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A Brand New Way To Get Thousands Of Awesome Products For Online Stores

By Andrey Y.


Creating your product offer is one of the most time-consuming and challenging tasks in the dropshipping business. So, what is the fastest and most effective way to get products for your online store? Let’s figure this out!

After you’ve made the decision to start the dropshipping business and bought AliDropship plugin, you’re going to face the challenge of filling your online store with products.

So, how are you planning to handle this task?

Of course, you can go straight to AliExpress to pick the goods.

However, if you choose this way, you’ll end up having your hands full by exploring the endless number of its sellers and items.

Moreover, you’ve got a bigger fish to fry. For example, working on your marketing strategy, providing customer service, etc. Let alone the fact that you should free up some time for your private life.

Who wouldn’t like to work less and still get the same or even better results?

I suppose, nobody would turn down the opportunity to take some weight off their shoulders.

Let’s look at the options you’ve got to make it possible.

Sourcing products on large eCommerce platforms


Don’t get the wrong end of the stick.

Using other websites doesn’t mean that you should quit AliExpress.

Why should you kill the goose that lays the golden egg?

Actually, other sites could give you some product ideas for your own online store. And when you know which items are going to make a killing, you’ll be able to find similar or even the same goods on AliExpress.

In other words, you just narrow down your focus.

In our previous articles, we’ve already described how you can turn eBay, Pinterest, and Amazon into the sources of brilliant product ideas. Take a look at them to keep going!

To cut it short, you can easily track the products of high demand on these websites. This, in turn, will let you reduce the time you spend on AliExpress to create your product offer.

However, even if you have a clue on the products to sell, there are some tasks left which still eat into your precious time.

Leaving AliExpress product pages as they are after importing goods to your store isn’t a good idea.

Put simply, you should create appealing and informative product pages to increase your conversion rate. This includes:

  • Changing product title
  • Writing description
  • Adding quality images
  • Importing customer reviews
  • Etc.

The most essential and time-consuming tasks from this list are related with descriptions and images.

Luckily, we have some good news for you! You can get around all these tasks and go straight to the selling process.

How to get products for your online store with DropshipMe plugin


It would be great to avoid all the problems listed above, wouldn’t it? The money-making part of dropshipping is too attractive to put it on hold, right?

For this, you need to find someone who would point out the best products on AliExpress to you and someone who would make your product offer look more appealing.


You can install DropshipMe plugin and kill two birds with one stone.

This plugin gives you access to thousands of the most promising items from AliExpress. You can just type the name of a product and you’ll see the list of options. Thus, you don’t need to do a product research – everything’s done for you by the team of professionals.


The best part of this is that every item DropshipMe contains is manually edited by our specialists. It means that all the titles, descriptions, reviews and images are already created and added. You even can see the recommended prices to set and the possible profit.


And the cherry on top is that you can start using the plugin right now without any money. The plugin’s packages let you import the first 50 products for free! So, a single click on “Import” button makes any product you like go right to your online store.

And, for the entrepreneurs who think 50 products are not enough to make a proper online store, we have a special treat! PAYLESS20 coupon gives you a 20% discount off any paid DropshipMe package.

It sounds like a real shortcut and a great deal for dropshipping entrepreneurs, doesn’t it?

The dropshipping business has become the key to financial independence for dozens of people around the world. At the same time, it’s a competitive field. To get the better of your rivals, you should be faster and more prepared than they are. DropshipMe plugin is the unmatched tool that gives you the advantage to get products for online store in the blink of an eye. Try it out and make sure of its efficiency!

By Andrey Y.
Andrey has just joined AliDropship team. He’s exploring dropshipping business from the very beginning. And, he’s going to share with you the most essential things newcomers need to know.
Nishit 4 years ago

So if someone has alidropshop plugin, they can just install dropshipme plugin to add 50 products to their store for free considering that those products are sourced from top sellers and products are manually edited. Anyone who is new can start the project with 50 products and then scale as feasible. Is my assumption correct?

Andrey Y. 4 years ago

Hi, Nishit
That’s correct. You can start for free and add 50 products from the best AliExpress sellers. To scale your business you need to buy one of the Dropshipme packages depending on how many products you want to add. If you use coupon code PAYLESS20, you can get 20% discount on each package you like

Krisss 4 years ago

But dropshipme does not have enough product line in all categories. I have been trying to import beautiful and colourful 100% human hair extension. But only few are in dropshipme and only very very few and the unattractive ones have free shipping to my location.

Andrey Y. 4 years ago

Yeah, it could be.
AliExpress is a huge e-commerce platform. And it’s hard to have explored it completely and to cover everything. But, we continue working on the plugin and constantly add new products to Dropshipme database. So, you may see the products you need in the near future.

Lora 4 years ago

Hi i am an entrepreneur willing to open my store soon. My question is the following:
i can use alidropshipme for free even though i didn’t buy the alidropship plugin?
Did i get it right?

Andrey Y. 4 years ago

Hi, Lora!
You can if your website is powered by WooCommerce

Chika 4 years ago

Honestly I have no experience on Dropshippng and I would like to try it out. Can you explain to me more what you mean by 💯% hassle-free at the purchase of a custom store of $299.

Chairman Emelogu 4 years ago

Does it then mean that the new can replace the alidropship plugin?

Andrey Y. 4 years ago

No, it doesn’t. Dropshipme is all about adding products while AliDropship plugin has a bunch of features to make your business process smooth and convenient. But, you can install Dropshipme along with AliDropship plugin to enhance your performance

John 4 years ago

You guys are just amazing!

Max 4 years ago

Can I just ask Yaros why there’s so much trolling/bullying on Alidropship forum? Moderators are totally promoting that, don’t even care about buyers/new customers? What customer support can you expect with that attitude?

Maria 4 years ago

Will this plugin replace the service that you have about adding products on the site?

Andrey Y. 4 years ago

Hi, Maria!
Thank you for your question.
No, it won’t replace AliDropship plugin. You still can search for products and add them from AliExpress to your store and edit product pages on your own. But if you want to save your time and effort, you just need to istall Dropshipme.
This plugin contains the products from AliExpress that our team has already chosen. Plus, you don’t have to work on your product pages – our specialists have written the descriptions, added the photos, reviews and so on.
Simply put, you just need to choose products you like from Dropshipme database and click “Import” button. That’s all, you’re good to go!

Andrew Gilmore 4 years ago

Doesnt this product somewhat compete with alidropship? Why are you promoting it? Are there any possible issuese with using both?

Andrey Y. 4 years ago

Hi, Andrew!
No, these products don’t compete. Futhermore, they complement each other.
If you want to streamline your business process even more,then, besides AliDropship plugin, you can install Dropshipme.
This way, you don’t have to do a product research, edit your product pages, etc. Dropshipme has the database of products that our team has already picked for you. You simply should click “Import” button to add them to your store.

Chika 4 years ago

Honestly I have no experience on Dropshippng and I would like to try it out. Can you explain to me more what you mean by 💯% hassle-free at the purchase of a custom store of $299.

Andrey Y. 4 years ago

It means that you don’t have to do the donkey work like building your website, setting everything up, designing things and so on.
All you need is get in touch with our team and tell them what your store should look like. Then, they’re going to take care of the rest of the job. And within 10-13 business days, you’ll get your store and will be able to go to the money-making process right away.

Andrew Gilmore 4 years ago

This is a broken product that I wouldn’t promote. When you publish the products from their website, it will appear on your site as “Out of Stock” even though the item is really in stock. I contacted support and they admit that it’s a known bug. It’s been 2 months since the last update. This should be treated as a major issue but they let it persist. Why are they selling a broken product? Why would a store owner want to import products that will be displayed as Out of Stock? No one would buy anything from us. This is very bad.

Olga L. 4 years ago

Hi! We are really grateful your feedback!

We honestly appreciate that you let us know about this bug once again. You are absolutely right saying it’s a major issue. We’ve reported this incident to the Development team, and we can’t wait for this bug to be fixed. The work is currently under way already.

Thank you for the patience!

Adekunle ife 4 years ago

Can I use personal shipping services apart from those offered by the sellers on aliexpress. So I can increase my profit margin.

Andrey Y. 4 years ago

Hi there!
Thank you for your question.
You could discuss this with AliExpress sellers.
Yet, you need to keep in mind that AliDropship plugin fulfills the orders from your website automatically. And in the case of using your personal shipping service, you’ll have to manage the process manually.

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