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Best Dropshipping Products To Sell NOW: This Week’s Best Seller

By Olga Lavrinovich

One of the best dropshipping products to sell now: Robot Cameraman

Wondering what to sell to start making profits ASAP? Looking for the best dropshipping products that are trending right now? Here’s what we can recommend this week!

Jul 26-30, 2021: Robot Cameraman

Meet one of the best dropshipping products to sell now: Robot Cameraman

What’s this beauty?

It’s one of this week’s best sellers that sees a steadily growing demand!

Meet Robot Cameraman, a lovely and practical AI-powered phone holder with plenty of smart features that allow:

  • Including everyone in your company in your pics and videos – forget about leaving someone behind just to push the filming button!
  • Shooting pictures vertically, horizontally, and from any angle you want thanks to its 360-degree rotating feature
  • Taking photos and recording videos conveniently even while moving thanks to the awesome face- and motion-recognition technology
  • Forgetting about shaky videos, blurry pics and wobbly phones thanks to the holder’s secure suction base and built-in gimbal stabilizing your device
  • Making quality content easily whether you’re a blogger, a business owner, or a regular user who simply loves taking pictures and keeping fond memories

Lots of benefits to enjoy, right?

Just take a quick look at the Google Trends stats below: if users are looking for regular, non-specific phone stands THAT much, can you imagine how excited they are about a smartphone holder with a bunch of added features?

A Google Trends graph showing the interest in phone stands

Surely, this is something you should consider – and use to your business’ advantage!

That’s right: if you’re running a dropshipping store, you can easily import this robot cameraman there and start selling this item in your store today!

Go here to start selling Robot Cameraman, one of this week's best dropshipping products

Here’s how you can do this in the quickest, trouble-free way!

Where to begin?

So, this fast-selling Robot Cameraman seems like a great addition to your store. But how do you import it, exactly?

If you want to source this product from AliExpress, as usual, here’s what you’ll have to do first:

  • Do research to see what variations of these products are sold on AliExpress
  • Check the ratings of the sellers who offer these items and filter out the most reliable one
  • Make sure that the shipping fee and the delivery time are fine to your customers
  • Read the buyers’ reviews and see if they’re happy with the product quality and customer service
  • Finally, import the product from the seller that meets all your requirements and edit its page to make it purchase-stimulating: create a short catchy title, write a clear informative description, and add high-quality product images

That’s a lot to do!

Thankfully, you can skip these time-consuming steps and start selling a hype product immediately after import: all you need to do is get this Robot Cameraman from Sellvia.

How to power up your store with the weekly best seller from Sellvia

If you’re not familiar with the idea of Sellvia, here’s a brief introduction to begin with!

Sellvia is the next-level ecommerce network that solves several burning dropshipping issues at once.

Thanks to its own Fulfillment Center in Irvine, California, the Sellvia team can stock the hottest products right in the United States – and therefore, make them ready for super fast shipping. In fact, as Sellvia partners with UPS and USPS, it provides 1-3-day shipping to any destination within the US. To the buyers, it’s a huge bonus!

For the online store owners, there are plenty of benefits as well. All these US-based products are listed in this Sellvia catalog and go with:

  • Beautiful pages – best ones in the industry!

These are carefully crafted by a whole team of designers, copywriters, and digital marketers for the maximum effect. Classy pages, inspired by the leading ecommerce brands, are made catchy and customer-oriented to trigger as many impulse purchases as possible. Authentic buyers’ reviews, detailed and irresistible descriptions, mesmerizing close-up product photos – they’re all there!

  • Ready marketing campaigns that sell

To save you hours (and days!) of work and thousands of dollars you’d spent on testing and research, the team gives you ready promo campaigns to use! Pick the product you want to import, see the marketing materials made for it, and use them to launch your own successful money-making campaigns!

The bottom line?

With Sellvia, you can start selling this hype robot cameraman right after import! Just go here to add its awesome product page (or any other item from the catalog) to your store and go straight to selling.


On Sellvia, this robot cameraman costs $9.99. You can add any markup to this price to receive your profits from every order.

For example, you can set the Sellvia’s recommended price of $49.99. This will give you a profit of $40 from every sale and make your offer appealing to customers! In this case, your price won’t be higher than on Amazon or eBay or AliExpress, which means you can compete with them successfully.

Ready to take action?

Go here to start selling Robot Cameraman, one of this week's best dropshipping products, now

It’s time to start profiting from one of this week’s best dropshipping products!

Jul 19-23, 2021: Orthopedic Shoulder Support Brace

Orthopedic shoulder brace, one of the best dropshipping products to sell this week
Protection, compression, support. These are said to be the vital components of speedy and successful recovery after a shoulder injury of any kind.

Quite annoyingly, at some point of time, many of us have to deal with it. Sports activities, unfortunate accidents, and some underlying health issues may cause that nagging shoulder discomfort we’d love to get rid of once and for all. Naturally, there’s no wonder that people worldwide are looking for an affordable, efficient, easy in use solution that would help them out.

That’s why shoulder support braces see such a steady demand on a global scale!

The steady public interest in shoulder support braces as seen by Google Trends

Shoulder support braces don’t only provide pain relief through controlled compression. They can help with shoulder stabilization and limit the wearer’s range of motion, therefore, speeding up the recovery process. And what’s more, they can even serve as a workout accessory that prevents major injuries and low-key reminds the user not to overdo their exercises.

In other words, they serve lots of purposes and can truly make a positive difference to their wearer’s quality of life. Sounds like a great thing that you’d like to make even more accessible to everyone, right?

That’s what you can easily do with this orthopedic shoulder support brace from Sellvia!

Go here to start selling this shoulder brace, one of the best dropshipping products to sell this week

That’s right: this practical shoulder brace can easily serve as a winning addition to your product range and become your next dropshipping best seller.

But how?

How to start profiting from this week’s best seller?

Okay, let’s suppose you’re running a dropshipping store selling sports equipment or health and beauty supplies. Surely, a shoulder support brace is just the right thing to import to your store – so, what do you have to do next?

Following the traditional dropshipping routine, you need to go to AliExpress – your usual source of suppliers – and:

  • Try several variations (‘shoulder brace’, ‘orthopedic shoulder brace’, ‘shoulder support brace’, etc.) of this product name to see what exactly is sold by AliExpress sellers
  • Open and examine every search result to find out these products’ ratings and the sellers’ score
  • Look through the product pages to see if they are informative, clear, and well-illustrated with high-quality pictures
  • Check whether these sellers offer fast and affordable shipping options that would be OK for your buyers
  • Read the customer reviews to understand if the product actually matches its description, does what promised, and comes from a polite and reliable seller
  • Finally, import the product page of the item that meets all your criteria, and edit it carefully (make the title short and catchy, rewrite the description, add large clear photos and import positive real-life reviews)

Such detailed product research is a MUST if you want to offer your customers a top-quality product that you really can profit from.

But why do it all yourself and lose precious time if you can simply get the best of the best for your store and go straight to selling (and making money)?

You can get the ready-to-promote shoulder support brace from Sellvia and skip the lengthy preparation steps: they’re already taken by ecommerce specialists!

How to power up your store with the weekly best seller from Sellvia

So, what Sellvia is and how exactly can it help your online business prosper?

Let’s just say that Sellvia is a game-changing, all-in-one solution for ecommerce that solves most of the burning dropshipping issues!

  • It sets you free from tiring product research and evaluation

The Sellvia catalog contains hundreds of winning products carefully selected from the most reputable manufacturers in the USA and beyond. Their selling potential, level of public demand, overall production quality and lots of other factors have already been considered – you can just choose any item and import it to your store right away.

  • It SOLVES the long shipping time issue – one of the worst dropshipping nightmares!

That’s right! Each and every product featured in the Sellvia catalog is already kept in its own Fulfillment Center in Irvine, California, in multiple units. It means that your US customer doesn’t have to wait till the ordered product travels across the border: it’s already in the country! And, as Sellvia partners with UPS and USPS, the shipping terms are more than great: in just 1-3 business days, the ordered package will arrive at any destination in the USA.

  • It lets you start selling ASAP

The contents of every product page in the catalog is edited to the highest industry standards and is designed in a classy style inspired by the most successful ecommerce businesses in the world. That means, you can simply import any product page from the catalog to your store and start driving traffic to it immediately. This is already a purchase-stimulating page with a high selling potential – no more work from you is needed! Just go here to add any page you like to your store.


This shoulder support brace costs $3.49 on Sellvia. You can set any markup you like to gain profit from it – it’s up to you to decide how much the brace will cost in your store. For example, you can use our recommended price of $34.99 as your guideline. In this case, you will get $31.50 as the profit from every order, and keep the price competitive in comparison to Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, etc.

Ready to jump-start your dropshipping business with this hot offering?

Start selling this shoulder brace, one of the best dropshipping products of this week, now

Start benefitting from one of this week’s best dropshipping products right now: it’s one click away from you!

Jul 12-16, 2021: Auto Ceramic Hair Curler

Meet an auto ceramic hair curler, one of the best dropshipping products to sell this week

Looking for a hype and practical best seller to add to your store offering? Look no further – and check out this handy hair curler!

This curler a brilliant find for anyone enthusiastic about beauty procedures as it allows:

  • Creating a salon-like experience (and result!) without leaving the comfort of your home
  • Extra mobility and flexibility (during road trips and sleepovers among other things!) thanks to its compact size and cordless design
  • Added convenience and safety in use thanks to the ceramic chamber preventing the curler from getting too hot for your hands or burning your hair

With so many features allowing pleasant user experience, there’s no wonder that smart hair curlers are getting so demanded and growing in popularity:

Google Trends stats for hair curlers

These aren’t just some seasonal peaks of interest happening around big holidays like Christmas! People are looking up hair curlers more and more, regardless of the season and occasion. They just want to style their hair conveniently at any time, at any place – and that’s exactly what you can help them with!

That’s right: you can add this hair curler to your store offering today and start selling it right after import, skipping the editing phase!

Start selling this auto ceramic hair curler, one of the best dropshipping products to sell this week

Let’s see how it’s done, right?

Where to begin?

So, you’re inspired by this profitable product and want to start selling it right now. What will you do next?

If you’re using AliExpress to source products for your store, you’ll have to go through the usual multi-step process:

  • Type several variations of the ‘ceramic hair curler’ query into the search box to see what the sellers are offering
  • Check these sellers’ ratings to see which ones of them are the best to team up with
  • Look through the shipping methods they offer to see if the shipping cost and duration are OK for your customers
  • Read the buyers’ reviews to make sure the product matches its description and the seller is cooperative
  • Edit the freshly imported product page to bring its picture gallery, title, and description to perfection

Sounds like a lot of things to do, right?

Good news: they are no longer necessary.

You can skip all these steps (we know how crucial they are for your business!) and go straight to selling, right after import.

All you need to do is get this ceramic hair curler from Sellvia – and it will be ready for immediate promotion!

How to power up your store with the weekly best seller from Sellvia

Are you familiar with the Sellvia concept already?

Sellvia is a full-scale ecommerce network for online business owners who want to take their ventures to a whole new level.

It hosts its own Fulfillment Center in California and stocks all its products there. That means, your US buyer won’t have to wait till the package arrives from abroad! With the help of UPS and USPS, Sellvia provides 1-3-day US delivery for all its products – but also does way more than this.

Every product from the Sellvia catalog is handpicked after thorough market research and goes with the winning set of materials allowing you to start promoting it immediately. Highly informative descriptions, catchy titles, high-quality images and honest reviews – they’re all here! Together, these elements create a truly irresistible, purchase-stimulating product page that’s ready to welcome visitors ASAP and convert them into buyers. Simply go here to add one to your store!


Originally, this Sellvia-provided ceramic hair curler costs $19.99. It’s up to you to decide the size of markup to add to this price! For example, you can stick to our recommended price and sell this curler for $89.99. In this case, you’ll be getting a profit of $70 from and still stay competitive and interesting to the buyer. This price will be similar to the ones on Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, and other online marketplaces – and really appealing to your customers.

Wouldn’t you love to try this opportunity to give your business a boost?

Start selling this automatic ceramic hair curler, one of the best dropshipping products to sell this week

You can start profiting from one of this week’s best dropshipping products today – why wait?

Jul 5-9, 2021: Intelligent Neck Massager

Best dropshipping products to sell this week: intelligent neck massager

What’s this week’s best seller that can totally make a great addition to your store offering? Meet this Intelligent Neck Massager – a practical device that has a huge real value for your customers!

To people spending their days sitting down with limited physical activity, neck massage is an essential thing that can:

  • Provide neck pain relief
  • Help with the muscle tension
  • Improve the range of movements
  • Create an overall feeling of deep, satisfying relaxation

Unfortunately, in today’s reality, personal contacts are limited. Getting a health practitioner’s appointment can be challenging (to say the least). That’s why people are increasingly looking for safe and easily available alternatives to traditional neck massage. And that’s exactly why they are turning to gadgets performing the same function!

You can easily see the growth of their interest on this Google Trends graph:

Best dropshipping products to sell this week: Google Trends stats for neck massagers

There are seasonal peaks around Christmas, meaning that users consider this type of gadget to be a valuable and handy gift for their loved ones (and for themselves). Every year, the peaks are getting higher – and the number of search queries throughout the year is growing, too!

What does it tell us?

A neck massager is more than just a precious gift that people buy to surprise and gladden their closest ones on special occasions. Its purchases are becoming more and more widespread among regular users who are just looking for extra comfort in their daily lives!


How about offering it to YOUR customers as well?

Whether you’re dropshipping gifts, or gadgets, or home appliances, or sports equipment, or health & beauty tools, a neck massager would fit your niche nicely!

And what’s even more exciting, you can start selling this neck massager in your store today, with no hassle or waste of time!

Start selling this intelligent neck massager, one of this week's best dropshipping products

How’s that?

Here’s how you start profiting from one of this week’s best dropshipping products

So, you like this product, the idea it promotes, and the benefits it provides to you and your buyers.

How do you start selling it for profit in your online store?

Following the traditional dropshipping model, you would go to AliExpress in order to:

  • Try several search queries to see what kinds of massagers are on offer
  • Review all the sellers who offer these items and single out the most trustworthy one
  • Look through the seller’s shipping methods to make sure they are convenient and affordable enough to your clients
  • Read the buyers’ reviews on the massager you’ve chosen to see if they are happy with their product quality and the shopping experience
  • Import the item to your store and edit its page heavily by changing the product name, rewriting its description, importing previous reviews, and adding high-quality images

Can you imagine how much time it’s going to take you?!

Luckily, you don’t have to take all these lengthy steps anymore!

Instead, you can start selling a top-class neck massager with a high profit potential almost immediately, right after importing it from the Sellvia catalog!

How to boost your online business with the weekly best seller from Sellvia

Now, first things first: what’s Sellvia?

Sellvia, in fact, is a revolutionary offering for your ecommerce business as it solves multiple diverse tasks every online store owner faces.

From selecting the hottest products and keeping them in physical stock to making their online pages look unique and purchase-inspiring, the Sellvia team goes to great lengths to make sure all your ecommerce needs are covered.

What’s probably the best news for any online business owner is that all products from the Sellvia catalog are actually kept in a Fulfillment Center in Irvine, California. This means, your US customer can receive these packages in 1-3 business days! That’s right: it’s time to forget about 30-45 days delivery from China!

And what’s even more, the team behind this game-changing solution makes sure you can skip all the preparatory ecommerce steps and go straight to selling! Every product in the catalog is ready to be advertised and sold ASAP. Each one comes with a winning set of promo materials made and tested by digital marketing experts. That means, a one-click product import will give you a high-converting product page with a classy design inspired by the leading industry brands. There are stylish professional photos, informative descriptions, and clear titles making the viewer fall in love with the product almost instantly.


So, how exactly can you profit from Sellvia items? For example, this intelligent neck massager’s price in the catalog is $17.99. And, setting a retail price of $69.99 in your store, you can get a profit of $52 from every sale!

Even with this marked up price, your offer will still be competitive. The final massager’s price is not higher than the one on Amazon, eBay, or AliExpress. That means, for your customer, it will still be a great, beneficial purchase – as much as for you, too!

How about giving it a try?

Start selling this neck massager, one of this week's best dropshipping products

Today is the day to start making money from one of this week’s best dropshipping products!

Jun 28 – Jul 3, 2021: Baby Crib Backpack

Best dropshipping products to sell this week: baby crib backpack

What’s the hype thing that gets bought LIKE CRAZY these days? We’re thrilled to introduce this baby crib backpack – a real game-changer for parents and their little ones!

Going for a walk, travelling, or simply moving around with a newborn, parents need to have plenty of supplies at hand.

This convenient and stylish backpack solves this issue for them brilliantly as it:

  • Serves as a multipurpose 3-in-1 travel bag with handy compartments (diaper bag, bottle bag, and fold-out baby crib) providing ample napping space
  • Gives the parents freedom to move with no worries of leaving important baby supplies behind
  • Doesn’t burden the parents with complex care requirements: the backpack is waterproof and easy to clean, which is certainly a must for any baby product

Supporting and benefitting parents in so many ways, such mobile cribs are a real catch for newly extended families. You can clearly see it yourself from this Google Trends graph:

Best dropshipping products to sell this week: Google Trends stats for portable cribs

While the overall interest in this piece of parents’ equipment has always been there, you can easily notice a post-lockdown surge in the number of searches for it.

It leads us to believe that this accessory (or device, or whatever you call it) is widely chosen by parents across the country to help them gain and embrace the long awaited freedom of movement, even if their travels are limited to local destinations only.

Wouldn’t it be great to help your customers spend more quality time with their loved ones by helping them organize their daily walks and must-take trips in a stress-free and convenient way? To them, surely, a baby crib backpack is a truly valuable thing that can actually make a difference – and make them willing to come again to your store for even more exciting purchases.

Start selling one of this week's best dropshipping products

Curious to see more details? Here you are!

How to start selling this backpack?

With the traditional model of reselling products online, what would you do to start making money from this mobile crib?

Most certainly, your journey would start on AliExpress (as it’s the most common source of supply for dropshipping stores worldwide), where you would:

  • Try a number of search queries to find the exact same crib backpack actually providing the desired benefits
  • Compare multiple sellers’ offerings to identify a store that offers the best value for money
  • Go through every of these stores’ delivery times, shipping fees, and tracking options to see if they could really interest end buyers
  • Check the authentic feedback of AliExpress customers to see if the item matches the description and whether the seller is reliable enough to collaborate with
  • Finally, import the ‘winner’ product to your store and spend a couple more hours editing its product page to make it truly irresistible and purchase-provoking for a visitor

But why bother?

Why take all these lengthy steps if you can go straight to selling the product and enjoying the revenues?

Import the crib backpack to your dropshipping store from Sellvia and start promoting it right away, with no delays or time waste!

How to boost your store profits with the weekly best seller from Sellvia

To begin with, let’s go over Sellvia briefly: what’s this and how can it benefit your online business?

Sellvia is a game-changing ecommerce solution notable for its own Fulfillment Center in Irvine, California. It houses thousands of items ready to be picked and dispatched to any US address!

No more waiting for the desired product till it travels to you from half across the world! In 1 day after receiving an  order, the Fulfillment Center’s team will assemble the package and hand it over to USPS. The postal service, in turn, will make sure the package reaches its destination in 1-3 business days!

Such a quick US delivery is a dream come true for countless dropshipping business owners willing to treat their audience with the highest quality products delivered in the shortest time possible. But there’s MORE to Sellvia!

An informative description, a high-quality pictures gallery, a set of real-life buyers’ reviews – there’s everything to let you start selling the Baby Crib Backpack on the spot! The generous offering, therefore, includes a neat product page with a high selling potential. There’s everything you need to convert as many of your store visitors into buyers as possible. Professional product photos, customer-oriented descriptions, in-depth product details, and even inspirational reviews are all there!


The original Sellvia price for this Baby Crib Backpack is $15.99. To profit from selling it, you can follow our price markup recommendations and set the final price of $86.99. That will keep your offer competitive if compared to Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, etc. At the same time, it will give you the profit of $71 from every purchase!

Ready to dive in?

Start selling this baby crib backpack, one of this week's best dropshipping products

It’s time to start profiting from one of this week’s hottest dropshipping products!

Jun 21-27, 2021: Peek-A-Boo Elephant Toy

Check out one of this week's best dropshipping products: peek-a-boo elephant toy

This week, this adorable elephant toy is breaking records. It sees a HUGE number of orders, and that’s a trend you simply can’t overlook!

Such a singing and playing elephant is more than just a cute gift for toddlers – or a regular toy purchase for their parents.

With an interactive toy like this, your customer can:

  • Keep the child entertained and safely occupied, allowing the parents to catch a break without feeling guilty
  • Help the child develop their sensory, fine, and gross motor skills, as well as support language development
  • Promote the child’s creativity and spark their imagination in a natural and engaging way

In other words, this is an amazing ‘companion’ that every kid needs in order to grow into a curious, mindful, and empathic person. And looking at the Google Trends screenshot below, you’ll be amazed to see how many people also think so!

Change of interest in interactive toys over time

You can see that the interest in interactive toys clearly has a seasonal pattern. Indeed, the peaks correlate with Christmas and winter holidays. However, if you look closely, you’ll notice that the in-between spaces show a growing trend, too!

What does it mean to you as a dropshipping store owner?

Whenever you add an interactive toy to your online store offering, you can easily find an interested buyer. And with the cleverly made marketing materials, it gets easier than ever: see the details below!

Start selling one of this week's best dropshipping products: peek-a-boo elephant toy

So, what to consider if you want to dropship this interactive toy elephant?

How to start selling this toy?

What steps do you need to take if you want to make profits from this adorable elephant toy?

The usual strategy would be to import it to your dropshipping store from AliExpress, and that would require you to:

  • Type the product name in the search field and go through all the results attentively to view and evaluate multiple sellers’ offerings
  • Identify the most promising sellers by checking and comparing their store ratings
  • Filter out the stores offering the most appealing delivery times, shipping fees, and tracking options
  • Read the buyers’ reviews to see if the product is actually of high quality and the seller is fine to deal with
  • Import the carefully chosen product to your store and make its page user-friendly and purchase-stimulating by editing its title, description, and pictures

Isn’t it… just a bit too much?

What would you say to the opportunity to skip all these time-consuming steps and go straight to selling? With the Sellvia’s ready-to-import product offering, you can add this interactive elephant toy to your store right now and start selling it immediately!

How to boost your store profits with the weekly best seller from Sellvia

First of all, what Sellvia is, exactly?

Sellvia is a US-based ecommerce solutions provider with a Fulfillment Center in Irvine, California. There, thousands of the most demanded, hype, quality products are already waiting for their new owners!

So, when your client orders a Sellvia-supplied product, this lucky buyer won’t have to wait the usual 4-6 weeks. Simply transfer the order to Sellvia: just in 1 day, the team will send the package with USPS. Therefore, if your customers live in the United States, they will receive their purchase in 1-3 business days!

For every dropshipping store owner, such a quick delivery is a huge competitive advantage. But there’s an EXTRA benefit you get with Sellvia!

The Peek-A-Boo elephant toy from Sellvia goes with the BEST product description on the market! Go here to import its page to your store along with its detailed description, catchy pictures, and even authentic customer reviews.

To sum up, using Sellvia, you can start selling this hype elephant toy to your customers in just a few clicks, as soon as you import it to your online store! Getting it from Sellvia, you will also receive a high-converting product page. It contains everything you need to turn a visitor into a buyer ASAP. There are unique pictures and descriptions, detailed product information, and purchase-stimulating reviews from previous buyers.


The price for this interactive elephant toy stored in the Sellvia Fulfillment Center in California is $7.99. We would recommend selling it for at least $37.99. This way, you’ll keep a profit of $30+ and still stay competitive! Comparing your price to the ones on Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress, your customers will make a decision in your favor!

Why wait?

Start selling one of this week's best dropshipping products with Sellvia

Start profiting from one of the best dropshipping products of this week right now!

Jun 14-20, 2021: Multifunctional Car Seat Organizer

One of the best dropshipping products to sell this week: multifunctional car organizer

Our best dropshipping products recommendation for this week is this simple yet impressive car seat organizer.

For everyone spending hours in their vehicle, a convenient organizer is no less than a blessing.

Thanks to this little helper, its user – your potential customer! – can:

  • Keep all travelling essentials, from smartphones to snacks, stored neatly in a single place
  • Remove all distractions and drive safely with their attention focused on the road only
  • Enjoy their clean, non-messy car interior, and keep chaos under control

With so many benefits and real value for the user, no wonder the demand for car seat organizers is skyrocketing! Just take a look at the graph below:

Internet users' interest in car organizers as seen from Google Trends

People look car organizers up on Google more and more. Surely, you can expect the interest for this kind of product to keep growing this year.

The reason for this is fairly simple. With the pandemic restrictions, personal vehicles are becoming the main means of transportation for people worldwide. Naturally, as the owners start spending more time in their cars, they grow more interested in keeping their cabins neat and tidy – and look for easy and accessible solutions. That’s when all sorts of car space organizers come into play!

To put it simply, the timing is perfect to start selling this product in your store today!

Start selling this multifunctional car organizer with Sellvia

Let’s look into details, shall we?

Where to begin?

So, where can you get this awesome car organizer to import it to your dropshipping store?

Of course, you can look for it on AliExpress… and deal with the usual lengthy routine:

  • Look through all the matching offerings to find all the sellers listing this or similar item
  • Check the stores’ ratings to filter out the most reputable sellers
  • Review the shipping methods offered by the sellers to see if the shipping fees and delivery times are appealing to customers
  • Read the buyers’ feedback to make sure the seller is trustworthy and the item matches the description
  • Edit the imported product page heavily by shortening the title, rewriting the description, polishing the picture gallery, and importing real-life buyer reviews


OR, you can skip all these tiring steps and go straight to selling! All you need to make it happen is to get the ready-to-promote car organizer from Sellvia.

How to power up your store with the weekly best seller from Sellvia

What’s Sellvia, you might be wondering?

Sellvia is your next-level ecommerce solution that covers plenty of online business areas – from product sourcing, storing, and packaging to branding and promotion. In fact, it even has the hottest, most demanded products from multiple niches in its physical stock! These items are kept in the Sellvia’s US-based Fulfillment Center.

So, ordering a Sellvia-provided item from your dropshipping store, your client won’t have to wait for the package for weeks. In 1 day after receiving your order, the Fulfillment Center assembles the package and hands it to UPS or USPS. And these highly reputable postal services will make sure the order gets delivered to any US residing customer in 1-3 business days.

Doesn’t fast US shipping sound like a dream come true for dropshipping business owners? But wait, there’s more!

With Sellvia, you can start selling this highly popular car organizer to your customers in a matter of seconds! Go here to add its beautifully designed, informative, purchase-stimulating product page to your store: it goes with the perfect description that you don’t have to review or edit!

When you import this (or any other!) product to your store from Sellvia, you receive a beautifully designed product page. There are carefully taken professional photos and unique descriptions (BEST ones in the industry!). These catch your visitors’ attention and don’t let them leave the store empty-handed!


The price for the Sellvia-provided multifunctional car organizer is $3.99. You can add any markup you want to its price. We recommend selling it for $28.99: it will give you a profit of $25 and still keep you competitive! This final price will be comparable to the ones on Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, etc. – and really appealing to your customers.

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By Olga Lavrinovich
Olga is a Copywriting Director at AliDropship. Having graduated from the Faculty of International Business’ as an Advertising specialist, she puts years of her copywriting experience into making clear and informative guides, tutorials, and other educational materials for dropshipping newcomers worldwide.
Imran Mahota 2 weeks ago

Sellvia option looks good but how can i avail it for my existing online store?

Olga Lavrinovich 2 weeks ago

Hi, thank you for your interest – and your kind feedback!
You can install the Sellvia plugin on your existing online store – kindly go here for more information (you can also get free consultation there)!

Licawati 2 weeks ago

Hi! Would love to know if I subscribe to sellvia would there be any other charges besides the subscription.

Olga Lavrinovich 2 weeks ago

Hi, thank you for your interest!
If you want, you can order extra services for an extra fee – for example, custom store development.
But if you only want to use the Sellvia plugin in order to import products and process orders automatically, you only need to pay the $39 monthly subscription, with no added fees.

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