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An AliExpress Dropshipping Story By Moussdog: $3,500 in 45 Days!

By Yaroslav Nevsky


One of our clients, Moussdog, kindly agreed to give an interview and to tell a bit more about his young yet promising dropshipping business. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments’ section, and to share your own success stories with us!

Please tell us a bit about you and why did you decide to launch a dropshipping store?

My name is Moussdog, I’m 20 years old and I live in a small town in France. I’m currently working in a restaurant, I don’t have any college degree. I love everything related to technology, coding, and entrepreneurship.

Did you have any experience with dropshipping or other online business before?

When I was younger, like 15 years old, I was doing dropshipping without knowing it.

I started buying electronic stuff from China (earphones, chargers, phones…) and reselling it on eBay. I was receiving stuff at home and resending to my eBay clients.

But there were stocks that I could not sell. It is a waste and a significant loss of money I had a sudden insight: “Why can’t I just send the stuff directly from my Chinese supplier to my eBay client? It saves time, money, and logistic.” Without knowing it, at 15 yo I was doing a technique called dropshipping.

Why did you choose AliDropship?

I was searching “Dropshipping” in Google late at night, and learned about AliDropship.

I found a forum thread called “My Dropshipping Journey with AliExpress” where Yaros was presenting his successful experience.

Yaros dropshipping AliExpress story was like a revelation for me, the Holy Grail.

Adding stuff automatically from Aliexpress, placing orders automatically, importing reviews from AliExpress – the plugin makes it all easy for you. Within the first day you are ready to sell.

After 2 days I had a flight In New York for a little 2 weeks vacation, and I told myself: “When I get home, I will get this plugin and give it a try”.

Inspired by Yaros Dropshipping Aliexpress Story

As we know from your thread at AliDropship forum, your niche is Dragon Ball Z and you recommend people never launch a niche on a thing you don’t like or don’t know. How and why did you choose this niche?

I recommend people to launch a niche on something they love or know well. If not, they will give up easily when a little obstacle will be in front of them.  Selling stuff that you know is natural, and it’s pleasant. When a fan of your niche reaches out to your Instagram and sees your content, he directly knows or feels if you know your niche.

I tried to launch a niche about something I didn’t really like, and believe me, it was a big failure.

I launched a Dragon Ball Z niche because since I’m 7 years old I’m a huge fan of DBZ. I know every little thing about it.

Inspired by Yaros Dropshipping Aliexpress Story

What did you do to promote you store?

I mainly use Instagram, and Instagram shoutouts. It’s the best social media in my opinion to build a reputation and bring a lot of traffic to your website. And the price of a shoutout is extremely underpriced.

Inspired by Yaros Dropshipping Aliexpress Story

Do you remember your first order? How long did it take to get one?

Yes, one day after I launched my store! I was so excited! Because getting an order in the first days of your activity is not common.

How does your store perform currently? What are the results?

Today is my 45th day with the plugin, and I made $3,500! Getting orders every day, and my Instagram community gains about 900-1000 followers per week. Last Saturday was the biggest day, $600 in 24 hours.  It’s just amazing. My New York trip and my 89 dollars investment for the plugin are totally refunded lol.

Inspired by Yaros Dropshipping Aliexpress Story

What are the most common difficulties? How do you deal with them?

Well for the first 45 days I had one big problem, I launched my website during the Chinese New Year… lol I totally forgot about it. I was scared about getting some refund request, but every client received their order. On 100 orders, I had only 1 refund request.

Also these days I see a lot of competition in my niche but I’m not afraid of that. On the contrary, it motivates me to do better. Here’s my advice to beat the competition. Every store has a weakness (bad design, bad customers service, inactive Instagram). Find their weakness and do better!

How do you plan to further develop your dropshipping business?

I’m trying to be very active on Instagram mainly, and doing weekly shoutouts to keep trafic in the store and in my Instagram. I’m working on a new niche with a friend and opening a new store soon.

What can you advise our readers who are just starting their own dropshipping businesses?

Like I said before, launch a niche about something you love. You will be more motivated and you will not give up easily.

Focus on Instagram and shoutouts: you will get a lot of traffic and sales during the firsts weeks if you do it right.

Don’t be scared to spend money on this. It’s a big R.O.I.

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By Yaroslav Nevsky
Yaroslav is a founder of AliDropship Community helping people worldwide to start and run a successful dropshipping business.
Alessandro March 1, 2017 16:38:11

Bien joué voisin français ! Je suis de Belgique et je vais aussi franchir le pas, mais dans un tout autre domaine 🙂

Bonne continuation et n’hésite pas à m’envoyer un mail afin de faire plus ample connaissance et peut être se donner des bons plans.


Mousslim March 2, 2017 15:02:02


Merci beaucoup pour ton commentaire.
Lance toi 😉
Laisse moi ton mail je t’écrirais avec grand plaisir 🙂

brize March 4, 2017 13:58:35

What a great success for a start! keep on going
I am also French, I wish to start with ig and aliexpress could you guide me to start?
thank you in advance

Farah September 20, 2017 13:32:49

Genial Mousslim, bravo bro et je suis comme Alessandro de la Belgique et je me suis lance aussi. Envoi moi un email également pour nous tenir au courant de ta success story et aussi d’echanger des bons tuyaus. Merci bro wa salam haleikoum.

Rodrigo March 1, 2017 17:03:24

Awesome, and I believe its true to invest your time in something you love as you have more knowledge and passion for the project.

The only problem I see is the copyright infringement on the brand Dragon Ball Z, at least in the US is a big thing. Hopefully nothing bad happens to you.

Rodrigo March 1, 2017 21:11:53

…and before I get any hate comments about that is hard to happen, it happened to an affiliate site I had from a not so famous European sport brand that gave me a cease desist.

Mousslim March 2, 2017 15:04:08

Thanks for the comment,

You’re right I should be careful with copyright. Hope I don’t get in trouble ! 🙂

Thanks for the advice

Rodrigo March 3, 2017 14:31:28

Save money, start working on a second store, and enjoy the ride while you can 😛 hahaha.

Suthya March 1, 2017 17:13:55

Wow.. very inspiring
… btw Do you use Alidropship or Alidropship Woo?

Mousslim March 2, 2017 15:02:48

Hey, Thank you!

I use AliDropShip 😉

Cameron March 9, 2017 23:30:41

Why not the woo? Is there a reason?

Dolz March 2, 2017 1:52:47

$3500 in sales/revenue. How much is the profit?

Nicolas Moreau March 2, 2017 19:44:48

allo, j’ai tenté le coup avec 2 magasin que j’ai demarraé il y a 6 mois mais je suis très très loin de votre succès.
J’ai récemment vendu une des 2 et j’avais envie de tout lâcher mais en vous lisant, je suis de nouveau à la recherche d’une meilleur Niche.

est-ce que je pourrait avoir 2-3 trucs pour bien démarrer ? 🙂

Mousslim March 5, 2017 1:01:55

Pourquoi pas, laissez moi votre mail 🙂

Amine March 3, 2017 18:27:11

Good job Mousslim ! Dis moi s’il te plait est ce que tu contacte des pages instagram directement pour negocier les shoutouts ou tu passe par une plateforme pour ca, sinon tu leur propose combien par heure/jour … ? Et sur quels criteres tu decide que c est une bonne page pour shoutouts ? J aimerai bien apprrendre plus sur les shoutout et comment s’ y prendre, si tu pouvais me répondre ici ou par mail providerset @ hotmail . Com
Ca serait sympa
Congrats again & enjoy your trip !

Mousslim March 5, 2017 1:01:03

Je t’envoi un mail dans la journée 😉
Merci beaucoup Amine!

Dom March 8, 2017 11:35:05

Salut Mousslim ! Superbe histoire, je serai intéressé aussi par les mêmes questions qu’Amine ! Est-ce que tu pourrais m’envoyer cela aussi ?

En tout cas bravo et bonne continuation !

Farah September 20, 2017 13:38:36

Idem Mousslim, j’ai la meme questions qu’Amine ci-dessus. Pourrais tu m’envoyer le mail concernant les Shoutouts IG? Merci d’avance.

Yassine March 3, 2017 18:41:20

Bonjour Mousslim,
Je te souhaite plein de sucées.

Mousslim March 5, 2017 1:00:19

Barakallah oufik 😉

ignacio March 5, 2017 1:37:53

Hi Mousslim, would you send me an email with some of your instagram tactics? I would really apprecciate if you could share them with me, Im starting a dropshipping store as well.
My email is

Mousslim March 15, 2017 23:56:27

Hi everyone!
Hitting my 10k$ really soon!

Thanks for all the messages! I can’t answer to everybody, so I made a snapchat where you can add me and see my daily dropshipping routine!

Snapchat: MousslimLgh

Add me!

TONY ABULI March 23, 2017 0:17:02


Is your payment option paypal or you use others such as stripe? Can you give me your website address?

yara March 23, 2017 22:35:32

I mean these stories are really great, even though I’d say the way Yaros worked I think he can be successful in any niche with good traffic but you guys are using copyrighted niches like this.
I mean doesn’t make your journey way easier? but maybe way shorter too?

Also, can Yaros show us a niche he did and its doing good that its not copyrighted?

yaros March 24, 2017 4:34:02

For example, works pretty well or me now. Here is another example of a client’s site that generates more income then any of my stores

yara March 25, 2017 14:36:09

Super stuff.

Yaros you should be way more famous than this. The way marketers showing how to DS online is so messed up you will waste 100s of dollars on fb ads with bad returns. But the way you teach it is so unique and professional.

You should get out there on Youtube and become famous.

yara March 25, 2017 17:43:46

my other question how is your ksort store good with only 1.8K traffic to your store?
can you please share revenue for this month bro?

Benjamin Donkor April 5, 2017 12:12:25

So after your store is ready, whose responsibility is to drive traffic to your site? I am asking because you purchased a package for which an online store is built for you.


yaros April 6, 2017 4:34:48

As far as I know, Mousslim created his store himself. Anyway even if you purchase a full package, a store owner is responsible for promotion and traffic.

SAKINA May 9, 2017 13:47:50

А можно ли начать успешный бизнес с дроп шипп без покупки плагина??? что такое плагин???? Для чего он нужен???? и что означает хостинг?? и что означает это, пройдите по ссылке пожалуйста(
буду очень благодарна,если вы ответите мне и объясните все, или хотя бы дадите контакты,по которым смогу узнать о работе по системе дроп шипп

yaros May 10, 2017 3:37:32

Здравствуйте! Вы можете начать заниматься дропшип бизнесом и без плагина. Просто плагин позволяет быстро и просто развернуть магазин и автоматизировать многие процессы, такие как добавление товаров на сайт напрямую с AliExpress, автоматическое обновление товаров в вашем магазине (цена, наличие, кол-во на складе), автоматическое размещение заказов и тд. Пожалуйста, обратитесь с Skype: или на почту Мы с радостью ответим на все ваши вопросы!

Khizar June 9, 2017 12:16:58

Which markets are best to target these days?
In reference to geo, demographic.
thanks 🙂

Arthur Siew June 25, 2017 8:54:22


How did you get so much sale with instagram shoutout ? I tried it but I get zero sale :/

Mousslim July 26, 2017 16:34:13

Hey Guys,

A lot of you send me some messages asking me to create a store with some tips to get a first sale

I launched a gig on fiverr where I propose to build you a complete store according to your niche with a Marketing TIps PDF to help you getting your first sale!


Thanks !

Snapchat: MousslimLgh

Shreyas Aithal August 2, 2017 12:14:29

Bonjour Mousslim,

Bravo et je vous souhaite une bonne continuation.
Je me lance bientôt dans le dropshipping mais je ne sais rien sur l’aspect de la fiscalité en France.
Etes vous une société type sarl ou bien statut auto-entrepreneur?

Merci par avance

Mousslim September 25, 2017 0:39:39

If you ever interested by buying the plugin use my link:
and add me on snapchat: MousslimLgh I will give you some tips!

Andy September 27, 2017 20:16:59

I made the mistake in my first year of forgetting Chinese New Year, it was a nightmare. Many of the shops on Aliexpress close for 2 whole weeks, then after the New Year the Chinese postal system is chaos for another week or two.

My honest advice, based on a lot of real experience, is just to have a holiday just before and during the Chinese new year, you should make more than enough money in November and December to be able to do that later in the Chinese new year time.

Kamran December 30, 2017 1:14:53

Great motivational article!! I am struggling with SEO and traffic to my Alipartnership website. I’ve launched it and using Social Rabbit plugin but still I do not find any clicks on my E-Commerce Site. Kindly advice i am very much worried, I’ve plans to open up another 2 Drop shipping sites but i am losing confidence with no response!!

Chirag May 5, 2018 10:20:08

Wow it is so nice wonderful and awesome app to earn money

Ibrahim Makhzoum October 17, 2018 20:36:57

Great success story! It really motivated me to try dropshipping for the first time! I’m going to start dropshipping and hope for the best in success like you!

Tarek December 15, 2018 12:22:49

Hi musallam let me ask you can you as shopper choose the market or it’s widely open to the whole world already

Proudly Nigerian January 12, 2019 1:29:32

I love and made this particular product my niche but how do I handle the shipping as the shipping cost is always unbearable.

Bosco June 30, 2020 1:07:19

Hi mousslim man am 21

I wish to be successful like URS too instead of staying roaming bout d streets donig nothing please can you be of help

I can follow u on IG and Twitter if u want I just need a guide from experience dude like u

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