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Sweet 16: Benefits Of Blogging That Illustrate What Is The Purpose Of A Blog In Your Store

By Olga L.

What is the purpose of a blog? 16 benefits of blogging

Quite often, our clients ask: what is the purpose of a blog that is integrated in every our store? In this article, we will explain why these blogs are necessary, and show what are the benefits of blogging in eCommerce business!

So, your newly built online store has an integrated blog, and you’re wondering what you should do with it.

Sometimes, online store owners ignore the blogging opportunities at all: they think there are much more important things to do, for example, products import and orders processing.

But,  you’ll be surprised with all the numerous advantages of blogging, and you’ll quite enjoy its impact on your eCommerce store performance.

Table Of Contents

Brand-related benefits of blogging


Regardless of its niche and nature, any business can improve its performance significantly through building a well-recognized brand. For lots of reasons, the importance of well-planned branding of your dropshipping store is enormous, and blogging certainly helps you create the desired business image through a number of ways.

1. Proving your expertise

Commonly, dropshipping stores are dedicated to a specific thematic range of products, and this factor makes them highly appealing for buyers. When people are placing their orders in a highly specialised stores, they expect the seller to be well-aware of the issues typical for this particular community, and a thought-out blog gives you an opportunity to prove you’re a really knowledgeable and responsible seller whom everyone can trust.

2. Differentiating from competitors

As we can tell from this success story (and from our broader dropshipping experience), it’s quite a common situation for buyers to mix up several different stores operating in the same niche. It happens because the majority of store owners research their competitors, and copy the design elements or the marketing tricks they like. If you write your own unique blog content, you can constantly mention the distinctive features of your store and products in these articles – this way, it will be harder for your competitors to blindly copy your writings, and, at the same time, it will be easier for your potential clients to instantly recognise your store.

3. Establishing authority

Through reviewing and discussing the hottest industry topics, you don’t simply help your store visitors make their purchasing decisions – what’s more important, you create and support the atmosphere of professional integrity and competence in this shopping destination. When the industry community (both the buyers and the influencers) knows that your adequate opinion is worth to be taken into account, you can establish yourself as the leader of this particular niche segment.

Customer-related benefits of blogging


Customers are the core of each and every business: ideally, every action you take should be dictated by the preferences and interests of your target audience. If you run a blog, you can easily solve a number of issues related to your interaction with current and potential buyers.

4. Customers’ education

Through writing informative articles about your business in general and your products in particular, you are spreading the word about various industry-related concepts, and, basically, are educating your blog readers. To some extent, educating is even more important than direct selling: your audience understands that you care about their interests and wishes, and appreciates your honest, non-marketing approach to the articles.

5. Answering FAQs

Yes, your store contains a separate dedicated FAQ page, but let’s be honest: not many people are actually reading it, plus, its capacity may seem limited if you want to address multiple issues at once. In your blog, you can create a whole series of articles that answer the most common groups of questions (for example, this is how we do it).

6. Supporting communication

Blog articles and comments demonstrate your store visitors that you are open to communication and are willing to accept external feedback. At the same time, through encouraging comments and researching the opinions left by your readers, you gain new insights into your potential buyers’ behavior, and get the opportunity to plan your marketing initiatives with a higher level of precision.

7. Demonstrating your operational status

Sometimes, Internet users visit an online store and get confused: they can’t tell for sure whether this website is abandoned because there is no direct indication that the store is actually accepting and processing orders. In this case, a regularly updated blog is the perfect solution to clearly show that your business is alive and well, and the store is kept in the perfectly working order.

SEO benefits of blogging


As we have mentioned it on numerous occasions, search engine optimisation is the vital element of your store success. Luckily, regular updates of your in-built blog typically have a number of great consequences that can give a noticeable boost to your Google positions.

8. Traffic growth

There is a valid reason why we have included blog articles in our list of the best free traffic sources for a dropshipping store. The thing is, every new article you post in your blog is a new page on your website – and what’s more, this is a page with a high-quality unique content. As you create new content in your store, you get more favorably indexed in search engines. This way, you improve your search visibility, and it leads to the website traffic increase. The more articles you write for your blog, the better chances you have to rank favorably for your target keywords.

9. Inbound links generation

With an interesting and insightful blog, you stimulate the creation of so-called authoritative links: it means that other Internet users refer to your content and provide its links in their own writings and posts. These links are both helpful in terms of SEO and useful from the point of view of attracting more visitors to your site.

10. Ranking for long-tail search queries

In this part of our SEO eCommerce checklist, we explain why narrow, specific keywords (which typically consist of several words and therefore, are also known as long-tail keywords) are such an important element of your webstore structure and such a vital part of your SEO efforts. The thing is, writing a blog article on a narrow topic is the perfect way to include more long-tail keywords in your website. So, an article dedicated to some particular issue will be valuable for potential buyers, great for generating traffic through attracting visitors with some specific needs, and beneficial in terms of SEO.

11. Providing fresh content for Google

When Google ranking systems are evaluating a website, they consider the freshness factor among all others. So, it is recommended to add new content on a regular basis in order to improve your website visibility in Google search results. Also, try writing some news-related or season-specific articles from time to time: well-timed content is more likely to get found because of trending searches.

12. Providing long-time SEO benefits

It’s a well-known and statistically proven fact: while SEO actions don’t give an immediately visible result, they work perfectly in a long-term period. As soon as your new blog article gets published, it starts getting ranked by search engines, and therefore, you continue to get traffic (and orders) from this article in weeks and months since its publication. In other words, thanks to a one-time effort to write this particular article, you can expect getting a continuous traffic from it in foreseeable future – and it won’t require much extra work.

Marketing benefits of blogging


Interestingly enough, blog articles can successfully be used to support your marketing activities across other promotional channels. We have described our own beneficial strategy of using a blog post in a Facebook promotion, but surely, there are other ways to use them o advertise your dropshipping store.

13. Creating unique social media content

The secret of a fruitful promotion on social media, whether it be Facebook or Instagram, is delivering unique high-quality content that is relevant to the preferences of your target audience, and is hard to find in other sources. The content you are creating for your blog can either be simply shared in your social media accounts through posting the articles’ links, or repurposed. Repurposing means using the contents of your articles in a different format (shooting videos, drawing infographics, etc.) in order to make them more suitable for posting on this or that platform. The more people share these wonderful blog-based posts, the more exposure you get on social media, and the more potential buyers you can reach and attract.

14. Facilitating email marketing

As you can guess, the articles from your blog can also serve as the source of content for your email newsletters. You can, for example, notify your subscribers of the newest article published in your blog, or show a thematic selection of related articles dedicated to some separate topic.

15. Breaking the news

Your in-store blog is the perfect platform for sharing the news: announcing an upcoming sale, advertising the newest product additions, explaining the changes to your payment/delivery policy, etc. The main idea here is to try switching from a traditionally-looking boring news issue, and to sound as human and readed-oriented as possible.

16. Sharing the feedback

Your existing buyers’ opinion on the products they have purchased is an essential element of social proof that drives your business forward. Ask your customers to write about their opinions on the items they received, and ask for their permission to publish these reviews in your blog. For your readers, these real-life stories will be valuable and trust-inspiring.

Now, you know what is the purpose of a blog in your eCommerce store, and what are the numerous benefits of blogging in this business. We hope it will inspire you to boost your store performance with this free and powerful instrument!

By Olga L.
Olga is a content creator at AliDropship, and she aims to explain the most complicated drop shipping concepts in the simplest terms possible.
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