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Hot Selling Items On Ebay: How To Use Them For Your Own Benefit

By Olga L.

How To Benefit From Hot Selling Items On eBay

As an owner of a dropshipping store, most likely, you use AliExpress as your source of suppliers. For a number of reasons, it is the most convenient platform to import products from.

Still, you can benefit from other huge online retailers as well! For example, in this article, we will talk about hot selling items on eBay and their importance for your business.

When you are looking for the best products to sell in your dropshipping store, it’s a good idea to consider other places than AliExpress. There, you can look for interesting ideas, and even identify the most demanded items! And this is exactly what we will be talking about today.

Why might it be important to check hot selling items on eBay?

eBay itself is not a really convenient platform for dropshipping. Nevertheless, you can benefit from it heavily thanks to smart product research.

Consider these points:

  • You can find highly interesting stats on eBay

If you go on Explore Ebay, you’ll be able to see the most often sold (or viewed) items across 36 product categories. You can filter your search results and view the data for the last hour, the previous day, or the last 7 days. Plus, you can apply region-specific settings and get the results for the USA, Australia, Germany, or the UK specifically. Obviously, if you understand what people buy most often, it will be easier for you to create a winning product offer in your store!

  • eBay buyers are different from AliExpress users

As you can guess it, eBay users and AliExpress fans represent 2 different types of customers. Most likely, they differ by their level of income, product preferences, and buying habits. It means that by exploring eBay, you actually research a whole new customer segment – the one that you’d hardly reach with your AliExpress analysis. And, the more you know about the existing types of buyers and their distinctive features, the better you can tailor your business to specific clients’ needs!

  • Lots of eBay items are available on AliExpress

That’s probably the most important factor to consider. So, basically, lots of items from eBay can easily be found on AliExpress. It gives you an incredible advantage: you can identify the best selling eBay items in the necessary category, find the identical ones on AliExpress, and add them to your store!

Sounds tempting, right? Let’s look at an example!

How to research top selling items on eBay

Again, let’s take a look at the Explore eBay page.

Let’s suppose I already have a dropshipping store, and I have chosen a niche for it. In this case, I can simply think of items that would suit my store, and type the necessary product name in the search bar.


The search results give me a general understanding of the suitable items that are frequently bought on eBay. I can try changing the period and region of search, and also consider the items that are commonly viewed.


Even though they are not commonly purchased, people still look for them – and it means that the potential demand is quite high.

Now, let’s suppose that I don’t have a store yet, and I only have a vague idea of what I want to sell. In this case, I won’t type a specific product name in the search bar. Instead, I will check the offered categories one by one, and look at the products featured there. This is how I will understand what people actually buy, and what I can offer them.

For example, I’ve decided to pick the Baby category, and view the most sold items in the last 7 days across the US.

Here is the results page!


On the preview plate, I can see the product name and price, its shipping cost, and the amount of buyers who made a purchase in the last 7 days.

I can click the plate with the item I like, and I will be taken to the single product page. Here, I see more details: seller’s name and rating, shipping terms, detailed product description, and, most importantly, product pictures. They are crucial because they will help me find the identical products on AliExpress.

How to find best selling eBay items on AliExpress?

Let’s suppose you want to add this item to your store, and you need to find its exact match on AliExpress.

Here, you generally have 2 options.

The first one is to search by image.



Here, you simply add the product image of the necessary item. It’s a good idea to also write the “aliexpress” word in the search bar to narrow down the results.


And when you scroll down this page, you can see the actual AliExpress pages that contain the same images. It means that you’ve found the products that are exactly the same as the hot selling eBay items!


Now, you can simply go through these results, and pick the best match: the one that has the best price, the quickest delivery, the highest product rating, and the most positive reviews. That would be the perfect item to import to your store!

If you can’t find the exact match with this method, don’t worry: try using the regular search on AliExpress, and sort the results by the number of orders.


Basic rules for searching the matching products

It doesn’t matter what’s the source of your new product ideas: it might be eBay, or Amazon, or any other online retail platform. When you browse AliExpress in your search for the exactly identical items from these resources, there are 3 main rules to follow:

  • For a textual search, use 2-3 main words

Most likely, you won’t find the desired item on AliExpress if you use the same long product name as the eBay seller does. Pick 2-3 words that describe the product type, and 1-2 words that specify the distinctive features of these products.

  • Check the pictures carefully

Examine the picture gallery of the source product. It will make it easier for you to identify whether the similar AliExpress item you’ve found is really identical to this offer.

  • Make sure that product details match

How many product pieces are included in this offer? What’s the size and dimensions of the product(s)? What are the main item(s) features? Compare these details of the AliExpress item you’ve found with the description of the source product. Otherwise, there is a risk of importing an irrelevant product that might be not that interesting to your buyers.

Now, let’s create a sample product selection of AliExpress items identical to popular eBay items! For this purpose, I’ll take the Baby products category that I have shown earlier, and explore all the various educational toys on the market.

Finger puppet toys


AliExpress price – US $2.28, rating – 4.9*, number of orders – 2263

Educational puzzle mat


AliExpress price – US $1.12, rating – 4.6*, number of orders – 1757

Alphabetical fridge magnet


AliExpress price – US $1.92-3.87, rating – 4.7*, number of orders – 467

Wooden rattle


AliExpress price – US $0.97, rating – 4.7*, number of orders – 3944

Textile books


AliExpress price – US $1.08, rating – 4.9*, number of orders – 719

Plastic rattle


AliExpress price – US $1.42, rating – 5.0*, number of orders – 79

Musical toy phone


AliExpress price – US $1.25, rating – 4.5*, number of orders – 195

Tumbler rattle doll


AliExpress price – US $3.16, rating – 4.7*, number of orders – 2565

Glowing rubber duck


AliExpress price – US $1.14, rating – 4.5*, number of orders – 769

Suspended plush rattle


AliExpress price – US $1.66, rating – 4.8*, number of orders – 2278

Wristband rattle


AliExpress price – US $1.56, rating – 4.9*, number of orders – 4368

Peg mosaic


AliExpress price – US $0.95, rating – 4.4*, number of orders – 66

Hatching dinosaur eggs


AliExpress price – US $0.99, rating – 4.8*, number of orders – 2694

Flying LED ball


AliExpress price – US $3.40, rating – 4.8*, number of orders – 835

Squishy egg toy


AliExpress price – US $1.37, rating – 4.6*, number of orders – 116

Now, you know how to turn hot selling items on eBay into an astonishing product offer within your own dropshipping store – so let’s go for it!

By Olga L.
Olga is a Copywriting Director at AliDropship. Having graduated from the Faculty of International Business’ as an Advertising specialist, she puts years of her copywriting experience into making clear and informative guides, tutorials, and other educational materials for dropshipping newcomers worldwide.
Martin sanderson 6 years ago


You show toddler products. Whats your take on aliexpress product safety and chemicals?

Olga L. 6 years ago


Strictly speaking, there is no such thing as AliExpress product safety because AliExpress doesn’t manufacture items itself. The product quality is the responsibility of a particular seller who showcases this exact product on AliExpress.

The best way for you to evaluate the safety of a specific item is to make your own research:
– read the product description carefully to understand what materials and technologies were used during its manufacturing;
– contact the seller via private messages and ask for a more detailed description if necessary;
– read the product reviews to see what the actual users think about its features (smell, colour, general physical appearance, etc.), and to learn whether someone had any issues while using the product;
– look at the number of orders and the product rating: if they are high, it means that the previous buyers’ experience was positive, and no threats were discovered.

Hope this helps!

Lanardo 6 years ago

Very clever lol I know this hack from a while 😁

BABLU BAGDI 6 years ago

I want take franchise

Direct Webstore 6 years ago

The reason many eBay products are on Aliexpress is because there are many Chinese (and other) dropshippers on eBay who sell products from Aliexpress. The Chinese sellers have lower profit margins from other dropshippers because they use multiple accounts and have lower living costs.

Denis 6 years ago

If ebay prices are same as aliexpress why will the customers buy from our site for extra cost?

Olga L. 6 years ago

For many customers, it is inconvenient to buy from AliExpress, eBay, and other huge platforms. Instead, they prefer smaller stores for several reasons:

– An owner of a narrowly focused store with a specific product range is more likely to be an expert in this particular field. So, in a niche store, the buyer can expect a professional counselling and support during the purchase.
– Smaller stores are sort of communities that unify like-minded people with similar interests (specific hobbies, clothing preferences, lifestyle habits, favourite music/movies/TV shows, etc.). So, a person looking for a product in this particular area is more likely to visit a niche store that is exclusively dedicated to this type of activity – instead of a large online store where everything is mixed up.

You can find more reasons here:

Georg 6 years ago

For me it makes sense not to only take the exact same products but also similar ones. I think you should use eBay as an indicator of what kind of products the people prefer.
Based on that you can add products to your store that are not sold on eBay but people most likely will buy. That’s one reason why people will buy in your store.

Galin 5 years ago

Finding the product good, but how about the delivery? I see that most sellers give 2-3 days for delivery and the delivery from aliexpress is 20-40 days

Olga L. 5 years ago

Hi, thank you for your question!
AliExpress delivery can be much shorter: we recommend our clients to have on the products that have the ePacket shipping option.

Dhanushka 4 years ago

I would like to know weather can we upload to eBay hot selling products in our drop shipping store. (US Based Supplier). If it is ok we can supply products to our clients within shorter period than the deliver from chaina.

Olga L. 4 years ago

Hi, thank you for your question!
Please note that you can’t connect an AliDropship-based store to eBay: you won’t be able to automate the management procedures, and you’ll have to do them all manually.
If you want to achieve a shorter delivery period, please read this guide on finding AliExpress suppliers who ship from the US:

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