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Beginner’s Set

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5 out of 5 (26 reviews)
US $120
One-time payment

Are you new to dropshipping? This bundle was created especially for you! With the help of these six amazing add-ons, you can easily manage and drastically grow your store. Get everything you need to start earning money for only $120 instead of $172. Save big and skyrocket your business with the Beginner’s Set.

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When you start your online business, you have to learn and study a lot. We want to make things easier for you! Get the dropshipping Beginner’s Set and let these six simple but powerful add-ons help you achieve awesome results faster! In this package, we’ve compiled add-ons which can help a dropshipping beginner tremendously: boost profit, work with reliable sellers, improve visitor trust, speed up performance and optimization, and run sales with ease.


  • Get SIX handy and powerful add-ons to start your business
  • Save $52 and benefit from synchronous work of all add-ons
  • Improve your workflow to achieve great results faster
  • Save time on manual management for more vital tasks
  • Boost your profit from the very first day
  • Improve SEO and generate constant traffic from the very beginning
  • Enjoy free lifelong support and updates


The Beginner’s Set is an impressive combination of SIX add-ons that you can get for an exclusive 30% discount. Each of these tools will relieve your workload, which is especially important when you are just starting your business.

Learn more about the add-ons included in the package.


This ultimate three-in-one solution works magic for any business owner. It has everything to boost your sales and increase your store’s trust level: a cart timer to motivate people to finish their order right now, social proof to make them feel more confident in their choice of your store, and trust badges to show that their purchases are secured.

Product Bundle

Don’t know how to increase your average order value? This revolutionary add-on will solve this problem for you! With the help of easily customizable bundles, you can tempt clients and encourage them to buy more items per purchase.

Reviews Page

What does a new business really need? Convincing reviews from other shoppers! They help to boost authenticity and make people more confident in your store.

The Reviews Page is a perfect add-on to create and add a whole dedicated page to reviews to your site. You can customize it any way you like and make it your store design.

Promo Banner

When the time comes for your first Sale, the Promo Banner add-on will be your great helper. In just a few minutes and several clicks, you will get an attractive, professionally designed promo banner to notify your clients about your hot deals.

Thanks to the Promo Banner’s high customization level, you can create a banner not only for sales but for the new arrivals and other events.

SEO Image Optimizer

Hight quality beautiful images matter for an online store, with no doubt. But what should you do if they slow down your page loading speed and make worse site’s performance?

SEO Image Optimizer was designed especially to solve this problem. Using this simple but effective tool, you can optimize all images uploaded to your store in several clicks, add watermarks and ALT texts, and even compress them to speed up your website. Plus, activated once, this tool will automatically optimize all the new images uploaded.

My Suppliers 

One of the key success factors for any dropshipping entrepreneur is the reliability of the sellers you work with. How to find the most trusted and top rated suppliers?

My Suppliers will solve this problem for you! It collects stats about your partners right within your admin panel so that you can select the most profitable and professional sellers.

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Some questions you might have
If I am not a beginner, will this package of six add-ons help me boost my sales?
Yes, absolutely. These tools are still effective even if you are a seasoned online business owner because they help you automate tasks and boost visibility and sales.
Is the Beginner’s Set supported by the AliDropship WooCommerce plugin?
The Beginner’s Set is compatible with both plugins: AliDropship and AliDropship Woo.
Can I use the Beginner’s Set on WordPress and WooCommerce sites without the AliDropship plugin?
No. Unfortunately, these add-ons only work when the AliDropship or AliDropship WooCommerce plugins are installed.
Is setup service included in the price of the Beginner’s Set?
No, but you can order this service here for $49 instead of $60! You will save $11 if you order the installation and setup service for a whole Beginner’s Set rather than for each tool separately.
What if I already have a promo tool from this bundle?
Please contact our support team at to discuss the offer details.
Can I use the Beginner’s Set on multiple stores?
Yes, you can. When you buy the Beginner’s Set, you get a unique license key for each tool from the bundle. You don’t have to use all the add-ons on one store — you are free to apply to other sites you have, but each tool is limited to a one-time activation only. Also, note some add-ons may have specific site or plugin requirements to work.
How long will the Beginner’s Set license keys be valid?
All our tools have a lifelong license key. You can use the add-on for as long as you want.
Any questions?
We’ll be happy to answer in detail!
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