Promo Services Bundle

US $99
up to 7 business days
  • Establishment of Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram accounts
  • Production of a high-quality promo video
  • Creation of unique banners for your website or social media promotions
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About this service

Need to get the word out about your online store — but unsure how to get started? Our skilled team is ready to help you with a multi-channel promotional approach!

Online store promotion can be challenging and costly, especially when you have just launched your business. If you don’t want to spend too much of your time and money while figuring it out, the best idea is to get expert assistance! Discover our best promotional practices in one amazing package, all at a 15% discount!

With our Promo Services Bundle so you can get business-branded social media accounts, promo banners, and an engaging brand video to connect with customers and boost traffic. As a dropshipping store owner, you just can’t resist his money-saving offer!

Get your promo essentials in addition to:

  • Our instant 15% discount
  • More time on your schedule – our team will handle the work
  • A strong triple threat: social media accounts, promo banners, and a promo video
  • Zero stress
  • More traffic and sales with no extra effort
Embark on full-scale promotions for your business
(You save 15%)
1 social media account setup
1 promo video – up to 2 min
1 promo banner for any ads
Power up your marketing efforts to multiply profit
(You save 15%)
2 social media accounts setup
1 promo video - up to 2 min
1 promo banner for any ads
Supercharge your website with the max treatment
(You save 15%)
3 social media accounts setup
1 promo video - up to 2 min
2 promo banner for any ads

What will you get when you order Promo Services Bundle? 

  • A promo video – enjoy up to 2 minutes of store promotion, perfect for your webpage or social media.
  • A promo banner – get an eye-catching image suitable for a website banner carousel or social media ad campaign.
  • Social media accounts – we’ll add a catchy brand bio, a branded business logo, and cover image (where applicable). We’ll also integrate linked social media icons to your store page.

Start your business promotion confidently with the help of experienced specialists!
Got questions? We’ve got answers. Reach us at

What happens after I order this service?
One of our specialists will contact you to discuss more details about your business and goals.
How soon will I receive everything in this Promo Services Bundle?
We will complete your request within 5 business days.
Will you need any info from me to start this service?
Yes, we will need your log-in details for your social media accounts. We also encourage you to share your ideas for your promo video, promo banner, or anything you’d like in your social media account(s). You’re welcome to send us the examples or images you want to use in your project. The more details you give us, the better! After we have the info we need, we will start working on your request.
I have an account on a social network which isn’t included in your service list. Can you help me with that?
Yes, we can – please contact us at to discuss all the details.
Can you create a non-English video?
Yes, we can create promo videos in other languages. Please contact us at to discuss the details.
Can I write the video script by myself?
Yes, you can. We can follow your script for the promo video.
What if I want you to create Facebook ads for me?
We can do that (for Instagram too) — but not in this specific service. If you need help with launching ad campaigns on Facebook or Instagram, please check out this service. Our specialists will design the images for your ads, set up the right target audience, write catchy post captions, and even explain how to make your store ready for the upcoming promotion and the ads' launch.
What music will you use in my video? Can I provide my own samples?
To avoid problems with copyrights, we use only non-copyrighted music. But if you have music samples you want to add to your video (they must be free to use), then send them to us.
When you finish the promo video, in what format will I get the video?
The video format will be mp4, and we will send you the link for it through email.
Will you write the promo text for my banner?
Yes, we will. Alternatively, you can also provide us your own text you think will work for your advertising campaign and the goals you want to achieve, and we will implement it.

20 reviews 5

5.0 rating
Sep 15, 2021
You guys helped me out BIG time! Saved my time and was very helpful along the way! quick and very efficent!
By Tati, Georgia
5.0 rating
Apr 23, 2021
Awesome team and great service as well! Well done! Highly recommended! Then I have asked a lot of questions by email a couple of times and always receive great responses.
By Hassan, UAE
5.0 rating
Apr 19, 2021
Their work is just phenomenal. They reply very quickly with very thorough and insightful comments. Would absolutely recommend.
By Michael, Philadelphia
5.0 rating
Mar 29, 2021
Probably best service. If you are starting a new store and have a low budget to work with, this is the perfect for you.
By Ryan, Manchester
5.0 rating
Mar 25, 2021
I use this service to help me do sale.I really like it...Great Customer service!
By Rodrigo, Paulista
5.0 rating
Jan 10, 2021
Nice bundle, all the services are really effective for the business promotion plus a luring discount. Thanks!
By Oliver, Norway
5.0 rating
Sep 1, 2020
It was a pleasant experience. I got everything I need with a good discount. Thanks!
By Ove, Switzerland
5.0 rating
Aug 15, 2020
The only thing I regret is I haven't found this service earlier. Really simple solution and I am completely satisfied with the results! Love you, AliDropship!
By Victoria, Canada
5.0 rating
Jul 12, 2020
Nice bundle. I didn't have any problems working with the manager. The service was done in time and the result is excellent as well.
By Ferko, Hungary
5.0 rating
Mar 14, 2020
The video, banner and my social accounts are incredible! I am eager to put it on my store!
By Petruchio, Italy
5.0 rating
Feb 12, 2020
i like your bundles! they are always so profitable! I got the advanced package. Banners, video and social accounts' pictures are beautiful. High-quality work as usual!
By Petunia, Canada
5.0 rating
Feb 3, 2020
Excellent work from the team. I see that they did their best! Thanks
By Thomas, New Zealand
5.0 rating
Jan 15, 2020
Why don't get all the promo services at once with a good discount? Don't know. So I ordered it and I am happy with the result!
By Ella, Estonia
5.0 rating
Dec 18, 2019
Stunning banners, catching video, good-looking social networks and all of these I got at once! I am completely satisfied with your work, very good! Thank you!
By Achmed, UAE
5.0 rating
Nov 20, 2019
10/10! I really like everything you did! Thank you!
By Anastas, Greece
5.0 rating
Nov 15, 2019
I am so happy with everything! Outstanding service! Thank you so much For all you did! :) 10*
By Shariece Williams, USA
5.0 rating
Nov 7, 2019
OMG! This video, this banner, these accounts... amazing!!
By Dany, USA
5.0 rating
Nov 6, 2019
Just want to express my appreciation to the team! Only professionals work at alidropship with no doubt
By Lucien, France
5.0 rating
Nov 1, 2019
Awesome offer! Get all these promos and save 15%... give me two!
By Genadi, Bulgaria
5.0 rating
Nov 1, 2019
I couldn't even imagine how cool these promo materials could be! Splendid work!
By Cyla, Lebanon
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