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9 Must-Know Facebook Ads Tips To Skyrocket Your Sales

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facebook ads tips

Do you want to make the most out of your Facebook marketing campaign? Here are the 9 handy Facebook ads tips and tricks that will help you with this!   

Facebook is a very powerful promotional tool used by business companies of any type and size.

Actually, there are good reasons for this.

Facebook is popular with both young and old and has millions of users from all over the world. Just think, 1.47 billion people visit Facebook every day and over half of them do it multiple times!

Besides that, people spend an incredible amount of time there. The statistics indicate that the average American spends 58 minutes on Facebook scrolling feed, reading the news and chatting with their friends.  

That’s why marketers try to use this social media as often as it could be and gain the maximum benefit from it.  

We hope that you won’t ignore this effective marketing tool too and start advertising on Facebook right now!

And we’ll do our best to make your Facebook marketing journey as smooth as possible.  

Here are 9 powerful Facebook ads tips that will help you get the most out of your marketing campaigns and easily grow your eCommerce business.    

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Facebook ad targeting tips

facebook ads tips

  • Target people by location

If you regularly do a target audience analysis, you probably know what people are interested in your business and where they mostly live. Thanks to Facebook location targeting option, you can easily reach these people.

As a rule, the platform uses mobile signals, IP addresses, and profile data to determine its users’ locations. So if you’re traveling the world, Facebook will know about it and will show you the ads that are related to your current location in some way.

You can use this option to your own advantage.

Facebook allows you to show your ads:

  • Everyone in this location
  • People who live in this location
  • Users recently in this location
  • People traveling in this location

For example, when selling products online, it doesn’t make sense to target “people traveling in this location”. There is a great chance that they just won’t notice your ads or your offer won’t be relevant for them.

  • Target customers by their behavior

Facebook allows you to target audiences with very specific behaviors.

As you can see, Facebook has lots of categories, which include lots of subcategories. If you regularly analyze your audience, you can suggest what your customers like or what payment methods they prefer.

So, for example, you can target soccer fans or people who usually use debit cards. Or soccer fans who usually use debit cards. Everything is up to you.

  • Divide your target audience into groups

If your audience is the whole world, it’s better to create different Facebook campaigns for every region (Asia, Africa, Middle East, etc.) It helps you better evaluate the success of your Facebook ads and therefore minimize your costs.

After some time (2-3 weeks), you will need to analyze what regions make the most sales and divide them into countries. So you’ll understand what countries have good potential and deserve your attention.

Of course, the more targeting groups you have, the more money you need for advertising. However, it’s worth it. If you take these steps in the early stages, you will have more chances not to spend lots of money on the audiences that don’t work.

Tips for writing Facebook ads

  • Stop selling

“Stop selling” is one of the most important Facebook ads tips that we can give you, although it sounds a bit strange.

These days we see so many ads that our brain just ignores most of them. When detecting an ad, we usually try to scroll it or just to close it.

That’s why marketers use special tricks which help them reach their audiences and increase sales. One of these tricks is avoiding persuasive advertising.

Your ads will have more chances to be noticed and clicked if you offer people not a product but a solution to their problems.

Try this and your ads will bring you more results.

  • Test different calls-to-action

Our next Facebook ads tip is related to calls-to-action.

When advertising on Facebook, it’s better to create different types of ads and to test different calls-to-action. Actually, they have a great impact on CTR. We don’t know how exactly it works, but even one word can increase or decrease your conversions.

There are 7 types of calls-to-action that are available on Facebook:

  • Book Now
  • Contact Us
  • Use App
  • Play Game
  • Shop Now
  • Sign Up
  • Watch Video

The choice of them depends on what you’re going to offer your customers.

You have an online store and it’s essential that you’re going to use mostly the “Shop Now” button. However, we recommend you to try different types of CTAs. They may bring you amazing results.

Facebook ad design tips

  • Avoid free stock photos

Facebook is a very popular social media, which has 2.32 billion monthly active users as of December 31, 2018. And most of these users try to promote their products or services using free stock photos.

And they make a great mistake.

The main issue of free stock photos is that they are everywhere and available to everyone. Me, you and everyone we know may use the same photo to promote totally different services. This is not good if you want to build your own brand and stand out from the crowd. Of course, the chance that 2 identical pictures will be seen by one person is low, but sometimes it happens.

Another problem of stock photos is that people demonstrate unnatural emotions and body positions.

How often do you meet people with these looks on their faces? 🙂 Would you like to buy anything from them? So why should your subscribers do?  

As you can see, free stock images are not the best options, if you want to be taken seriously by your potential buyers. However, finding or making professional photos requires much time and money, which isn’t available for many people when starting a business.

The solution is using paid stock photos, which are of high quality and look more professional than their free versions. As a rule, these photos are not expensive and you can buy lots of them even if you have a limited budget.

  • Use the pictures of people

Honestly, most people use Facebook to follow other people’s lives 🙂 They like looking at new photos of their friends or evaluating someone’s appearance.

If you want to draw more attention to your Facebook ads, we strongly recommend you to use real-life photos when creating them. They have a positive impact on people’s first impressions and help you emotionally connect with your potential buyers.

Tips for analyzing Facebook ads results

  • Focus on sales, not likes

Likes and shares are important if you want to test different types of content and choose the most popular ones. However, they are useless if you want to evaluate the financial performance of your Facebook ads campaign.

If you’re getting tons of likes but people aren’t going to buy anything from you, this is a sign that something isn’t right. The problem may be in your ad, website or in any other things. Anyway, you’ll need to stop your ads and make an in-depth analysis of what’s going on with your marketing campaign and how to fix it.

Besides that, it always makes sense to calculate your revenue and costs. For example, you sold only one product for $100 and spent $90 on Facebook advertising. It seems that your profit is $10. However, if you take into account all costs such as using paid stock photos or video marketing, it may happen that you are not earning but just losing your money!

That’s why we recommend you to make a marketing budget and to regularly calculate all your income and expenses.

  • Get advanced reporting with Facebook Ads Breakdown

One of the most important parts of reporting is the ‘Breakdown’ section.

Here you can find lots of valuable information on how your ads are performing across different platforms and placements, what regions are converting the best or what ages like your ads most of all.

This data will help you wisely spend your marketing budget, time and energy, and maximize your revenue.

These were our Facebook ads tips that will definitely help you grow your eCommerce business. Use them when creating your Facebook marketing campaigns and you will get the best results as soon as possible!

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