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GA Enhanced Ecommerce

5.0 rating
4.9 out of 5 (13 reviews)

Thanks to this promo tool, you can understand which products sell well, what items are best adapted for your customers’ needs, and which marketing efforts bring the greatest results. You can safely use your e-commerce data to make reasoned predictions about revenue.

Estimate your future profits and improve your business functioning with the reliable stats brought to you by Enhanced Ecommerce add-on.


  • Enjoy an easy access to Enhanced Ecommerce reports to optimize your sales
  • Find out whether the desktop version or the mobile version of your website sees the biggest number and volume of sales
  • Analyse your buyers’ behavior, identify the best selling products, and build a highly efficient marketing strategy tailored to your clients profile
  • Benefit from the user-friendly interface of Google Analytics – the most popular tool that lets you evaluate your website performance without extra learning and time spending


  • Easy and clear installation procedure
  • Reports are conveniently displayed in your admin panel
  • The code for ecommerce stats collection gets integrated automatically
  • Valuable data is collected at every stage of the checkout process

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Please note that the add-on is compatible with AliDropship original plugin only.