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Meet AliDropship Plugin – Best WordPress Solution for Dropshipping with AliExpress

By Polina Beletskaya

Meet AliDropship Plugin - Best WordPress Solution for Dropshipping with AliExpress

Welcome to our AliDropship Plugin review! In this article, we will go over the basic settings and features of this game-changing plugin for dropshipping business owners.

AliDropship Plugin review: an introduction

To begin with, let’s make a quick overview of this exciting solution!

As you can see, AliDropship plugin is a user-friendly tool specifically created for both experienced and novice dropshipping entrepreneurs from all over the globe.

With its help, you can connect your online store to AliExpress and:

  • Import AliExpress products to your store in one click
  • Automate core business management operations (orders fulfilment, package tracking, products’ pricing, etc.)
  • Use a range of integrated marketing elements that help your store perform better
  • Manage and track your store operations from one convenient dashboard
  • And many more!

In other words, even if you don’t have any IT or ecommerce experience, you can easily make your first guided steps into the promising world of dropshipping – and watch your business run on autopilot.

Curious to know how exactly it’s working?

AliDropship Plugin installation and setup

Are you assembling your dropshipping store on your own?

After you have successfully downloaded WordPress, installed it, and set up the AliDropship Plugin, you need to go to AliDropship menu and enter your personal license key to activate the plugin.


After the successful activation, you will get access to all Plugin sections and can check your main Dashboard. Here you will find information about your recent orders, traffic stats and other in-store activities.

alidropship plugin review

To get a more detailed information about your Sales and Traffic, visit the Reports section. Simply connect your Google Analytics to the Plugin to get a detailed data about your visitors and traffic sources.

Note that the AliDropship Plugin features built-in themes that you can easily customise and set up according to your own preferences. All themes are mobile-friendly and have professional stylish design to meet all modern requirements and trends of successful online stores – go here to view them all!

Need professional assistance? We can set up AliDropship Plugin for you and even help you with primary website setup – just leave us a message. 😉

As we already mentioned, the best thing about AliDropship Plugin is its ability to automatically complete daily management tasks that are an integral part of your dropshipping routine. Let’s start with product-related operations it performs!

Product import

With AliDropship plugin, you can easily search and import products to your site.

Specify categories, keywords, purchase volume and other filtering options to find the best products. Or just visit, find a necessary item and import it directly in your site in just one click using a special Google Chrome extension that comes with the Plugin. A desired product will appear on your site instantly with all variations, images, description, stock information and pricing details.

You’ll be also excited to know that you can fill your dropshipping store with carefully picked and edited products from AliDropship curated database! Watch the video below for more details.

Oh, and here’s one more thing! Together with the products, you can also import reviews on your site directly from AliExpress.

Product updates

You don’t have to worry about changes in products prices, variations and inventory that happen on the AliExpress supplier’s side. The Plugin’s auto updating system is keeping your product info fresh with the latest data from AliExpress.


Pricing setup and updates

AliDropship Plugin features a profound system for pricing markup – the amount added to the cost price of goods to cover overhead and profit. After you determined the rules, all new products that you will import in your store will have prices according to the formula. If you need to apply the formula for existent products on your site, you just click update button.

You can show prices in different currencies on your site and also activate Rounding option and Assign cents. For example, if the product price is $4.19, it will be converted to $4. If you assigned .99 cents, this amount will be added to the final price.


AliDropship plugin review: managing orders

With AliDropship plugin, you can forget about ordering every product manually and entering your customers’ details each time.

When you receive an order, just go to Orders section, open order details page and click ‘Place order automatically’.

The plugin will visit AliExpress and create an order for you automatically. It will select necessary product variations, add items to your shopping cart and fill your customer’s shipping details on the checkout page. You just need to click confirm button to complete a purchase.

AliDropship Plugin review: built-in marketing elements

Some necessary marketing tools are also available with the Plugin and include following options:

Email Lists

The Plugin collects not only the emails of your customers but also email of users who leave their emails on your site but did not complete a purchase.

Discount Coupons

Run sales and promotions by offering coupon codes that save customers money. You choose whether the discount is for dollars off, a percentage off, free shipping, etc.

Abandoned Cart

When your store visitors abandon their shopping carts, it means that they leave your website without completing the purchase – but with some items already added to their carts. The best way to recover these abandoned carts is to send these visitors emails encouraging them to go back – and that’s exactly what the Plugin does. You can use a set of pre-loaded professional emails or create and add your own templates.

AliDropship Plugin review: what else is there?

Another great feature of AliDropship Plugin is AliExpress Cashback system. The cashback scheme works as follows: you use a special affiliate link and purchase the desired products. After the products are delivered, part of the cost is returned to you on your affiliate account. Then you can withdraw your money, getting an additional bonus to your main dropshipping source of income.

To activate this system, you just need to register with AliExpress Admitad or AliExpress EPN network, get your affiliate link and place it in the special field on Plugin settings.

Once you get an order, you visit Orders section and click Place Order button. If you setup your cashback URL before, you will be redirected to AliExpress through your affiliate link. You buy an item for your client and automatically get up to 8% commission on your account.

What’s the conclusion? AliDropship Plugin is a wonderful piece of dropshipping automation software that lets you dedicate your precious time to anything you want without compromising your business management! Isn’t that the business opportunity you’ve been looking for?

Get the Plugin and Start Your Dropshipping Business Right Away!


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By Polina Beletskaya
Polina Beletskaya, Marketing Director at Sellvia, has spent over 15 years as a strategy consultant, working with brands across the world to deliver results from their online presence. Forbes Communications Council Member since 2020.
octavian 8 years ago

Hi , I am interested , veri nice plugin . Where cai I see a demo or test the plugin? Thanx

yaros 8 years ago

Hi, we have not launched the demo yet, but we offer 30 day money back guarantee.

Jhuls 8 years ago

Can u support other themes? Is there a plan in d future?

yaros 8 years ago

We are developing new themes and going to integrate it with WOO themes. Now you can use built-in themes only.

Marc 7 years ago

What’s the status on integrating with woocommerce themes?

yaros 7 years ago

It was already integrated (bout one year ago). Now you get both versions with your purchase.

Nurfan 8 years ago


I’m very interested, but there are a few things to be asked, because my main market in Indonesia, Does this plugin support currency IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)? until the checkout process is still displaying currency IDR?

And whether for payment from the customer I can integrate into my local bank format? then I only pay through paypal to aliexpress?

yaros 8 years ago


The Plugin supports IDR (Indonesian Rupiah). To receive payments on your store you need to connect a payment processor to your site, like PayPal, 2checkout, etc. AliExpress does not support PayPal, you need to pay with a credit/debit card to place orders.

Nurfan 8 years ago


Good info, thanks before. I’ve set up the plugin itself to payments in my online store. Another question, what is the result of the import from this plugin, in the title or description of products can we edit / change to Indonesian manually?

Colvin 8 years ago

Hi, with the plugin, do i still need an ecommerce hosting plan? And if so, what’s the cost for unlimited products?

yaros 8 years ago

Hi, you don’t need any special hosting, but if you are going to store plenty of products you should select the plan with enough disk space.

Flor 8 years ago

Hi! I have built my store on Woocommerce and was debating switching to Shopify to use Oberlo. According to your description of Alidropship it does the same things as Oberlo. Can you please notify me of when Alidropship will be available to be used with Woocommerce? I have my hosting with hostgator and my woocommerce theme on wordpress. I’m finalizing the product uploads and all that. I would love to have the ease of your plugin to get my business off the right foot from the beginning. Thanks

yaros 8 years ago

Hello, in a few days we are starting beta-testing. I hope we can give ETA at the beginning of the next week.

Uday Nagpure 8 years ago

Hello. Our existing website is not on wordpress then also aliplugin will work or not?? it is necessary that we have our website on wordpress??

yaros 8 years ago

Hello, AliDropship plugin works with WordPress only.

Rick 8 years ago

Hello, nice plug in, I too am using Woocommerce store, but I am needing to place this plug in on different domains I already have built, Will you be offering a multi site or unlimited version of this plugin? If so when..

yaros 8 years ago

Hello, we are considering such option but have not decided yet.

Rick 8 years ago

Can I use it on sub-domains within the main domain?

Khamis 8 years ago

Hello. I am really interested in the plugin and want to purchase it right away. I have already selected the products and the niche I am going for. But I have no IT experience. Will this plugin themes automatically design my page? Or do I need a website designer?

yaros 8 years ago

Hello, no, you don’t need any web designer to create a nice looking site with the plugin.

samsudeen 8 years ago

I am from SriLanka. may i know?
When I Received Payment From customer, How i order to aliexpress supplier?
I mean, want i order from My own money? or Can I make order through from my customer orders money?

yaros 8 years ago

Hello, you need to have some initial money to place your first orders with AliExpress.

Nicolas P. 8 years ago

I almost finish checking out but noticed that it’s only for one site lisense.
I have 3 sites (stores) to set up.
Do you have multi site license version?

Thank you

yaros 8 years ago

Hello, we do not offer multi site license version, however we can give you a discount on your next purchase.

Tom 8 years ago

I am interesting to buy this plugin but I have one question. Is this plugin working also with other wordpress themes or it is necessary to be used with build in themes only. I have bought wordpress theme, have spend a lot of money in theme customization – I do not need to activate and use plugin build in theme.


yaros 8 years ago

Hi Tom,

The Plugin also comes with WOO version, so you van use it with Woo commerce themes as well.

Tom 8 years ago

HI Yaros,
thanks for your answer. WOO version will be a part of Alidropship bundle for 89USD (license key will be working for both versions)? Or WOO plugin will be selling separately?

Rob 8 years ago

Does this work with other plugins? I want to add a count down time to some products on the product screen so is this available. Also, any integration with facebook to show social comments about the product?

yaros 7 years ago

if you want to use additional plugins, I would recommend that you use AliDropship plugin version for WooCommerce.

Dennis 8 years ago

Wow, this plugin is so easy to create a profitable online business. And, you don’t even have to worry about inventory control software or anything else. They do the work for you. That’s so great!

Detro 7 years ago

I was wondering if you can price each product individually or do you have to use the formula feature to set the retail price?

yaros 7 years ago

You can use both options.

Detro 7 years ago

Thank you… excited to give this a go!

Khadija Usman 7 years ago

Hi, can you plz tell, if i make my store through alidropship, can i keep products from suppliers other than the ones at aliexpress??.. As in can i re-sell designer products that i picked up on sales??.. Thanks

yaros 7 years ago

Hi, yes of course, you can use other suppliers and add your own products.


i bought it going to install my website very soon i will share my experience very soon

hani 7 years ago

hi if i have a custom payment gateway from my local bank will alidropshipp still work?

yaros 7 years ago

Please check what payment gateways are currently supported by AliDropship plugin

Daniel 7 years ago

Hi there,

To confirm this can work on any WP site with our own themes – We do not have to use your themes?

Also can we add on our own markup on top of the affiliate price or does the base price come directly from the ali-express aff link?

For example, a product worth $5 – we have it on our store and sell it for $7.50 – is this possible? Or do we just earn a commission on the product?

Many thanks.

yaros 7 years ago

Yes, you can install the plugin with your own theme if this theme supports Woocommerce.

Dropshipping business is not an affiliate one, so you decide yourself what markup to set.

vinay bakale 7 years ago

Did your plugin have trusted supplier list? when I get an order from my customer will your plugin automatically place order with trusted supplier? or we have to find it manually first?

yaros 7 years ago

When you are importing products, the plugin applies a special formula to calculate seller’s trust score, so you can see what supplier is trusted.

vinay bakale 7 years ago

one important question is product package gets deliver with the name of aliexpress when we drop ship? If it gets delivered with aliexpress label then it will get a bad impression to my store.

yaros 7 years ago

There are no any name and signs of AliExpress on packages.

Emmanuel Oduro 7 years ago

What if i have payment plugin that i already use woocomerce site.. will that work..

yaros 7 years ago

Yes, it will work in case you are using AliDrpship Woo plugin version.

Ivy 7 years ago

Please clarify for me, my customers would pay with their credit cards and my pay pal account would be credited yes?
Also I have a domain name bought, when I pay for the pluggin, what do I have to do? Register for woocommerce or WordPress? Thank you

yaros 7 years ago

When a customer buys a product from you (by credit card or PayPal), you will accept payment for the product for your retail price and shipping costs. Once you have received the funds, you place the order directly with the seller from (using your credit card). This is typically a usual online order at The seller will then charge you for the cost of the item and ship the item directly to your buyer. That’s it! You have just sold an item at your set retail price and processed the order for your customer.

When you buy the plugin you get both original AliDropship plugin (only WP needed) and AliDropship Woo version (WP + WooCommerce needed). It is up to you what plugin to use. Here you can check the difference:

abrar ul hassan 7 years ago

i want to know if aliexpress plugin offers paypal payment gateway?

or can i receive payments through paypal?

yaros 7 years ago

AliExpress does not offer PayPal payment option. But on your store you can get payments through PayPal.

Danny P. 7 years ago

I’m interested in buying this plugin for Woocommerce. I’d like to know if this plugin will affect the use of other plugins that are currently installed on my Woocommerce store? I can use all my marketing etc plugins with Alidropship?

Also, as per the comments, I can use my own theme and page builder with this?

Also, I can use other payment gateways to get payment from my customers, then its upto me that which credit card I use for making payment on aliexpress?

yaros 7 years ago


If you are using AliDropship Woo plugin version, you can use other Woo plugins and themes.

Florent 7 years ago

If I use the non Woo version, will I be able to add social media manager plugins?
I do not have a store yet, but found my products. Not sure which platform to use: WP or WC.
Thank you

yaros 7 years ago

Hi, yes, WP plugins should work fine.

Eileen S. 7 years ago

Can I install wordpress and plugin in more than 1 computer?

yaros 7 years ago

it does not matter on how many computers you install the plugin.

Saidi 7 years ago

Does this support MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) currency?

yaros 7 years ago

Yes, it supports Malaysian Ringgit.

Cheryl 7 years ago

What’s rhe fmdifference of this plugin to ali partnership plugin?

yaros 7 years ago

AliPlugin from AliPartnership can be used only for building affiliate sites to work with AliExpress affiliate program.

Vivekanand Ray 7 years ago

Can I add sales channels with basic plan

BuyThisComputer 7 years ago

Hello, I do not like to let many plugins enabled on my Woocommerce shop because plugins often slow down websites and are more chance to be hacked sooner or later.
Do you think that after having imported the products I can disable the plugin ?
I know that I won’t be able to order automatically from Aliexpress and will have to do it manually, but it’s not a problem for me, as I perfectly know that I won’t have hundreds orders daily.
So is it possible to disable the plugin after having imported the products from Aliexpress or do we NEED to keep it enabled ?
Thank you for your help.

Yaroslav Nevsky 7 years ago

Hello, yes you can disable it after importing products but in this case you will not be able to process orders automatically.

Dee kay 5 years ago

Does ali work with godaddy hosted online store

Olga L. 5 years ago

Hi! Yes, it does.

Belinda 5 years ago

Onece I purchase the plugin will I be able to start my one dropshipping online business right away?
Will I be needing a business license to get started?

Olga L. 5 years ago

Hi, thank you for your interest!

You will need to install this plugin on your website and set it up as a dropshipping store. You don’t need a business license for it.

Please, watch this video: – it explains how to make a dropshipping store by yourself with the help of our plugin

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