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Holiday Advertising Ideas: Let’s Make Your Store Ready For Special Shopping Events!

By Artyom K.

Holiday Advertising Ideas: Let’s Make Your Store Ready For Special Shopping Events!

The holiday season is up on us! What does it mean for you as an online store owner? It’s high time to look for smart holiday advertising ideas and get ready for your buyers’ booming activity!

So, how to prepare your store for holidays? What should you pay prior attention to if you want to get record profits? Should you prepare only for the national holidays, or Black Friday and Cyber Monday for eCommerce are also important? Keep reading this article, and you will find the answers to all these questions.

In fact, it’s best to come up with holiday advertising ideas long before the particular holiday. You should think of the product range, advertising strategy, and so on. You will actually have to devote a lot of time to these aspects. However, if you want to beat the eCommerce market and make a fortune during the holiday season, we have a great solution for you.

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How should your holiday advertising be carried out?

Based on our personal experience and our customers’ feedback, we would like to remind you that you should prepare your online store for the holiday season well in advance. Why?

Imagine this lengthy process: your customer opens your online store, finds the product he is interested in, thinks for several days, then orders the item. And not to mention that it takes a lot more time to process the customers’ orders, to pack the goods, and, finally, deliver the packages.

In any other period of the year this would be all right. But in the case of the holiday season, your customers are risking too much not to get their orders in time before the holiday. Even if the delivery service makes the delivery on the last day before the holiday, your customer will have to worry a lot. However, if you start your preparation in advance, situations like this are almost impossible.

Is there a checklist?

In fact, there is a checklist which includes the most essential aspects of holiday advertising. You may find the detailed checklist in our article which was published a bit earlier. In the article you’re reading now, we will also go through the very aspects of holiday preparing procedure. Most importantly, we will offer you an easy way out of this situation if you’re not ready to devote your personal time to all these actions.

So, here’s the holidays’ advertising checklist!


1) Check if your online store functions in a proper way 

You should make sure that your website is ready to serve the customers. So, check if your store works to its best on all types of devices. Then, test all the buttons and make sure that all of them are active and lead to the necessary pages. We also advise you to make the process of product ordering as easy and short as possible. In that case, your customers are unlikely to leave your store at one of the purchasing stages. 

2) Review your product offer

As a rule, during a period of holidays online store owners bet on the group of products which are more likely to be sold out. It’s all about the products which can be bought as gifts over the holidays.

Moreover, here is the second important aspect about your product offer. We recommend you to indicate the delivery date as precisely as possible. The problem is that your customers would like to get their orders before the very holiday because in most cases they bought those items as gifts. Do you want to get your Xmas gift at the end of January? We suppose you don’t. Neither do your customers. It’s unacceptable even if they get their orders at the last day before the holiday, because that’s not the service they expect from your store.

That’s why your main goal is to provide your customers with the opportunity to buy interesting products at reasonable prices. Another equally important aspect is to let them make plans and have an idea when to expect the delivery.

3) Make a promotion calendar

Since there is a lot of holidays, and you’re supposed to get your store prepared for them in advance, we recommend you to think of your promotion calendar. Take as a rule that it’s necessary to start your holiday advertising not less than 3 month prior the very holiday. Make sure that your customers have enough time to learn your product range, make their purchasing decisions, and wait for their orders.

In some cases, you’ll have to start preparing for one holiday when the other holiday ad campaign is still in full swing. But, don’t worry! We believe you can handle it 😉 

4) Make tempting price offers 

When conducting a holiday advertising campaign, you need to make several low-priced offers. In fact, you may advertise your store, fight for traffic, and so on, but if your products are sold at the highest prices ever set on the market, your efforts will go in vain. Rethink your current price policy completely – it’s the holiday time! People are waiting for the special price offers.

So, try to attract the customers by means of hot and competitive prices. Moreover, you can think of some products which could be sold together as one item – for example, two-in-one packages and so on.

5) Look at your activities on social networks

In order to notify your potential customers about some events related to your store, you’re supposed to be active online, especially on social networks. When doing holiday advertising, make sure that your accounts on major social media platforms are managed in a proper way. What does it mean? You post lots of entertaining and educational articles, notify your customers about hot offers, and so on.

By the way, it’s important not only because of the fact you attract the customers who are already following your accounts. Let’s imagine that an Internet user wants to order something from your online store. If he doesn’t know anything about your website, what will he do? Right, he is going to look for some information about it on the Internet. That’s why, in the case of a properly managed online store, this user is more likely to place an order on your website.

Wow, in turns out that you have a challenge before the holidays! You’ll have to devote considerable time to these preparations. But this game is worth the candle!

However, if you’re not ready to spend much time on such actions, or not sure you can handle it, we have a way out for you. You may use our new brilliant service!

Meet Halloween Marketing Services Bundle – a special pre-holiday offer!


We are glad to present you our new bundle which is called Halloween Marketing Services Bundle. It includes the following services provided by top class AliDropship experts:

  • Halloween Sale pop-up setup 
  • Thematic advertising package (extended pack of 10 Halloween-themed ads)
  • Effective social media posts (15 engaging posts for Halloween week and more) 
  • Halloween guide for your store (a detailed tutorial on preparing your store for the holidays)

We are happy to inform you that you have an opportunity to buy this bundle at a 13% discount just for $239!

Now let’s look at the services available in this package in more detail. How can they help you generate holiday advertising ideas for your online store?

1) Halloween Sale pop-up setup


AliDropship team believes that each online buyer requires special attention. In fact, if you want to increase the number of your customers, it’s necessary to work patiently with each of them. It’s very unlikely that some ten thousand Internet users will visit your website and suddenly make purchases of several million dollars. The majority of your online store visitors opens your website, likes several items, but then leaves the store without making a purchase. How about not letting it happen? 😉

In order to avoid such situations, you need our pop-up service!

What does it do?

Let’s imagine that an Internet user was surfing your website for a particular period of time, but didn’t make a purchase. Our pop-up can do the following: if a user is surfing the site for some specific period of time, a catchy pop-up window appears. In exchange for the visitor’s email, the pop-up promises to give a discount coupon! The best thing is that our pop-up has flexible settings which can be changed in accordance with your preferences.

Do you think that we suggest you to hand out the coupons for free? In fact, it’s not true. When an Internet user gives you his email, you get an opportunity for a long-term cooperation with him. You may work with him as many years as you want. You can send him different notifications, articles, coupons, etc. And the prettiest thing about sending such messages is that this user becomes more likely to order something from you and let you gain profit!

What is more, our experts suggest you to place a subscription form in the footer area. It does almost the same as our pop-up, but lets a client subscribe to the updates directly.

That’s why this pop-up is essential for your online store, and not only when doing holiday advertising!

2) Extended package of 10 Halloween-themed ads


Since you can’t make your store efficient without advertising, our team is happy to provide you with a unique package of 10 Halloween-themed ads. That’s why, if you need a high-converting advertising campaign for your online store, you’re more than welcome to contact AliDropship team. We will make every effort to make your business journey more convenient and profitable.

What exactly is this service about? 

Our experts are going to prepare 10 unique ads for your store so that you could place them on the most popular social networks – Instagram and Facebook. This package includes the following: images for 10 ads which are created by our professional designers, advertising texts, and recommendations on the audience to target. By the way, this service includes its own guide to manage your ads. That’s why it will be so easy for you to figure this out.

3) Posts for social networks


We are also glad to provide you with 15 amazing posts for your accounts on social networks! We are talking about the most popular social media platforms – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

Our experts will make templates for 15 posts for you to place in your store’s feed. Since all of these three social networks have different standards of post publishing, you need to make unique posts for each of them.

Moreover, this service is also provided together with its own guide which is supposed to help in case of some questions.

That’s why our team suggests you to save your time and leave these boring things to us. Since our experts have a lot of experience in this field, you’re more likely to succeed!

4) Halloween guide for your store


What is more, together with the Halloween bundle, you also get the Halloween guide for your store. Do you want to know how to get ready to Halloween? This guide is a must-have for you.

Here is what our new bundle comprises! If you’re still not sure about purchasing this package, we’ve decided to make some caveats.

  1. The services within our new bundle can be used only for Halloween. You have an opportunity to benefit from each of these services throughout the entire year if you buy them separately before other special events. In that case, you will be able to carry out the advertising campaign before each holiday.
  2. It’s not necessary to sell only Halloween-themed goods. This bundle doesn’t require a particular product range. So, you’re not supposed to give up selling smartphones and put some Halloween masks and other Halloween related products on sale. What is necessary for you during the pre-Halloween season is to make ads in the Halloween style. That’s it, a genuine interest in your store is ensured!
  3. Our goal is to prepare all the materials that are necessary to make a post and place an ad on the social media platforms indicated above. What is more, we provide you with the guides which can give you a lot of important information.

We give you all the necessary texts, images, and so on. It remains for you only to make use of these data and launch your pre-holiday season advertising campaign. So, you get cool ads, AND improve your advertising skills at the same time. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

So, we are happy to offer you our new Halloween Marketing Services Bundle! We hope it will help you get maximum benefit from the holiday season! Best of luck with your pre-holiday preparations!

By Artyom K.
Artyom is a content creator at AliDropship. He aims at explaining the most essential dropshipping aspects from the perspective of a person with no previous experience in eCommerce.
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