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AI Product Description Generator For Business: Introducing Sellika

By Artemis K.

a cover of the article on the product description generator by AliDropship - it's Sellika

Are you interested in how to facilitate the management of your business and reduce your participation by up to several clicks a day? Do you want to sell more without additional efforts and convert as many website visitors into customers as possible? If so, Sellika, a new AI product description generator by AliDropship is an absolute must-have for you!

Are you surprised that AI is ready to lift your business up to a whole new level and let you relax while it makes money for you? If so, it’s time to learn more about Sellika, product descriptions, and the way to work less, but earn more!

Important: in the article, there is a nice bonus for you. So stay tuned!

What are product descriptions?

Are you a dropshipping newcomer or even a person that is just about to start an online store? In this case, it’s important to learn more on what a product description is, why it plays a crucial role in your ecommerce business performance, and how to write a great product description that really sells.

A product description is a piece of marketing text and media materials used to describe what a product is and convince a potential customer that it’s worth buying.

Why are product descriptions important?

Actually, it’s paramount to pay attention to the fact that product descriptions are essential for both business owners and their potential customers.

For ecommerce website owners

Let’s start with the role of product descriptions for ecommerce website owners. There’s no surprise that well-thought-out product descriptions can help you increase the conversion rate significantly.

Don’t forget that a good product description is not only the opportunity to provide your potential customers with all the necessary information about the product and help them to decide whether it’s worth buying. It can also have a strong emotional effect on them.

Beyond this, great product descriptions have a positive influence on your website’s SEO ranking. A product description is a perfect space to add the most popular SEO keys to ensure an additional traffic flow.

Would you like to check if your ecommerce website is perfectly optimized for search engines to get more organic traffic? Here is a SEO ecommerce checklist, check it out!

For your potential customers

Are you likely to buy a product that has no description? We suppose you aren’t.

In turn, a detailed product description can provide you with all the necessary information on what it’s designed for, what its size and weight are, what it’s made of and where it’s assembled, etc. In this case, you’re a lot more likely to learn that this product is the one you’re looking for and make a purchase.

Don’t you know how to write a powerful product description? Here are 5 steps to write product descriptions that really sell.

The role of product descriptions for your ecommerce business performance cannot be assessed and compared. But writing a product description manually will take you lots of time, especially in case we’re speaking about a good one.

So how to get really powerful product descriptions in a quick and easy way? Actually, there’s an option.

Product description generators for ecommerce: overview

Nowadays there are tools that are designed to provide you with perfect, SEO-optimized product descriptions to boost sales and increase revenues – they are product description generators.

Have you ever heard about artificial intelligence in a sci-fi movie only? Actually, all you need to know right now is that AI is not fiction anymore! To date, AI-powered tools gradually become an integral part of human lives: they provide us with news, calculations, routs, etc.

Now AI comes to ecommerce: self-learning software is ready to ensure a purchase-oriented product description quickly and effortlessly to let you convert your website visitors into customers over and over again in an easy way.

Don’t you know how to make your ecommerce website sell more? Check out this high-converting online store theme for your business – it’s El Greco!

One of such tools designed to boost your sales and ensure effortless business management is Sellika – it’s a product description maker by AliDropship!

Meet Sellika – an AI product description generator for your business!

All right, what is Sellika capable of? Why can it play a crucial role in your business management & performance? And why do you lose much if you don’t still use it?

Well, first things first.

Sellika is an AI product description generator that automates the creation of your products’ descriptions with the power of computer vision.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? However, in order to better understand the possible Sellika’s importance for your business, it’s a good idea to take up its main principles.

  • Sellika uses algorithms of computer vision to detect and describe objects
  • The plugin uses machine learning to boost its own performance
  • It provides you with built-in product description templates and lets you create your own ones and edit them as you wish

If now it looks a lot more complex for you, we are ready to touch upon the exact points of what Sellika is capable of, or even how it can influence your business performance.

Sellika: what can a product description generator by AliDropship do for your business?

a picture introducing a new product description generator by AliDropship - it's Sellika

In practice, Sellika is a unique piece of software that has a lot of useful features to perform the following tasks for you with ease:

  • Editing product descriptions

Due to the computer vision that is, actually, a novelty for ecommerce and business in general, Sellika is now able to easily detect what an image of an imported product represents. Great, isn’t it?

What’s more, it doesn’t simply recognize an object on the image. It’s able to use the data further. It means when Sellika recognizes a product in the picture, it proceeds to a product description and title generation.

By the way, it doesn’t do this off the cuff. After Sellika recognizes what’s depicted in the picture, it analyzes how your competitors call this item in their stores in order to offer you the best option.

Moreover, Sellika does this automatically. All you have to do is to approve the title and description. Meanwhile, you also have an opportunity to easily change them in case you want them to reflect your brand or be unique in some other way.

  • Editing category descriptions

Actually, Sellika also provides you with the most promising category description as well.

Meantime, you are also able to change it in the way you like.

  • Renaming colors

When you import a product into your online store, in most cases, you also have to rename colors due to several reasons.

First of all, your suppliers are highly likely to give colors strange names. So your potential customers can be confused about them.

Furthermore, sometimes, instead of colors you can see a color code. Look at the picture below.

a picture showing how Sellika's attribute editor works

Here we can see that the original product has encoded colors. At the same time, in this case, we can still note the color name. However, as a rule, all the colors are represented as codes only.

So how to easily find a way out of this situation? So lean on Sellika! It will analyze the image, detect the color of the product on it, and suggest the most suitable option. It remains for you only to approve the variant or edit it.

  • Using the list of stop words for title

Let’s talk some more about titles. So Sellika also provides you with an opportunity to use a stop-words list for titles.

It’s extremely important due to lots of reasons. One of the most essential is that you need to permanently improve your website’s SEO positions. And search engines tend to look closely at what you notice in your product titles.

That’s why Sellika lets you use the built-in list of stop-words and even edit it in the way you like. This is very convenient, isn’t it?

Sellika: implementation of AI in your business

Indeed, due to its features, Sellika is happy to take care of a vast amount of work related to your business. So you can spend these time savings on the tasks that really require your participation. Great, isn’t it?

Well, but how to get, install, and make the right use of such long-anticipated software? First things first.

How to install Sellika

In fact, there is absolutely nothing challenging about Sellika’s installation. But first of all, you should make sure you have a WP website with an AliDropship Plugin or AliDropship WooCommerce Plugin installed.

Are you about to start your dropshipping business and looking for a solution to facilitate your business management considerably? If so, we recommend you pay your particular attention to AliDropship Plugin or AliDropship Plugin. These tools are designed to perform the majority of time-consuming tasks related to dropshipping.

By the way, you can also use Sellika without AliDropship Plugins, if your website is built with WooCommerce.

The installation process looks as follows.

  1. Log in to the admin area of your website
  2. Move to the ‘Plugins’ tab
  3. Click ‘Add New’ and ‘Upload Plugin’
  4. Click ‘Install’
  5. Finally, click ‘Activate Plugin’

So Sellika’s installation is carried out within 5 clicks!

However, don’t forget to enter your API keys. So you need to copy your Public and Secret Keys and insert them in the appropriate fields in Dashboard -> Sellika -> API keys.

And that’s it! After that, feel free to make the most of Sellika for your business and edit thousands of products quickly and effortlessly!

How to use Sellika, new AI product description generator, for the benefit of your business

So how to make the right use of Sellika? Actually, there is nothing challenging about it as well.

If you open the tab with products in your online store and move to one of them, you will see the Sellika Dashboard in the top right corner.

a screenshot proving that Sellika is extremely easy to use due to two active buttons

Here you have two active buttons:

  • Edit Product Info

If you click ‘Edit Product Info’, you see three titles Sellika suggests. Besides titles, you will see keywords for this product. So you can edit, add, or exclude keywords from the list since these are keywords Sellika uses to generate titles.

an image showing Sellika's automatic title editing option

Likewise, if you click the ‘Competitors’ tab, you will see how this product is called on other websites.

a picture highlighting that Sellika's showing competitor titles

This is really convenient, isn’t it?

Besides this, there is one more tab that is called ‘Additional content’. It lets you add any information you wish.

a picture showing why it's beneficial to let Sellika do product content writing

  • Rename colors

One more Sellika’s option that is available in the dashboard is renaming colors. So you need only to click ‘Rename Colors’. Then you will see the list of original product colors and the ones Sellika suggests. It remains for you only to choose the original or suggested one or edit it.

Please note that Sellika has a wealth of knowledge of colors. So it can not only recognize the color of the product on the image, but tends to indicate the color more precisely: coral, cherry blossom, etc.

Beyond the active buttons on the dashboard, there are some other functions Sellika is ready to provide you with.

  • Creating product/category description

Then move to the ‘Sellika’ tab, and you will see Sellika’s settings.

At the top of the page, there are Product and Category description options.

a picture showing the features the product description generator by AliDropship provides you with


So here you can freely customize which units Sellika should show or hide, etc.

  • Creating product SEO templates

Sellika is also designed to pay attention to the SEO ranking of your website.

So note that Sellika is able to create SEO titles and descriptions for your products if the following requirements are met:

1) You have a WooCommerce-based website

2) Yoast SEO Plugin is installed and activated on your website

So you move to Sellika’s settings where you will notice Product SEO templates.

a picture showing how this product description generator helps you make a seo-friendly website

Here you need to choose what your product titles and description need to consist of. So you can use tags or add the text you like.

Accordingly, each time you import a product into your online store, Sellika is going to create an SEO title and description for it. So it looks as follows.

a picture showing an example of sellika's seo snippet editor job


In case you don’t use Sellika and pay attention to your product SEO titles and descriptions, they will look like this.

a picture showing why it's important to consider seo snippets


  • Creating product and category description templates

One more Sellika’s function you asked for is creating your own templates for product and category descriptions. So you can easily add up to five templates for such blocks as Product Q&A and Ordering & Store Policies.

What’s more, for your convenience, you have an opportunity to use tags when considering your Product Promo and More Information blocks and all the three blocks for categories. You can look at the details on tags at AliDropship Knowledge Base or in the ‘Templates’ section.

  • Generating customer reviews

Due to the Sellika’s latest update, it’s now able to generate customer’s reviews to use them as social proof.

Are you eager to learn more about this option of Sellika? In this case, feel free to move to AliDropship Knowledge Base and read a detailed instructions on how to use Sellika’s review section for the benefit of your business.

So Sellika is a great and convenient tool, isn’t it?

In fact, Sellika has lots of more functions you can easily benefit from. So stay tuned!

Sellika’s pricing: how much will this AI product description generator cost you?


an image showing how much a product description generator by AliDropship costs

We provide you with an opportunity to use Sellika on a subscription basis.

You need to choose a plan according to which you will get 250, 600, or 2000 product description edits on your balance. The number of edits left you can see in the top right corner on a product page in your admin area or in the ‘API Keys’ section.

Since you should know how your balance is spent, here is how it works: each time you click ‘Edit Product Info’, you spend ‘1 edit’. Meanwhile, when you use other Sellika’s functions, your balance stays safe. However, if there are ‘0 edits’ on your balance, you won’t be able to use other functions as well, aside from category description creation.

These are the main aspects you need to pay attention to when dealing with Sellika. If you want to learn more about Sellika and its functions, feel free to read the articles about Sellika in AliDropship Knowledge base.

Why you need this AI product description generator: final thoughts on Sellika

a picture proving that a product description generator can bring your business to a whole new level

With all its merits, Sellika is ready to do an extremely heavy workload for you. It will take care of product and category descriptions, snippets, color renaming, etc. Meanwhile, you will have an opportunity to redirect your spare time to the tasks that really require your participation and ability to take decisions. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

And do you know why else Sellika is a must-have for your business? So have you ever thought about why production complexes are making great use of process automation, etc.?

In fact, this is logical: generally, computers can cope with an increasing workload and more quickly compared with a human. Meantime, the tasks are performed on a stable high-quality level to increase sales and boost your business performance.

And if we are speaking about Artificial Intelligence you can easily interfere with its work and that tends to be self-learning, the value seems evident.

Well, are you eager to save your time when running your ecommerce business, meantime, boost sales? Do you want to implement AI in your business making it perform the most fatiguing and time-consuming tasks? Then, feel free to use our new AI product description generator – it’s Sellika!
P.S. Here is a bonus for you: feel free to use the ‘SELLIKA15’ coupon to get a 15% discount on Sellika not only for the first month, but on a PERMANENT BASIS!

By Artemis K.
Artemis is a senior copywriter at AliDropship. Having received a BA degree in International Communication and MA degree in Advertising, he started his career working in a multinational petrochemical enterprise as a marketing specialist. To date, for a number of years, Artemis has been sharing the latest ecommerce trends with you, creating guides on how to start an online business from scratch, and keeping you updated on new IT solutions that help you optimize your venture.
Maci 4 years ago

Does this work for products already loaded?

Artyom K. 4 years ago

Hello, thank you for the interest!
Yes, it does! However, you should understand that you need to open the product you want to edit in your admin area and click ‘Edit Product Info’.

Florin Petric 4 years ago

Is this software suitable for an adult sex shop? Can this AI recognize such products and give them a normal description?

Artyom K. 4 years ago

Hello, thank you for the interest!
Yes, it can. Sellika works great with adult toys since they are not so different from other products.

Terp 4 years ago

What happens if I purchase a package and use up all the edits? Do I repurchase at same price and start over or do I get a discount?

Artyom K. 4 years ago

Hello, thank you for the interest!
If you are out of ‘edits’, you can simply wait for the next month and your balance will top up.
If you need to top up your balance right now, feel free to upgrade your subscription plan. Learn more about managing your Sellika subcription plan here –

Manisha 4 years ago


May I know, do we need to subscribe to the plan regularly or can we can cancel it after a month?

I mean, let’s say, I have 200 products and I use 250 edits monthly plan.

Now, the products are optimised. So, I want to cancel the plan.

So, if I cancel the plan, will the edits or optimisation resets to default or the optimised prodcuts still remains optimised and edited even after we can cancel the plan and uninstall the plugin.

With Regards.

Artyom K. 4 years ago

Hello, thank you for the interest!
The products you have optimized in the admin area of your website will remain optimized even in case you decide to cancel the subscription. As for cancellation of subscription, you are able to do this at any moment. However, please pay attention to the fact that if you want to make the most of your business, you should change the product range of your online store and add new products to it on the permanent basis. For your convenience, it’s good idea not to subscribe and unsubscribe every time you need to use Sellika.

Martim Pinto 3 years ago

Hi guys,

I’ve a question regarding this addon.
What would happen in case I have used the split feature in a multiple product (several different tshirt designs) and now I have 10 new single products? By using the addon now in the 10 new single tshirts, will the title, description and tags be adjusted/suggested properly? Or will be the same title across the 10 single products?

Thank you

Artyom Kopylov 3 years ago

Hi, thank you for the interest!
If you’ve decided to add 10 similar products of different colors, please get ready for the outcome when Sellika creates similar titles for the products. It’s due to the fact that Sellika will have to analyze similar or even the same pictures. If you want to make them different, please read this article –
Meantime, in case you decide to keep your product range as it is right now, Sellika will provide you with different descriptions since they are not tied to a product picture.

Martim 3 years ago

Hi Artyom,
Thank you so much for your reply, that really makes me getting closer of giving Sellika a try 🙂
Two last questions:
1- I use the Aliexpress Dropshipping Plugin on my store (not the woocommerce version), will Sellika work fine with it, right?
2- Regarding the SEO friendly product tittle, description, keyword, I believe that it won’t work in my case (even if I have the Yoast) as it requires the woocommerce version of alidropship, correct? is there any turnaround to have the SEO friendly products tittles, description, etc. part?

Thank you,

Artyom Kopylov 3 years ago

Hi, Martim!
Thank you for your response.
1) Sellika is fully compatible with both AliDropship Plugin and AliDropship Woo Plugin.
2) As for SEO-friendly product titles, descriptions, and so-on, you get them anyway if using Sellika, and it doesn’t matter you have AliDropship Plugin or AliDropship Woo Plugin. The point is that if you have a WooCommerce-based website, you need to use Seillika’s settings to customize SEO-friendly titles. In case you have a WordPress website with AliDropship Original Plugin, you need to customize this in the AliDropship Plugin’s menu.
I hope I’ve helped you handle this, and you will give Sellika a try. Thank you!

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