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Why Customers Buy From Niche Stores Instead of AliExpress?

By Olga L.

Why Niche Stores Are Great

As you probably know, AliDropship team is not only working on creating ready-to-go dropshipping webstores for customers and providing all the necessary support – the company also runs its very own dropshipping stores.

Seeing and managing this process from inside gives us an incredible competitive advantage. Being owners of our own dropshipping stores, we can see and experience all the steps of this operating process – the same as our customers have. And this, in turn, gives us a brilliant opportunity to work with our clients much more effectively as we have a clear and detailed understanding of the whole routine.

One of the questions we quite often hear and read from our customers is ‘Why would I get a specialized dropshipping store if all these items are already available on AliExpress? Why would people make their purchase from my store that is unfamiliar to them instead of addressing a globally renowned platform?’

This is why we decided to write this article: we want to share the reasons of niche shops being more appealing for buyers than AliExpress.

Top 5 reasons why customers like niche stores more than AliExpress

Why Niche Stores Are Great

1. It’s easier to find the necessary product

AliExpress gained itself the reputation of an immensely huge online trading platform where you can find practically anything. The platform currently hosts a huge amount of sellers, and the number of products on offer far exceeds 100 million items. It means it is possible to source almost any kind of product regardless of its category and special features.

A dedicated webstore with a limited amount of categories gives you an opportunity to find the necessary product quickly and effortlessly.

Nevertheless, industry analysis shows that customers who look for a particular product with clearly defined specifications are much more likely to go for a niche store than browse AliExpress. It can be explained by the fact that it is not easy to look through numerous product options and choose the one that fully suits a customer’s needs. This is why potential buyers don’t visit a website of an enormous marketplace where they can easily get lost – they prefer a dedicated website with a limited amount of product categories that gives them an opportunity to find the necessary product quickly and effortlessly. Apart from that, a webstore that concentrates on a particular niche or category is much more likely to have not some generic items, but highly specialized products instead.

2. It’s more convenient to place an order

Speaking of simplicity of the purchasing process, it is necessary to mention that the vast majority of AliDropship stores allow customers to place their orders in a simple and understandable way. Contrary to AliExpress, these webstores don’t require visitors to register – it is possible to check out and make a payment directly through PayPal. Therefore, no additional time and effort is spent on providing data, verification, etc. Thanks to this feature, our customers have an unmatched shopping experience that surely motivates them to come back for more. Even if customers don’t have any previous experience of online buying, they can easily deal with such stores without any technical issues.

Niche webstores don’t require visitors to register, and it facilitates impulse shopping.

It is quite important since this feature, above all else, facilitates impulse shopping. If customers happen to visit such a store accidentally and get immediately interested in some of the products, the simplicity of shopping process will surely encourage them to make a purchase without any second thoughts.

3. It’s a nicer customer experience

It is typical for sellers placing their offers on AliExpress to work with a wide range of product categories. Ideally, that would require a webstore owner to have extensive knowledge covering all the specifications and peculiarities of the offerings . Unfortunately, quite often this is not the case, and it makes potential purchasers turn to smaller dedicated webstores.

Niche stores are notable for friendly atmosphere created by passionate and entusiastic sellers.

People who create narrowly focused online stores dealing with a limited amount of items are typically deeply interested in this particular sphere. It means that they have a true passion towards this certain product range, and therefore they are enthusiastic to create friendly and favorable atmosphere in the store.  It is especially important for thematic stores dealing with fan merchandise – the better client service you provide to loyal fans, the higher are the odds to see them and their friends again soon.

4. It’s much easier to get help

Everyone who ever purchased something online knows how important it is for a seller to be well-informed about each and every product on offer. As follows from the above considerations, an owner of a webstore that works with multiple product niches can potentially have some difficulties with providing accurate and relevant data on every client enquiry. From the point of view of a seller this can easily be understood since managing such a store is quite a demanding task requiring an enormous effort, but from the point of view of a buyer it can cause a great inconvenience.

Well-informed experts can provide quick and full answers to any niche-related questions.

On the contrary, niche stores working with a limited amount of products are typically known for the high quality of provided customer support. Since these stores employ well-informed experts with a deep passion towards the products on offer, customers can safely count on quick and full answers to any niche-related questions that can potentially arise. These sellers are also informed well enough to advise buyers on technical aspects of placing an order and making a payment. This is not always the case with AliExpress purchases – the wait for an answer from the platform’s technical support can take a significant amount of time.

5. It’s more pleasant to navigate the store.

Due to the technical peculiarities of the platform, all of the AliExpress stores have the same layout that makes it really difficult for a store owner to create a memorable and recognizable marketplace. It means that customers will have a hard time trying to remember the exact store where they occasionally saw this or that item, and most likely they will end up purchasing it elsewhere. Apart from that, no changes can be made into the store layout in case it is uncomfortable for either buyers or sellers, which can cause a certain inconvenience.

Convenient customized layout and professional design turn niche stores into user-friendly and memorable marketplaces.

In turn, nicely and professionally designed niche stores can easily prompt visitors to make a purchase – the aforementioned impulse buying heavily depends on store usability. Additionally, layout of these stores can be customized in a way that is clear and understandable for any kind of buyer. What is also important, due to their peculiar design, such stores have their own spirit and atmosphere, and it certainly motivates customers to come again for more.

Aren’t these the perfect reasons for you to start your own dropshipping journey?

By Olga L.
Olga is a Copywriting Director at AliDropship. She works on guides, tutorials, and other educational materials to help you start and run your dropshipping business with ease.
Adam April 6, 2018 10:31:19

Thanks Ola!

Ramesh April 6, 2018 12:56:55

thanks, Olga this post answered many questions I was thinking about, more encouraged now!

Kevin July 14, 2018 19:47:19

Hi, wouldn’t your talented site developers want to make stores for themselves instead of helping others?

    Yaroslav Nevsky July 17, 2018 20:54:57

    Hi, they do not want to develop sites for themselves since they do not know how to promote these sites, because they are developers you know:)

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