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Trending On Social Media: Meet 20 Items To Benefit From RIGHT NOW!

By Aleksandra M.

What's Trending On Social Media: 20 Most Discussed Products Of December

What are the current product trends you can benefit from? Are there any items trending on social media that you can add to your store right now to enjoy the growth of your buyers’ interest? Let’s figure it out!

What do people discuss on Facebook and Instagram?

Which of the newest products arrivals, trends and technologies make them curious and involved in the shopping process?

We decided to research this issue!

That’s why we looked at Facebook and Instagram product ads that gained the biggest amount of likes in the first 2 weeks of December 2019. Then, we went on AliExpress and found the same exact products. So, you can safely add them to your store offer right now, and make a nice profit from the most hype items of this month!

Here’s what we discovered!

To begin with, let’s review Instagram posts that attracted massive audience attention in the first 2 weeks of December, and find out the items they were promoting!

Mini home projector

Just look at this exceptional number of views! Instagrammers are totally in love with this projector, right?

current product trends

The best news? You can find an absolutely identical one on AliExpress!


Fashion luminous ring

As you can see, this ring also sees a huge popularity.

current product trends

Can you dropship a similar item from AliExpress? Of course!


Car phone holder and charger

That’s an outstanding number of views – and a great example of customer engagement with an ad!

current product trends

If you want to add this product to your store offer, here it is!


Printed t-shirt

With over 250,000 likes, this t-shirt surely looks like your next best seller 😉

current product trends

And here’s the original AliExpress one!


T-shirt with a floral print

Being a prominent trend of 2019, florals keep stealing Instagrammers’ hearts.

current product trends

If you want to benefit from this interest, here’s the product you need to add to your store!


Touch sensitive LED lamp

That’s a fascinating product idea, and thousands of social media users stick to this opinion.

current product trends

Here’s the product you can successfully offer them!


Scratch map

Surely, this map makes a great gift for the fans of travelling. And the social media response proves it!

current product trends

We’ve found an identical scratch map on AliExpress, so feel free to include it in your store offer.


Luminous charging cable

Being positively appreciated by so many people, this cable certainly deserves your close attention!

current product trends

Here’s where you can find a similar cable if you want to dropship it from AliExpress.


T-shirt with a slogan

Nice fabrics, meaningful message, rich unusual color – there’s no wonder this t-shirt is liked and discussed by so many people.

current product trends

Why not turn them into buyers? Here’s the AliExpress t-shirt you can safely offer your audience!


Multi-purpose shovel

Not a very obvious choice for a dropshipping store, right? Still, it will be a great addition to a website selling outdoor supplies!

current product trends

If you want to dropship this shovel, here’s where you can find it on AliExpress.


Window bed for cats

Dropshipping pet products, you’re working with a huge customer segment ready to provide their little friends with the best lifestyle possible.

current product trends

And if you want to capitalize on this trend, here’s the AliExpress version of this widely discussed hammock!


6 in 1 luggage organizer set

Whether your customers are going on a vacation or looking for a smart in-house storage solution, this well-liked solution will come in handy.

current product trends

And now, you know where to find it for sure!


And now, it’s time to check out this influential social network, too!

Car ice scraper

Judging by the number of reactions, shares, and comments, everyone is excited about this ad!

current product trends

And what’s totally great, you can easily import this item from AliExpress to your store.


Feather ring

Jewelry is one of the best dropshipping niches if you want to trigger impulse purchases. You can clearly see the emotional response yourself – just check out the number of users’ reactions!

current product trends

So, if you also want to benefit from this emotionally charged product, here is its AliExpress origin!


Talking hamster toy

Isn’t it a cute ad? And won’t this toy make a lovely addition to your product offer?

current product trends

Here’s where you can find an identical one and import it to your store right away!


Mini UFO drone

Earlier, we’ve already explained why it’s such a good idea to dropship drones.

current product trends

And here’s the item that is proven to see a strong public demand!


Adjustable dog harness

Here’s another winning item from the pet products category!

current product trends

That’s where you can get an identical one on AliExpress.


LED string lights

If your buyers are looking for a fancy and eco-friendly way to decorate their houses, here’s what you can offer them!

current product trends

And yes, we’ve found the identical product on AliExpress – enjoy!


6 in 1 bottle opener

Can you see the number of likes, comments, and shares? Most definitely, all these Facebook users value this simple yet powerful tool improving their daily household routine!

current product trends

And if you want to share this joy with your customers, here’s the AliExpress bottle opener you can treat them with!


Eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush

Plastic is out of fashion. Eco-friendly items run the show now!

current product trends

If you’re looking for an identical item to offer in your store, here it is!


Isn’t it awesome? Using the results of our research, you can easily benefit from the current product trends that everyone is talking about! Add the products trending on social media to your dropshipping store right now and don’t miss out on the opportunity to make profits from hype items!

Want to get more ideas of money-making products that are trending on social media and bringing high profits to dropshipping store owners? Check out Bestsellers Insight – our FREE database of pre-edited AliExpress products that have already proven themselves to be money-making!

By Aleksandra M.
Aleksandra is an Internet marketer at AliDropship marketing department. She is interested in dropshipping trends, especially hot products. She likes to write articles and make them beautiful.

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