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Meet Raphael – A New Awesome Theme For Dropship Websites

By Yaroslav Nevsky

Groundbreaking theme for turnkey dropship websites

Whether you are planning to get a turnkey dropship website or build an online store by your own efforts, you certainly want to achieve the most attractive and professional look for this site. Here is something we can offer you!

Long story short, we did it.

From now on, you can benefit from newest product of our design & development team – Raphael store theme! Click this link to view a live demo of a store based on the Raphael theme.

We are incredibly thankful to our amazing forum community of beta testers who helped us review and improve this theme. It’s their deep interest and dedication that motivates us to go forward with our developments – you guys are the best! 🙂

How is this dropship website theme different from our previous ones?

You probably remember that with our solutions, you can create a website on the basis of any of the following themes:

All of them are named after great artists whose legacy lives for centuries, and each of these themes is carefully crafted and tested to ensure the highest customers’ satisfaction – and the biggest owners’ revenue.

However, diversity is the key to success – plus, in the tech world, it is vital to always stay up-to-date, and to research and implement the newest industry advancements.

This is why we worked so hard on the new theme development: we want our clients to have more options for their dropshipping stores, and we want these online stores to look progressive and professional.

So, with the new Raphael theme installed on your website, you get:

#1 Purchase motivation elements

That’s probably the most important thing you want from an online store, right?

If you have the Raphael theme installed on your website, all your single product pages have some tiny yet highly powerful elements such as:

Cross-sell products or the complementing items that make a good match with this particular offer, and can be bought together.


Payment icons displayed under the ‘Add to Cart’ button that demonstrate all the possible payment options to your visitors.


Sticky ‘Add to Cart’ button that is visible to mobile devices’ users at all times.


‘Why buy from us’ tab where you list all the buyers’ benefits of purchasing something from you.


#2 Increased user satisfaction

Speaking of the buyers’ benefits, we definitely need to mention some of the Raphael theme features that guarantee an enjoyable customer experience:

A bigger subscription box that makes it easy and understandable for the customer to keep in touch with you.


A side shopping cart that makes it convenient for the store visitors to keep track of everything they want to purchase.


A multi-step checkout that inspires trust and reduces your buyers’ confusion about the next step of their purchasing process.


#3 Social proof

So, as we started talking about customers’ trust, it’s an appropriate moment to mention the super efficient social proof elements that are integrated into the Raphael theme:

A full-width Instagram feed that is displayed on the homepage and demonstrates your activity in social networks.


A testimonials block that is also featured on the Home page and includes the real-life customer reviews proving your store credibility.


#4 Catchy and informative homepage

Is it the time to talk about the homepage layout in the Raphael theme? Absolutely!

Apart from the already mentioned social proof elements, the main page also contains such awesome parts as:

Products displayed in the category menu for the viewers’ greater engagement and interest.


Titular images that illustrate the categories and let the users easily learn what products are included in these sections.


Previews for the blog articles that help you entertain and educate your current and prospective buyers.


#5 Adorable visual effects

Since we’ve already started talking about the pictures and the visual side of the new theme, we definitely need to mention a couple of cutting-edge effects that are featured in Raphael:

An eye-catching zoom & glow hover effect that is applied to product images on the homepage, category pages, and within the cross-sell section.


A YouTube video that can be integrated into the homepage in order to attract the viewers’ attention and inform them about your breathtaking deals.


So, what are the benefits of using the Raphael theme for your dropship website?

Looking through all the advancements featured in our new theme, you can surely notice that it helps you:

  • Focus your customers’ attention on the wonderful products you have in your store
  • Make it simple and time-saving for your store visitors to browse and navigate the site
  • Achieve better brand recognition and increase customers’ loyalty
  • Grow the number and volume of the orders placed in your store
  • Enjoy higher conversions and greater financial results of your business performance

Sounds really tempting, right?

How to install Raphael on your dropship website?

All you need to do is take these 4 steps:

  • Check your plugin type – Raphael is only compatible with AliDropship original plugin
  • Make sure that you have the latest version of AliDropship original plugin installed on your website
  • Download the theme
  • Refer to the Knowledge base to set it up according to your personal preferences

That’s it!

Now you have even more attractive ways to build a dropship store on the basis of a perfectly optimised, moneymaking theme. We hope that you’ll love the Raphael theme as much as we do!

By Yaroslav Nevsky
Yaroslav is a founder of AliDropship Community helping people worldwide to start and run a successful dropshipping business.
Mikołaj 6 years ago

Great news, but it would be great if a similar theme was also released on WooCommerce

Yaroslav Nevsky 6 years ago

We are working on it:)

Dave Sweney 6 years ago

That is good news, as this theme closely mirrors one of my favorite themes I am currently using for my Woo stores, and your theme could replace a couple (if not more) plugins I am using now for those Woo stores! Looking forward to this upgrade! : )

Daljeet Singh 6 years ago

How much price margin will I get from Ali to drop ship products through my webstore? Will I get the price less then the current price listed on AliExpress?

Subin Babu 6 years ago

Excited about this new theme, and hope this theme will be available soon for woocommerce also, thank you..

Dave Sweney 6 years ago

I like the features of the theme and will definitely be trying it out asap! Thanks for you and your team’s constant efforts to keep ADS as the best option for drop shippers looking for a platform that works within a reasonable cost! Cheers! Dave

John 6 years ago

Good theme but is it free or premium?

Yaroslav Nevsky 6 years ago

It is free for AliDropship users.

Peter Hubble 6 years ago

Amazing! I hope this is compatible with AliDropship Woo ASAP! Is this in the pipeline?

Yaroslav Nevsky 6 years ago

Yes, it will be available for Woo as well.

Peter Hubble 6 years ago

Excellent news! Is there any way to see the progress of this or when it will be released? Will you be including it in a newsletter?

Yaroslav Nevsky 6 years ago

Yes of course, we will inform our subscribers about the theme!

Samir Rifai 6 years ago

Looks great. Will be trying it soon.

Ferdinand Mavinga 6 years ago

The theme looks great but few thing could improve the appeal one of them is putting some background color on the shopping car and on the free world wide shipping. one more thing that is missing is the countdown timer, where could you place it?

Yaroslav Nevsky 6 years ago

Thank you for your suggestions!

Hrm 6 years ago

Looks great but need option pop-up on add to cart in addition to right side cart. Also why not have full shopping view option?
Sticky header, enable/disable subscription field.
More custom text in single product page. And also more ability to add custom side bar columns in check out page.

Joshua Smart 6 years ago

Hi. About this new plugin. Do I have to totally redo my store when I install this plugin? Will my pricing plans and chosen currencies for my store disappear? I recently got the DropshipMe plugin. Will that disappear also? Basically, will any of the settings for my store I have put in place be changed to default because I install this new plugin?

Yaroslav Nevsky 6 years ago

Don’t worry, it will not affect any settings.

Frank 6 years ago

Hi I need to know….Does the new theme support Woocommerce plugin or only the normal plugin ?

Yaroslav Nevsky 6 years ago

No, it works with original plugin only.

Humauin Kabir 4 years ago

Hi, is Raphael theme slower than Da Vinci?

Olga L. 4 years ago

Hi, thank you for your question!
All AliDropship-developed themes are made with website speed optimization in mind, which is why there shouldn’t be major differences in Raphael and Da Vinci’s loading speeds 🙂

Humauin Kabir 4 years ago

Thank you very much.

Aliza E.T 2 years ago

Hi I replaced the template from the previous one I had with rafael template.
The problem I have there is that there is no option to select fonts and color in updates for example in the Top Menue it appears with a fixed font and in white and do not see the log it is not swallowed in the main color I use in my brand that everything is orange.
And in some of the categories it is not possible to add another category with an image.
Do you have a video tutorial on how to set up this template?

Olga L. 2 years ago

Hi, thank you for letting us know about the issue!
Kindly read this Raphael customization guide: — and feel free to email us at if you need some technical step-by-step advice.

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