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The Secrets Behind A Winning Instagram Post Template For Your Ecommerce Business

By Diana С.

Making a powerful Instagram post template

More than 25 million companies worldwide are already using Instagram for business, and more than 200 million users visit at least one business profile every day.  Not bad, right?

Of course, Instagram is definitely a powerful marketing tool. That’s why it’s so important to be smart about generating posts that will help you promote your brand. You should create a content & design plan for your Instagram business account to attract potential customers and a loyal audience for long-term cooperation.

However, creating an attractive Instagram feed takes design skills. And besides that, you need to post at least once a day so that Instagram’s algorithms don’t throw you out of this game. And this will definitely make you feel nervous.

But don’t worry, our dear dropshipper! We will tell you how to create a winning Instagram post template, and also share useful resources that will make your life much easier. They will help you generate a lot of ready-made incredible images for your Instagram feed.

How Instagram boosts businesses

Instagram is a strong marketing tool and has been for some time now. It is one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide, with more than 1 billion active monthly users.

With it, you can showcase high-quality visual content to promote your business, like the Instagram post template.

This platform has shown itself as a powerful tool for many marketing strategies. It is also great for increasing brand awareness and engagement within and outside the platform.

Regardless of size and niche, brands have huge sales potential with Instagram given that 83% of its active users use the platform to discover new products.

It is evident that users are more likely to engage with brands they love on Instagram. Thus, you have to create content that is appropriate to your prospective clients.

If that’s not enough for you to use this digital giant, here are a few more benefits to using Instagram for business.

  • Instagram posts increase brand visibility

Instagram’s rise in the social media space has earned them over one billion active users, over half of whom use the platform on a daily basis. Imagine the reach your business could have if you expand your marketing strategies.

Instagram allows its users to share posts on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

With businesses flooding Instagram, you can also separate yourself from the herd through hashtags. With hashtags, when properly used, you will make your brand even more recognizable and appealing to the public.

  • Instagram allows effective engagement with customers

A great business doesn’t just work to build an empire but also to build a relationship with its customers and clients to boost retention and brand awareness.

Instagram’s users can like and share your posts which will earn you more visibility across the platform. Moreover, through the comment section, they can leave their opinions about products and services.

Utilizing Instagram Stories also helps users see the ‘human side’ of a business and establish a more personal connection with your business. Here, you can showcase the Behind-the-scenes photos or video clips showing product shoots, production processes, live Q&A sessions relevant to your company or your product or service.

  • Instagram allows you to better understand your customer base

There will always be more to find out about your target audience. Thus, your marketing strategies should be as fluid and as flexible as possible to fit the needs of your audience.

Stay ahead by using Instagram Insights. This feature provides you with relevant information about your followers and the performance of your content. You can use insights to improve your marketing plans and to build the right Instagram template for your brand.

What to pay attention to when you’re making an Instagram post template?

1. Post format

Of course, the traditional format of posts that allows you to get likes and comments is still popular among business accounts. But don’t underestimate Instagram stories which have firmly conquered the marketing industry.

Instagram stories collage

As the statistics show, 500 million accounts use the Instagram Stories feature daily. So, when you’re creating your post, ask yourself if it deserves publication as a story or as a traditional post.

But when creating a template, do not forget about the size difference between the feed and the story.

Instagram post template sizes and dimensions comparison

You can also find ready-made templates on the Internet and customize them depending on your needs.

2. Images you use

If you decide that you don’t need photos for your Instagram feeds  – it’s okay! You can use text overlay on a solid-color background and create your brand on it.

Instagram post templates based on solid-color images

But if you prefer to use photos, then there are several options here. You can take a photo on your phone/camera or just borrow photos from your supplier and make sure they meet the criteria below.

You do not need to study photography at a professional level! It is enough to know a few basic principles of phone photography, and then great pictures for your business are guaranteed:

  • Use gridlines to balance your shot
  • Focus on one subject
  • Find different perspectives
  • Use leading lines
  • Look for symmetry
  • Keep an eye out for repetitive patterns
  • Avoid zooming in
  • Use natural light
  • Consider buying a mobile tripod
  • Clean your phone’s lens
  • Don’t be afraid to edit
  • Show what’s going on behind the scenes, the working process or team: it will always be interesting for your customers

Visually appealing Instagram post templates in a feed

3. Design elements

Don’t copy someone else’s visual content completely! This can undermine the credibility of your business.

Get inspired by studying your competitors, explore Pinterest for inspiration, so you can definitely find your own unique style.

Using various design elements for social media posts

4. Branded fonts

You can choose your corporate identity directly in the Instagram Story editor, or you can use apps to create Instagram templates (we’ll talk about them later). But the main rule is to use this font everywhere to make it associated with your brand.

An example of using branded fonts for social media posts

5. Branded colors

You don’t need to use every color in the rainbow. Stick to your brand colors that you use in your store. Try to focus on them as it will help you in promoting your brand in the long run.

An example of making a color-specific posting schedule

6. Advertising posts & info posts

For all types of posts, you need to use only high quality photos! And as for advertising posts, they should also be depicted in such a way that the functionality of the product is clear.

In addition to this, your brand voice is just as important as your brand look. Instagram captions can be up to 2,200 characters long, so you can talk about anything you want. But remember that without tapping, an Instagram user will only see the first two lines of text appearing in the news feed.

The optimal Instagram caption length is 125 characters for an ad and 138–150 characters for organic posts. Use it wisely!

Best apps to create a cool Instagram post template

Of course, you can make your own unique templates using Photoshop or another image editor, but you will spend a lot of time on it. There are a large number of design editors apps that offer free pre-made templates for creating content on Instagram, so you can easily save your precious resources.

Pre-designed templates can make the job of designing Instagram Stories or Feed posts much easier by taking out all the hard work of figuring out exactly where to place your text, image, or video.

1. Canva

Canva is free graphic design software that you can use online or in a mobile app, and it’s a dream for anyone who works with creating image content.

Examples of Instagram post templates made with Canva

2. Unfold

Another popular app is Unfold. It lets users add different borders and text to their photos. Unfold has a great variety of clean and modern templates. It’s now one of the most popular template apps for Instagram Stories!

Examples of Instagram post templates made with Unfold

3. Storyluxe

Storyluxe is the favorite of all business Instagram accounts. It is packed with a wide variety of dynamic Instagram story templates.

Examples of Instagram post templates made with Storyluxe

4. Made

Unlike most pre-made template apps, Made is equipped with customizable page backgrounds, 40 different colors, 80+ pattern designs, and 16 custom fonts to help you create perfectly on-brand templates with just a few taps.

Examples of Instagram post templates made with Made

Using an app to create Instagram Stories & Feed posts templates is a foolproof way to create some really stand-out content on-the-go.

5. ReciteThis


If you’re interested in creating a template for quote posts, it’s easy to do. Try – ReciteThis

To create a quote template for Instagram, go to ReciteThis, then follow these three easy steps:

  • Enter your quote in the text box.
  • Click the left or right arrows to peruse templates and choose one you like. Once you’ve chosen a template and written your text, click the “Create” button in the text box.
  • Click “Download Image” to post to Instagram’s desktop version, or email it to yourself to post on your phone.

6. Creative Market


If you’re willing to shell out the cash, you might consider buying one of Creative Market’s Instagram Template bundles, a bundle with Instagram Story content or a bundle to help you create a cohesive theme for your Instagram feed.

Making a captivating Instagram post template: conclusion

Congrats! You’re all set to create and save a well-performing Instagram post template! Now, you can focus on attracting a loyal following without tediously designing a post from scratch every day. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment: that’s how you will definitely gain experience and find your own unique brand style!

If you need expert assistance with your Instagram feed, you can ask our team to make  Engaging Social Media Posts tailored to your business. You’ll get a unique brand style based on your preferences, and you’ll be free to use it not only for Instagram, but also for Facebook and Twitter posts as well.

By Diana С.
Diana is a seasoned Internet Marketing Specialist who loves to explore new selling techniques, help customers promote their stores, and share all that experience with you!
Kayode 3 years ago

Is this different from the social rabbit plug in? Thanks

Olga Lavrinovich 3 years ago

Hi, thank you for your interest!
With the Social Rabbit plugin, you prepare images and texts for your social media posts, and the Rabbit uses these materials to make automated posts in your accounts.
So, you can use the tips from the first part of this article to create great pre-made materials for the Social Rabbit!

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