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Trending Products In 2019: What 7 eCommerce Product Trends To Feature In Your Store

By Olga L.

7 eCommerce product trends for 2019

Are you curious to know what eCommerce product trends will be present in the dropshipping industry in 2019? We are beyond excited to research the market and to offer you some nice ideas for your online store!

The world is changing really fast.

Thanks to the hard work of scientists and researchers all over the globe, technologies and manufacturing processes are getting more and more advanced. Therefore, it gets cheaper and more convenient to produce various types of items. That’s how they become more accessible on different markets worldwide.

At the same time, influencers and bloggers invent and introduce new ‘hot’ lifestyle habits almost daily! A huge audience observes them through social networks and other media, and drives the demand for ‘must-have’ items of the season.

What does it mean for you as for a dropshipping store owner?

Basically, if you want to stay at the top of your game, you need to be aware of the latest market movements – and re-evaluate them regularly.

That’s why we never stop making trending product selections. Indeed, a niche recommendation article written over a year ago might be quite outdated by now – and needs to be replaced with a more relevant one.

So, let’s dive in, and look what are the general eCommerce expectations from this year!

eCommerce product trends of 2019: Bluetooth becomes the technology of the future


Last year, Bluetooth technology has seen some impressive innovations. Thanks to them, Bluetooth devices now provide an unmatched customer experience, and support a much higher quality of life.

Speakers, headphones, earphones, chargers, trackers, smart home devices, sports and health wearables are the Bluetooth gadgets that are expected to change the face of wireless technology really soon.

If a high-tech future excites you, why not turn your passion into a money-making niche for an online business? Just a quick look at the number of orders of the following AliExpress items is enough to see a huge potential of this niche.

Foldable earphones


Price – US $11.58-14.02, rating – 4.8*, number of orders – 14281

Custom coloured headset


Price – US $11.54, rating – 4.9*, number of orders – 2728

Portable speaker


Price – US $13.58-15.00, rating – 4.9*, number of orders – 15203

eCommerce trending products 2019: the rise of magnetic tech


The power of magnets is used in various devices and gadgets quite commonly. Most likely, you own such an accessory yourself: magnetic chargers with various adapters are highly popular among smartphone users.  

Much like any other technology, magnetic devices are evolving rapidly, and it certainly attracts the audience’s attention.

For example, a magnetic car mount that enables wireless iPhone charging is featured in a list of the most interesting mobile accessories shown on CES 2019. It’s an impressive achievement:  CES, which is the annual Consumer Electronics Show, is the biggest and the most ambitious tech show in the world.

So, if this technology can really make a great impact on customers’ lives, maybe, it’s a good idea to include it in your store offering? It’s up to you to decide, of course – but these numbers of orders certainly speak for themselves.

Apple watch charger


Price – US $10.44, rating – 4.8*, number of orders – 2156

Magnetic USB cable


Price – US $1.59-4.99, rating – 4.9*, number of orders – 14756

Magnetic phone holder


Price – US $3.99-4.99, rating – 4.9*, number of orders – 24929

eCommerce product trends of 2019: what about pillows?


If you want to dream big, it’s vital to dream well.

Earlier, we’ve already discussed the importance and potential of handy sleep accessories. Still, it seems that in 2019, the so-called ‘sleep optimisation’ will be more important than ever.

Workers, students, parents – millions of people around the globe suffer from a low sleep quality. Surely, not all of them can afford branded memory foam and gel pillows, but does it mean they don’t deserve a proper sleep care?

The following sample selection of AliExpress items shows a wide variety of options you can offer your clients. Sometimes, a great change to a person’s life starts with a usual, routine thing. Don’t you want to be this little change to the world?

U-shape pillow


Price – US $21.83, rating – 4.7*, number of orders – 2063

Bamboo fiber pillow


Price – US $8.99-19.99, rating – 4.8*, number of orders – 1500

Memory foam pillow


Price – US $8.76, rating – 4.8*, number of orders – 2609

eCommerce product trends of 2019: self-organization tools are a priority


Since we’ve started talking about the quality of daily customers’ life, it’s a great moment to mention planners and their role in our personal development.

According to the LinkedIn 2018 Workplace Learning Report, last year, surprisingly, technical competency wasn’t the most important skill for employees to master. Instead, the surveyed managers and executives said that so-called ‘soft skills’ have a paramount importance.

That’s why the habit of planning and taking notes is thought to be one of the 3 most important skills to perfect in 2019. And, with these cute supporting aids, it will be easy and pleasant for your buyers to start documenting and improving their lives!

Sticky note planner


Price – US $0.83, rating – 4.8*, number of orders – 4349

Floral monthly planner


Price – US $4.48-4.49, rating – 4.8*, number of orders – 1652

100 day countdown calendar


Price – US $0.59, rating – 4.7*, number of orders – 1513

eCommerce product trends of 2019: large bags & backpacks are in


As analysts report, the demand for a healthy lifestyle and fitness-related products is growing rapidly. The reason for it is quite simple: the amount of middle class buyers is increasing steadily across the globe. It means that more and more people can afford costly yet beneficial hobbies like gym training, hiking, and other sports & outdoors activities.

Naturally, these hobbies require some high-quality gear – and durable, practical, good-looking sports/travel bags definitely are the essentials.

Even the fashion industry reports that one of the first trends to emerge this year is a huge, ‘human-sized’ backpack with a 180L capacity.

And, while it’s not really necessary to go to such extremes in your store product offering, it might be great to consider different types of fitness, travel and hiking bags and backpacks. In this case, you can try targeting several customer segments at once, and appeal to both gym-goers and outdoor fans.

40L waterproof backpack


Price – US $21.29-22.66, rating – 4.8*, number of orders – 981

PU workout handbag


Price – US $39.96, rating – 5.0*, number of orders – 80

Large canvas bag


Price – US $27.58-32.69, rating – 4.9*, number of orders – 706

eCommerce product trends of 2019: catchy clothing prints rule


Floral prints and striped fabrics are once again thriving on runways. What’s more, the trend of prints mixing is said to be huge in 2019.

So, if you’re dropshipping clothes and accessories in your store, opt for bold colors and contrasting patterns! Your buyers will be happy to see the cutting-edge fashion in your product offering.

Let’s see what are the matching items we can find on AliExpress!

Geometric pattern dress


Price – US $11.91, rating – 4.9*, number of orders – 940

Striped sweatpants


Price – US $22.18, rating – 4.8*, number of orders – 451

Floral embroidered blouse


Price – US $7.86-8.77, rating – 4.8*, number of orders – 801

eCommerce product trends of 2019: let’s glow and shine


The last year trend of sparkling jewelry and glittering accessories continues to thrive this season.

Now, everyone is crazy for shimmery fabrics, and fashionistas are hunting for lovely metallic textures of silk and satin.

Certainly, AliExpress sellers offer the widest range of apparel and accessories that meet the new public demand!

Hair bow


Price – US $1.71, rating – 4.8*, number of orders – 1018

Dinosaur pattern tie


Price – US $6.92, rating – 4.8*, number of orders – 298

Retro style scarf


Price – US $3.66, rating – 4.8*, number of orders – 803

These were the most interesting eCommerce product trends to follow in 2019. We hope they will serve as an inspiration for your own business plans and strategies for this year!

By Olga L.
Olga is a Copywriting Director at AliDropship. She works on guides, tutorials, and other educational materials to help you start and run your dropshipping business with ease.
Adam January 9, 2019 10:16:22

That’s really interesting!!!

TOLULOPE January 9, 2019 10:33:00

dropshipping to nigeria is any problem

    Lanu Bennett March 4, 2019 11:19:42

    You can own a drop-shipping website in Nigeria, but you don’t have to serve Nigeria. You can target any other A1 countries where postal services is more sincere and better. I agree that logistics to drop ship to Nigeria might be tough and not worth it,

Ulrich Archie-Bong January 9, 2019 21:09:11

Hi Olga, compliment of the seasons!

I’ve been on your email list for awhile now and I must confess that you’re an expert in DROPSHIP business. I say this because of the quality articles you post on you’ve made me to be highly interested in DROPSHIP business. A business model I really don’t know much about but before I place order for either the plugin or custom store I’ll like to know if this business will yield good dividence for my investment here in Nigeria.

Please furnish me with information about how I can start and succeed in this business here in Nigeria.

You may be surprised to know that online business people can’t get paid via paypal. We can only use PayPal to buy, we can’t sell online using paypal. I wouldn’t know if there is any other payment processor that is as popular as paypal that is opened to Nigerian online businessperson. I say this because that’s one of the major challenge I’m facing doing business online.

Please respond quickly. If your response is positive, I intend placing order on or before the end of March, 2019.

Thanking you in advance for your prompt and favourable response.

Ulrich Archie-Bong.

Joe Yee January 13, 2019 4:12:55

Hi Olga,
Thank you for the interesting article.

I have bought the alidropship plugin but I have not started building my store yet as I am stuck which niche direction to go.

May be you can help me to move forward by answering some of the questions I have right now.

1) Do you recommend general store or niche store for a beginner?
2) Some marketers suggested to build our business based on what we are passionate about. Does this idea applicable to dropship business?
3) I heard there are products that we should avoid promoting, do you have a list of these products?

Thanks in advance.

    Yaroslav Nevsky January 14, 2019 4:20:03


    I would recommend you using a narrow niche, not a general one with multiple product categories of different topics. Always consider ‘niching down’ to small subsets of the overlying niche in your store. Sell something that isn’t readily available locally. Pick something your customer can’t find down the street. And make sure your product appeals to impulse buyers, something nice, cool and unique.

Saurabh Singh February 5, 2019 19:16:54

I am from India. And want to sell products in USA. How can i sell products other countries.

christopher v. perez February 8, 2019 3:04:09

hi miss Olga, good day i am from the Philippines. may i know the transaction if i am going to order the product, do i have express the payment first? or is it possible of waiting the product before sending the payment. i am a regular employee from the finance company i am working in field for almost 10 years 6 years in sales as senior sales and going to 4 in finance. and presently i am working. thank you and God Bless..

    Yaroslav Nevsky February 8, 2019 4:15:40

    Hello, first your customer pays you for a product, then you go to AliExpress and pay your supplier for this product. The supplier ships the product to your client. I recommend that you check this article to learn more about how dropshipping model works.

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