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AliDropship Update: Import Products From AliExpress And Start Selling Right Away!

By Yaroslav Nevsky

AliDropship Update: Import Products From AliExpress And Start Selling Right Away!

To run a dropshipping store, you need to import products from AliExpress to the WordPress website you’ve created for this purpose. Is there a way to do it correctly, quickly, and conveniently? Let’s find it out!

Before our recent update, how were you using AliDropship plugin to import products to your dropshipping store?

Well, most likely, you were opening the AliExpress tab in your Admin panel, and clicking on the red ‘Use Direct Import’ button.


Then, AliExpress was opening in a new tab, allowing you to add any items you like to your store.


After this, you were getting fully functional product pages in your store. They were demonstrating the items you’ve imported, and letting your store visitors buy them.

However, there was a challenge: you needed to edit these pages’ contents yourself.

Newly imported products had confusing titles, long useless descriptions, photos with watermarks and suppliers’ logos, etc. Therefore, your goal was to hide their Chinese origin and make them look authentic.

You could use our detailed guides to edit these product pages and make them attractive to customers and SEO-friendly. However, we understand that for many people, it might be a complicated or just a tiring task.

So, here’s the solution we came up with!

How to import products from AliExpress with the updated AliDropship plugin

In AliDropship plugin’s latest version, we kept the direct import feature described above.

And, in addition to this, we’ve introduced a brand new way to import AliExpress products from the dropshipping database we composed manually!

Look at the screenshot below:

AliDropship Update: Import Products From AliExpress And Start Selling Right Away!

In the Import tab, there is a familiar ‘Direct Import from AliExpress’ button. But, apart from it, you can now see a whole new section. This table contains about 50,000 pre-edited AliExpress products you can add to your store in a single click!

Here, you can use the dropdown menus to select product category and subcategory you’re interested in, or search by product name.

There are lots of other filters you can apply:

  • Where the product will be shipped from
  • Where you want it to be delivered
  • What’s the preferred shipping method
  • Whether a free shipping option is available


After you apply the desired search filters, you’ll see a range of products that meet your criteria. And you know what’s the best thing about them?


Their product pages are ALREADY edited and optimized for high conversions!

That’s right: our team did a great job of selecting demanded products from well-reputed AliExpress sellers, and manually (!) bringing their pages to perfection.

As a result, now, we give AliDropship plugin users an access to an impressive database of good-looking products that are perfectly ready for import and sales.

In a single click on the ‘Import’ button, you can publish them immediately without editing – and start offering them to your store visitors with no waste of time!

How to import products from AliExpress for free?

Well, here’s the good news: when you get the newest version of AliDropship plugin, we gift you with 50 free imports.

Please note: if you import 50 products from dropshipping database and then delete them, it won’t mean you’ll get 50 free products again 😉 In this free package, we count IMPORTS, not the products.

In the top right corner of the table, you can see how many imports are left in your package. So, you will know it in advance when your package is about to come to an end.


What if you need more dropshipping products?

In this case, you can:

  • Use the ‘Direct Import from AliExpress’ button and get an unlimited amount of products for your store (remember – you’ll need to edit their pages yourself!)
  • Buy an imports package from AliDropship and make more imports from our ready database

You can choose any of these product import packages:


As you can see, every package includes several bonus imports: we want you to have some ‘backup supply’. It will come in handy if you mistakenly import products you didn’t actually want to get, or if AliExpress supplier deletes a product from his store (and therefore, from our database).

To learn more about using extra import packages, please, read this article.

How will you benefit from this import option?

Making a one-time payment for any of these product import packages (or using the free first 50 imports), you get:

  • Freedom to add any best selling AliExpress items to your store in a single click whether you’re running a WooCommerce store or an original dropshipping site
  • Lots of extra time that you save on suppliers’ research and market analysis
  • Highly converting products pages that require no extra editing
  • A chance to start selling products right after importing
  • An opportunity to boost your sales heavily as you’re more focused on generating sales, stimulating repeat purchases, and providing a winning customer service

As you can see, the benefits you can enjoy from using this database for  a perfect foundation for the growth and prosperity of your dropshipping venture.

How to start using this dropshipping database

And now, let’s sum it up – what do you need to do if you want to get an access to this outstanding product import opportunity?

  • Check if your dropshipping store is powered by AliDropship plugin

Install AliDropship plugin on your website if you already have a site for dropshipping. Alternatively, if you don’t want to deal with technical tasks, you can order a ready-made store: our experts will create it for you in accordance with your personal preferences.

  • Make sure your store has the latest version of AliDropship plugin

If your store runs for some time already, most likely, it doesn’t have the most recent AliDropship plugin version. Follow these instructions to learn how to check your current plugin version and update it if necessary.

  • Log in to your admin area, and you’re good to go!

As soon as you open the Import tab in your admin panel, you can start browsing the database and selecting the items you want to add to your store. You have a set of 50 free imports to begin with – use it wisely and take your business to a new level!

Now, you know how to import products from AliExpress in a more convenient and profit-oriented way. What would you say to this opportunity to boost your dropshipping store performance?

By Yaroslav Nevsky
Yaroslav is a founder of AliDropship Community helping people worldwide to start and run a successful dropshipping business.
Sofia 5 years ago


very helpful and interesting. please advise users to edit product title, description, add category & import reviews.

tarun 5 years ago

but how can we select multiple countries or all countries feature in your new direct import feature?

Olga L. 5 years ago

Hi, thank you for your question!

Unfortunately, this direct import feature doesn’t have the option of selecting multiple countries. Instead, if you want to make sure that the item can be delivered to all of your target countries, you can only check the most remote country. If the AliExpress seller can deliver items there, most likely, he can also arrange a delivery to any other destination.

Victor 5 years ago

You start to look in this case as shopify and the oberlo app from them. Kind of starting to lose the fact that you were constructed for all. Sad..

Olga L. 5 years ago

Hi, thank you for your feedback!

Unfortunately, we don’t quite understand why you’re unhappy with the update.

We know that not every AliDropship plugin user can afford paid product import, but we don’t force it as the only option to fill stores with items. The usual manual product import is still freely available to any user, and it’s up to you to decide which of the importing options you’d like to use.

Russell Miller 5 years ago

What if after sometime I want to import more than the 1500 items available how do I do that?
Does it mean I have to buy another package?

Olga L. 5 years ago

Hi, thank you for your question!

You’re absolutely right: when you run out of imports available, you need to buy another package.

Daniel Oyebamiji 5 years ago

I bought the Alidropship plugin and activated it on my website but I didn’t get the 50 free imports.

Olga L. 5 years ago

Hi, thank you for your feedback!

Do you have the latest version of AliDropship plugin? The latest version is AliDropship for the original plugin and AliDropship Woo 1.5.8 for the WooCommerce plugin version.

In your Admin area, you need to go to the Import tab, and then go to the Import products section. If you can’ find them in your admin area, please, write an email to our support team at and attach the screenshot showing the problem.

Umer 4 years ago

very informative and thanks for sharing

Oly 4 years ago

I just want to start dropping shipping and looking for where to started from.i but I found this interesting and am going to get it but my question is the after the product have been imported site how will the supplier ship the product in my company name and what if the supplier don’t deal with drop shipper and have imported his/her products on my site.if that do i need to.find legitimate supplier to import his/her product to my website.

Olga L. 4 years ago

Hi, thank you for your interest!

AliExpress sellers work with dropshipping store owners gladly. When a customer orders something from your site, simply redirect the order details (name, delivery address, and the product details) to the original AliExpress seller, and ask him/her not to put any leaflets/business cards in the package. The seller will send the ordered products to the necessary address without showing any original supplier’s information.
You are welcome to use ur database of reputable AliExpress sellers here:

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