best goods.

  • In addition, you can use search results shown in ‘All Pins’ tab – the same information is available here too. Please note: these are NOT buyable pins, so, it doesn’t mean that people save these pins to their boards because they want to buy it.

2. Finding Best-Selling Dropshipping Products on Ebay: exploring the most watched products

We use a special service provided by that shows the most watched eBay items/auctions.

  • Go on
  • Type the keyword into the search box (you can also use categories to filter search results)
  • View how many people watched the product you are searching for on Ebay and what goods are the most popular. It’s simple!

3. Use Amazon to Find What to Dropship: figuring out the best selling products

Actually, Amazon website is a great place to monitor top goods. Just enter a keyword into search box and filter the results.

There are 2 ways to do that:

1. Filter by customer reviews

Your search results are ranked now by products’ rating according to customer reviews.

2. Filter by relevance

Voila! You are shown the best-selling dropship products on Amazon! It’s really worth analysing popular items representation and placing similar products in your store.

Using these websites to look for the most popular products, we achieve many goals:

As the result, we increase the loyalty of our customers, and this, in turn, helps us boost the revenues. Not bad, right?

Where do you look for ideas when you’re updating the product range in your own drop shipping stores? Feel free to share your ideas in the comments section below!

By Diana S.
Diana is a marketing specialist at AliDropship. She is always ready to test new promotional methods and strategies, and gladly shares the results.
Christopher John Baker September 11, 2017 21:10:42

Great advice, I’ll certainly be checking this strategy – makes far more logical sense than many paired for courses! Thx!!

Lydia Avila September 13, 2017 21:33:10

I want to try this plugin, but I need to speak with someone to go over details to be sure its a good fit for me before I spend money doing this. I have no intention to use ebay or amazon, maybe pinterest and facebook or instagram traffic and pay for traffic. I’ m sure this harder to do than its being expressed. I have called many times and you guys just refuse to answer the phone.

    yaros September 14, 2017 4:04:38

    Please feel free to contact us on skype: Our support team will be glad to assist you.

mangkukmee October 16, 2017 10:10:35

I have created Pintereset, but for some reason I’m unable to see how many people saved certain goods to their boards (the numbers with the pin icon). Any ideas?

Marcos October 18, 2017 12:30:57

Good estrategy! I’m using a tool called Wuanto ( to find the most popular items on eBay like Watchcount do. Regards.

Sundance November 1, 2017 19:33:04

I also can’t see the number of people who pinned a post. Is there a switch to activate this?

Marco November 29, 2017 16:23:15

Great advice. Just one question: seen prices at eBay, I realize prices are about the same as in Aliexpress. Could you please talk about how will we be able to compete against that? Yaros?


    Yaroslav Nevsky November 29, 2017 17:01:56

    You will compete against that like any niche store competes – impulse purchases. If you see a product you like and you need, you don’t look further and complete your purchase right here, right now.

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