• HTML5/CSS 3
  • Fully Responsive (Tested on Multiple Devices)
  • Flat Design Style
  • Built-in Customizer: easy to customize
  • Complete Localization: translate the theme into the language of your choice
  • SEO Optimized
  • Inner Pages: Category, Grid, Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar, Product Page, Order, Checkout, Cart, About, Contact, Blog, Subscription form, Search form
  • Top Menu
  • Main Menu
  • Banners Slideshow
  • Special Product Groups
  • Images Inner Zoom
  • Support and Update
  • Bootstrap 3
  • Compatible with RTL languages

Version 0.11.3 – 13.02.2018 (Current version)

Product could not be removed from the Add to cart modal window

Version 0.11.2 – 30.01.2018 

Image LazyLoad compatibility with Internet Explorer 11

Product page images preloader (when LazyLoad is activated)

Version 0.11.1 – 25.01.2018 

Image LazyLoad option (product page speed optimization) can be enabled/disabled in Customization => Single product

Version 0.11.0 – 21.01.2018 

Single product page optimization

ZIP code checkbox added to Customization => Checkout

‘Terms and Conditions’ open in a new tab on Checkout

Third Reviews column removed

Cross-selling option can be disabled in Customization => Single product

Page scroll bug fixed (on mobile)

Version 0.10.8 – 07.12.2017 

Shipping details fields on Checkout aligned

Variations bug fixed. Product images did not change when choosing different attributes

Background image bug fixed

Social media icons enlarged on single product page (on mobile)

Version 0.10.7 – 01.12.2017

‘No reviews yet’ text added in Review tab if there are no reviews available

Multiple images posts (Instagram) support added

ZIP code checkbox added on Checkout

Version 0.10.6 – 22.11.2017

Leave a review box bug fixed

Version 0.10.5 – 17.11.2017

Product review tab improved

WordPress Customization layout bug fixed

Version 0.10.4 – 08.11.2017

Customers’ shipping details are saved in case credit card details entered wrong

Preloader added next to Proceed to Pay button

Possibility of submitting the first review added

Variations bug fixed

Blog placeholder bug fixed

Bug in checkout price with no discount applied fixed

Shipping dropdown menu bug fixed on mobile (on Add to cart, on Checkout)

Mobile main menu bug fixed

Minor improvements in Returns page added

Version 0.10.3 – 24.10.2017

Out of stock product variations shown as inactive.

City field on Checkout page shoud be filled manually.

Version 0.10.2 – 19.10.2017

New Shipping page design added

New Returns page design added

Category menu color linked to Template color

Cart icon color bug fixed (mobile version). Cart icon color changed to the default one on mobiles

Add to Cart modal window layout fixed. Text lines overlapped each other

New My account design added

Version 0.10.1 – 04.10.2017

Right-to-left languages compatibility

Variations bug fixed

Facebook and Instagram links added in Customization => Social Media => Social Pages links

Best Deals, Top Selling, New Arrivals blocks made clickable

Measurement “Pixel” added to image requirements in Customization

Instagram widget images optimized

Version 0.9.24 – 13.09.2017

Bug with scrolling on mobile version fixed

Shipping bug fixed

Version 0.9.23 – 07.09.2017

Shipping options displaying on checkout page fixed

Version 0.9.22 – 28.08.2017

reCAPTCHA on Contact page appears only if it is enabled in settings

Breadcrumbs navigation fixed

Version 0.9.21 – 18.08.2017

Captcha was added to contact page

Version 0.9.20 – 23.07.2017

Back to top button was added

Blog page update

Discount issue was solved

Version – 14.07.2017

Shipping & Delivery page update

Version 0.9.18 – 29.06.2017

Custom Blog

Version 0.9.16 – 14.06.2017

Rotating time option added in slider

Version 0.9.14 – 25.04.2017

Minor changes have been made

Version 0.9.13 – 18.04.2017

Customisable background image added

Version 0.9.12 – 11.04.2017

Minor changes have been made

Version 0.9.11 – 03.04.2017

Minor changes have been made

Version 0.9.9 – 14.03.2017

Loading speed optimisation
Color customisation for purchase buttons added

Version 0.9.8 – 21.02.2017

Arrows issue on credit card gateway in Firefox fixed
Price format fixed
Top menu improved
Footer updated
Facebook widget added

Version 0.9.4 – 23.01.2017

Prices added to related products
Number of orders can be removed in Single Product settings

Version 0.9.3 – 20.01.2017

Version 0.9 – 19.01.2017

Register button added
Country and state fields traded places
Social media section title is changeable
Rendering prices after loading pages
WP Super Cache plugin full support

Version 0.8.1 – 16.01.2017

Version 0.7.2 – 05.01.2017

Version 0.7.1 – 30.12.2016

Version 0.6.6 – 13.12.2016

Version 0.6.5 – 02.12.2016

Version 0.6.1 – 22.11.2016