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Top 10 Successful Entrepreneurs Of 2018: Who Inspires You The Most?

By Olga L.

successful entrepreneurs 2018

Over the course of this year, we’ve published 10 stories of successful entrepreneurs who run their online businesses with the help of AliDropship. Some of them make money through AliDropship plugin-powered dropshipping stores, and others earn commissions from AliDropship affiliate program. While some of these entrepreneurs make hundreds of thousands of dollars every month, others only make their first steps in this field – but all of them feel quite confident about their business future.

Behind every story, there is an actual person who dreamed big, studied hard, worked tirelessly, and fought fiercely for a better life – for themselves and for their family.

We admire their ambition and motivation, and we want to ask you, our readers: which of these successful entrepreneurs gave you the strongest motivation to try yourself in this business?

Let’s go over these stories once again – and give a round of applause to these incredible, enthusiastic people.

Our most successful entrepreneurs of 2018: dropshipping store owners

To begin with, we’ll remember the interviews of the successful entrepreneurs who manage their dropshipping stores with the help of AliDropship plugin, or run custom stores built by AliDropship.

Yan from France: from 0 to $1358.41 in 52 days


Yan is a medical student with quite a long history of eCommerce efforts.

To get extra money to pay for his studies, he tried blogging, creating an online course, and launching other types of profit-oriented websites. But, these ventures were time-consuming and demanded an expert knowledge, so he had to give them up.

Luckily, at some point, he got himself familiar with the dropshipping business model. He quickly understood he can run it even without any background experience.

It took Yan 2 weeks to assemble the store himself with the help of AliDropship plugin and set it up. Right after the launch of his first Instagram promotion, he got his first sale!

In about 3 weeks from the start of his marketing activities, he already made $442.55 in revenue.  And, in the first 1,5 months of his store operation, Yan made $1358.41. It motivated him to think about making one more store, so he bought another plugin license.


As Yan says, even though it’s not a super high profit, he’s happy to have made some money from his very first month in dropshipping. In his own words, in his first 45 days of dropshipping, he made more than in 2 years of blogging, and his life has changed completely.

Pirn from Estonia: $10,000 monthly revenue with a 0 experience

Pirn is a passionate traveller who hates 9-to-5 jobs.

He always knew that online business is the future, so he had plans to open his own eCommerce store.

He even knew what niche to choose: he wanted to launch an adult online shop, but he couldn’t deal with the common stock issues because of a lack of money.

That’s why he was thrilled to learn about the opportunity of getting a WooCommerce dropshipping store. And, when he started using AliDropship Woo for this purpose, he felt a huge difference immediately. As he explains it, this solution let him fulfil the orders and add new products quickly and easily.

Now, Pirn runs 2 dropshipping stores with more than $10,000$ in revenue for one store.


Thanks to the smart solutions he uses, the business management only takes him about 2 hours per day. As he puts it, the store has opened the doors to do anything he want. Pirn wants to seize this opportunity to make his dream come true: to get ‘retired’ by the age of 25.

Asif from India: $52k revenue store with $2,000+ monthly profit


Asif is a very positive-minded person who believes that each man is the architect of his own fate.

Since 2003, he’s been exploring the ways to make money online. He started with affiliate marketing, and then tried monetizing websites and blogs through AdSense and Clickbank. Still, the most exciting idea for him was to sell items without the troubles of keeping stock.

So, surely, he got very happy when he found Yaros’ dropshipping journey on forum. Asif got really inspired, and bought AliDropship plugin to follow in Yaros’ footsteps.

To prepare for this business road, he subscribed to our newsletter and tailored our recommendations to his store specifics. And, just in 3 days after launching the store, Asif got his first sale thanks to an Instagram shoutout!

Now, he manages 4 dropshipping stores that bring a regular profit.


As Asif says, they account for more than 60% of his income sources, and this, surely, is a blessing.

Alvaro from Israel: a dropshipping profit 4 times higher than the former salary


Alvaro is an online marketer who is proficient in search engine optimisation. He gained a solid experience in eCommerce business.

While searching for the source of a passive income, he discovered the benefits of AliDropship affiliate program. Still, thanks to the opinions of some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the dropshipping field, he understood there is a much more efficient way to make money online easily.

Even though he had a zero knowledge about this business model, Alvaro started studying vigorously. Besides, he made the most of his deep e-marketing experience. Thanks to his SEO efforts and to a wise niche choice, he now runs 20 dropshipping stores that make $14,000 in total monthly profit.


As Alvaro says, it’s 4 times bigger than the salary he had on his former full-time job. He expects that soon, he will be able to move to the beach and work from 9-to-3 at the most.

Alan from China: monthly profit over $17,000


Alan is a full-time eCommerce entrepreneur with a double major in Business Administration and Computer Information.

He used to work as a Managing Director in a large-scale real estate agency in Singapore. After having been in this position for 13 years, he got tired of this business and decided to pursue his dream in eCommerce.

Alan liked the idea of dropshipping as this business didn’t require him to keep an inventory. So, he contacted AliDropship team to ask for some help with his first dropshipping store ever.

After one month of running this store, he got his first sale. Up to this day, Alan remembers this happy and satisfying feeling of a hard work finally paying off.

In July, 2018, the monthly income of his store was $17,080.04.


And, Alan says that apart from the money, dropshipping business gives him more time to spend with his family – the luxury he didn’t have in the past.

Mousslim from France: $455,058 in a year


Mousslim, a former restaurant worker with no college degree, is now an owner of a thriving dropshipping store.

We first met him in 2017: at that time, he managed to make $3,500 in 45 days of running an AliDropship-based store.

This year, he came back with an even more impressive achievement. He made $455,058 in a year, and registered his business officially.


Thanks to this business and its flexibility, Mousslim happily does “whatever he wants to do whenever he wants to”, and loves his life. At the age of 21, he owns a eCommerce venture that generates half a million in a year, makes his family really proud, and sets new, even more ambitious goals for the upcoming year.

Upcomers agency from Czech Republic: $10,900+ daily revenue


This team of marketers from Czech Republic works for the Upcomers agency. In the meantime, they run a co-owned dropshipping business and join the ranks of successful entrepreneurs.

Having some previous experience in both trade and e-marketing, these guys knew what they want from an automatic solution for online business management. And, AliDropship Woo plugin ticked all the boxes.

With its help, the team went from 0 to $156.576,82 monthly revenue with a very positive ROI of 8, and got excited to aim for new horizons.


Now, they are thinking of creating a large-scale online shopping platform. Also, they plan to launch several more dropshipping stores that would target different countries across Europe.

Our most successful entrepreneurs of 2018: affiliate marketers

Every person is different. Some people just don’t want to deal with online trade, while others feel they don’t have enough time or knowledge to run a full-scale dropshipping store.

Even in this case, these entrepreneurs have a brilliant chance to make money with AliDropship solutions – and gain enough experience and resources to launch their own ventures later on. So, our affiliate marketers deserve your close attention, too!

Olusola David from Nigeria: made over $9,000 with AliDropship affiliate program


Olusola David is a blogger and a dropshipping store owner who runs his online businesses from Nigeria.

He created his blog with the sole purpose of running an affiliate business, and spent 6 month learning everything about blogging and affiliate marketing. Ever since then, he keeps educating himself and gaining new knowledge.

He got really enthusiastic about AliDropship solutions when he realised they make it easy and affordable for dropshipping entrepreneurs to start their business – the type of a venture he has been interested in for quite a long time.

And, AliDropship affiliate program made a huge difference for Olusola David. As he admits, he made over $9,000 with this program. At the same time, other affiliate programs bring him few hundred dollars per month. Now, he plans to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the affiliate marketing field, and make over 6 figures per month.

Eartha from the United States: makes a livable income through the projects she loves


Eartha runs a money-making blog and enjoys the flexibility of working for herself.

Thanks to her background in web developing, she promotes several different affiliate programs. Mostly, they are dedicated to the online products and services she uses herself. Surely, it means a high credibility and provides her readers with a real-life user experience – that’s why Eartha’s blog and YouTube channel are so popular among both successful entrepreneurs and newcomer businessmen.

Eartha gladly supports AliDropship products because they represent the exact type of a eCommerce tool she was looking for. She enjoys being an affiliate as it means dedicating her time to the projects she loves. And, she totally loves seeing that this creative work generates enough income to provide for her family.

Jitendra from India: made $1,800 as an AliDropship affiliate


Jitendra is an author and online influencer who runs a digital marketing blog and works as the Brand Ambassador of Payoneer.

While he was doing a review on AliDropship plugin, he was excited to learn this solution is helpful for eCommerce geeks, and signed up as an affiliate. Even the first review he made was commercially successful, so he now plans to promote our solutions even more.

At the start of his career, he had no support from his family. This is why he worked 14-16 hours every day, and invested all his resources into this venture.

Now, he participates in several large-scale affiliate programs, runs his own digital marketing agency, and gets ready to publish his first book.

All these successful entrepreneurs prove that nothing is impossible if you’re dedicated, passionate, and eager to educate yourself. We are happy to see their businesses grow, and we’re curious to find out: which of these amazing stories is the biggest inspiration for you? Write your opinion in the comments section below!

By Olga L.
Olga is a Copywriting Director at AliDropship. Having graduated from the Faculty of International Business’ as an Advertising specialist, she puts years of her copywriting experience into making clear and informative guides, tutorials, and other educational materials for dropshipping newcomers worldwide.
Dauglas Oula 6 years ago

Hello Olga.
I feel very inspired by all these stories. I have hopes that soon I will hit the road running despite the challenges I still face. Congratulations guys for your success and thanks Olga and the Alidropship team.

Alhassan issah 6 years ago

I want to join but I have nothing how will I start without store

Amir Hanif Siddiqui 6 years ago

I think all the stories are inspiring. However, I single out Alan from China who came from an entirely different field and has been very successful in a relatively very short time.

Princely 6 years ago

The most amazing story for me is Yan from France! In 52 days he made profit from 0 to 1358$. Is amazing. I really want to venture into droppshipping. My problem is gateway payment. Where I leave they don’t accept PayPal, so is there an alternatives for payments? As I want to start droppshipping. Am really interested in it. Thanks.

Luc Mattijs 6 years ago

Each time I read an article as this one I hope to learn how the big earners manage to process such high number of orders. But it has never been told. I run a small alidropship store in the Netherlands and for each order to process I need an average of ten minutes because the auto order system isn’t flawless. In 90% of the cases customer information is not filled in automatically and will I need to do it myself. Further more on aliexpress you cannot enter more than 10 addresses so I need to remove them several times. A couple a days ago I asked on the alidropship facebook group if there were store ownerrs working with alidropship woo having 100+ orders a day and, if so, how did they handle those orders and how much time it consumed. Guess what? No response, nothing, nada. Meaning that no one is having such high numbers of orders. But, if that is true then how on earth is it possible to earn $10.000 or more a month using aliexpress and alidropship? In my opinion it isn’t and that means that all interviews and articles about people earning that much are fake. If not then prove it to me and tell me how they do it.

Kelvin King 6 years ago

I’m about to launch my store now, will see what you just said, and I hope I scale through easily.

Monica 6 years ago

Can you give us their websites names ?

Lucian Costea 6 years ago

Agree with Monica. We should see their websites. I’m very curious about checkout options, forms on website, productes and niches, prices, etc.
It will be helpfull.

Yaroslav Nevsky 6 years ago

Dropshipping is a very competitive game. Sometimes It takes much time on testing to understand what products we can sell and what products do not work. So, obviously, successful drpopshippers are not eager to share their niches, products and domains.

John Ugo 6 years ago

The amazing story that inspired me was that of Pirn from Estonia! It made me desire to replicate the same success story here in Nigeria, West Africa

Annie 6 years ago

Congratulations to all these amazing people, everyone of them has inspired me to finish my store and get selling !
Wishing them all great success in the coming year may their business go from strength to strength

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