Brand Awareness & Promotion

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3-8 business days
Package includes:
  • Instagram shoutouts
  • TikTok shoutouts
  • Press releases
  • & more!
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About this service

Having a beautiful online store is great, right? But that’s not enough to make sales! Your brand needs vast exposure online – so that your prospective customers could easily discover your store and visit it (and make purchases!). Don’t know how to increase your brand awareness effectively and effortlessly? Rely on us!

The Brand Awareness & Promotion service will help you popularize your business online, increase your site’s SEO, and finally spread the word out about your store to make it look attractive and trustworthy to your customers-to-be.

How will you and your store benefit from the Brand Awareness & Promotion service? Your store will be promoted on multiple channels!

  • Guest posts. We get guest posts with your store link published on a high-traffic site.
  • Google news + press releases. A professionally written press release promoting your store is distributed to 250+ news outlets.
  • Instagram. You have post(s) about your products published on popular Instagram account(s).
  • Twitter. Thousands of Twitter users see tweets about your store.
  • TikTok. A video about your product is presented to the audience of TikTok!

What a cool list! All that will help you get decent traffic to your store, improve your site’s SEO, boost awareness about your brand and present your store to thousands of customer prospects.

Spread the word out about your store
Press release writing
1 Promo article on Google News sites
Press release distribution
Promo articles writing
2 Guest posts on popular sites
Instagram Influencers (w/ 100,000+ followers)
Popularize your store on the Internet
Press release writing
2 Promo articles on Google News sites
Press release distribution
Promo articles writing
4 Guest posts on popular sites
Instagram Influencers (w/ 200,000+ followers)
Twitter Influencers (w/ 200,000+ followers)
Enjoy ultimate brand awareness & traffic
Press release writing
3 Promo articles on Google News sites
Press release distribution
Promo articles writing
6 Guest posts on popular sites
Instagram Influencers (w/ 500,000+ followers)
Twitter Influencers (w/ 500,000+ followers)
TikTok Influencers (w/ 1,000,000 followers)

Eager to put a word out about your online store? Want to increase your brand awareness and site traffic? Order this service now!

What happens after I order Brand Awareness & Promotion Service?
Well, our experts start working on it! When it’s completed, you’ll get a notification with reports on the work done.
What's the delivery time of the service?
The delivery time may vary from 2 to 8 business days.
Do you guarantee sales?
We do our best to improve your site's SEO ranking and present your store to as many people as possible on social media, news, and more. But we can't control users' actions. So we can't promise sales - even though many stores we promoted with this service often get great results.
What if I want to change something in the delivered service package?
We'd be glad to edit anything according to your request but, as we work with third parties (news sites, bloggers), some of the published materials can't be changed. No need to worry though - just contact us if you have any requests, and we'll do our best to work things out.
When can I see the results?
Some of them start working from day one. Others have a long-term effect. You’ll see the first results approximately in a month or two – and watch them improve for years to come.
Do you provide any reports?
Sure! Right after the work is done, we will contact you to present all the necessary reports on the achieved results.

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5.0 rating
Dec 29, 2021
Hi Alidropshipping team . Thank you for the Facebook followers add-on. Service was fast and great as always .
By william, United Arab Emirates
5.0 rating
Nov 9, 2021
I bought the premium package and let me tell you - this is the ultimate brand awareness and promotion service! After buying this product, I noticed some progress on my site (more traffic than I've ever had before). I've worked in marketing before and so I hold some knowledge on boosting online traffic, but this took things to the next level. Over time, I anticipate my site to have a much more significant amount of traffic than ever before and be more widely known (because of this!!!!); I can't wait to see what the future holds. No regrets here; this was worth every penny!
By Mahmoud AbdelHadi, Canada
5.0 rating
Oct 24, 2021
I was a bit hesitant before buying this service - as it's a relatively new one. But I was pleasantly surprised! IEven though the full effect doesn't come immediately (e.g. I know indexing and SEO can take a while!) I've already started seeing some traffic on my site. And it's so cool to see my store mentioned in news, on coupon sites, and FB groups! Turns out people are really interested in my store - all I needed is to expose my store to a wide audience!!! Thank you guys! You brought back my hopes for having a successful store. P.S. If anyone is interested, I have a general store.
By Charlie Sw., US
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