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How To Dropship Cell Phones: Strategy, Suppliers, Products

By Artemis K.

dropship cell phones

Are you strongly interested in mobile phones? Do you think of starting your own business? Are you eager to know if it’s profitable to dropship cell phones? AliDropship has an answer!

Due to the number of reasons, nowadays starting your own venture is one of the best ways to get a stable source of high income.

However when you first think of launching and running a profitable business, it’s crucial to choose a niche that is going to be promising for your online store. So if you’re a tech geek, it’s a perfect decision for you to dropship cell phones!

Well, is dropshipping cell phones hot or not? How to run an online cell phone store in the right way? Where to find the trending products to sell and the most reliable suppliers to deal with?

The team of AliDropship has decided to study the cell phone market and develop the most perspective strategy for running your cell phone dropshipping business!

Dropship cell phones: is it going to be profitable?

To begin with, let’s find out whether it’s profitable to dropship cell phones.

How can we assess if a niche is promising for an ecommerce business? First of all, it’s necessary to look at the statistics and figure out how wide your target audience is.

And statistics say that the number of mobile phone users worldwide has reached almost 5 billions last year. In theory, all these people are going to be your potential target audience.

What’s more, due to some reasons, many people got used to having several cell phones. That’s why, if we consider the activity of mobile phone users, we will see the predictions that there will be almost 10 billion mobile connections in 2020!

Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? In fact, not every niche can boast such a huge target audience!

Moreover, running an online cell phone store, you have an opportunity to sell phone cases because they are extremely popular nowadays! Don’t you believe it? So, let’s look at Google Trends.

dropship phone cases

According to the statistics from Google Trends, in recent years, phone cases are in strong demand. And since phone cases don’t usually cost a lot, this is a perfect product to make a fortune on impulse purchases.

Well, do you still have doubts whether this is promising to dropship cell phones?

However in order to get a great start in this niche, you need to develop efficient business strategy: decide which products to dropship, which suppliers to deal with, etc. So stay tuned!

What’s the perfect strategy to dropship cell phones?

Well, which smartphones are the most promising for your online store? Let’s find this out!

Dropship cell phones: cheap smartphones or flagships?

Nowadays, even low-end smartphones have high performance characteristics. And in most cases this is more than enough to meet the needs of an average user.

So if taking into account that it’s a lot easier to dropship cheaper products, low-cost and mid-range segment items are a must-have for your online cell phone store!

dropship low cost smartphones

But what about flagship models? Here you should understand that, as a rule, flagships of well-known brands are expensive. And sometimes they are extremely expensive. So these products can be classified as high ticket dropshipping that requires a special approach.

What’s more, flagships very rarely appear on the market. Approximately, it happens once a year. However, if we consider low-cost smartphones, it becomes clear that there are a myriad of them, and they come out almost every day!

Why is this important for you as a dropshipping store owner? Since every day smartphone manufacturers start to use new technologies and solutions, you have an opportunity to have only the most tempting offers for the most hi-tech cell phones in your online store.

However, if you want your online store product range to look like a complete one, it’s necessary to consider flagships, as well.

dropship xiaomi

At the same time, we recommend you focus on the low-cost and mid-range segment products because they have the following features:

  • They are cheaper – so you can count on wider target audience
  • In some cases, they are equal to the products which cost a lot more.

Dropship cell phones: branded products or no-names?

Now let’s consider whether you should dropship branded products or focus on no name smartphones?

Each approach has its own pros and cons. If you decide to dropship cell phones from world-famous manufacturers, you don’t need to worry about the product quality.

The point is that smartphones from well-known manufacturers are made of high-end components. What’s more, only highly qualified staff is involved in smartphone assembling.

Is it an advantage for you as an online cell phone store? We believe it is.

However here is a flip side of that coin – it’s all about the price. As a rule, smartphones from well-known brands cost more than no name products. And if speaking about flagships, they cost a lot more than less popular items.

Meanwhile, in some cases, the functionality can be approximately the same. But will it work in a stable way?

Moreover, we have already mentioned that top smartphone manufacturers have a huge number of low and mid-range segment cell phones. The majority of them possess a set of functions that seem to be a must-have in 2020. And prices for them start at $100, while branded flagships cost $1000 and more.

So, let’s summarize the key points. We would like to recommend that you form the product range for your online cell phone store mostly of branded smartphones. That’s because if you want to get a money-making tech store, you need to be sure that the products you sell are popular, affordable, and of high-quality.

Well, less talk, more rock! You’ve started to read this article because you want to see the most perspective and trending products to sell in your online cell phone store, right?

So here they are!

Disclaimer: Since AliExpress doesn’t let suppliers sell products from world brands, we are going to talk about the products made by top Chinese manufactures only. However, if you want to deal with smartphones from such companies as Samsung, Apple, and so on, it would be a great idea to start dropshipping cases and other parts for them.

Smartphones from large manufacturers

Xiaomi/Redmi smartphones

dropship xiaomi

Smartphones from Xiaomi/Redmi are, probably, ones of the most advanced devices on the market. What’s more, this company primarily focuses on mid-range segment products that are exactly what you need as a dropshipping business owner!

Huawei/Honor smartphones

dropship honor

Huawei/Honor is also one of the most famous companies that produce android phones, wearable devices, etc. All you need to know is that smartphones from Huawei are of high quality, meanwhile, there is a wide variety of models that represent mid-range segment products.

OnePlus smartphones

dropship cell phones

OnePlus is a company that is focused on manufacturing hi-tech but expensive smartphones.

Meizu smartphones

dropship cell phones

Several years ago, smartphones from Meizu were extremely popular due to their high functionality and relatively low prices. Since nowadays they cost a lot lower, they can become perfect low cost items for your online cell phone store.

Smartphones from less-known companies

Oukitel smartphones

dropship cell phones

Oukitel is a company that provides its clients with low cost smartphones. Meanwhile, cell phones from Oukitel have a set of functions that are necessary for an average user in 2020. That’s why lots of people prefer Oukitel smartphones to cell phones from well-known tech companies.

Doogee smartphones

dropship smartphones

Doogee smartphones perfectly suit those people who need a rugged phone. Meanwhile, in the product range of this company you can find ordinary hi-tech models.

Umidigi smartphones

resell cell phones

Umidigi is a tech company that produces premium cell phones at affordable prices. So, if looking at Umidigi’s product range, you will see both low cost products and flagships.

Well, now you know which smartphones can become an excellent solution for your online cell phone store. However which suppliers to order them from? Let’s find this out!

Trusted suppliers to dropship cell phones from

In practice, it’s not always easy to find reliable suppliers for your dropshipping store. As a rule, people do this by trial and error. However here is a way out for you – use Insights from AliDropship!

AliDropship Insights is an absolutely free database of trending products to sell, trusted suppliers to deal with, and the most promising niches for you and your online business!

So here is the list of time-tested AliExpress suppliers of cell phones. Don’t forget to swipe right!

Cell phone suppliers


Suppliers of cell phone cases


Suppliers of cell phone accessories


If you are interested in profitable niches and promising products to sell in your online store, or you want to see more reliable suppliers, go to AliDropship Insights! It’s absolutely free of charge.

Final thoughts on how to dropship cell phones

If you have strong interest in cell phones, and you dream about turning your passion into profit, this is a high time for you to start to dropship cell phones!

Note that this niche provides you with several business options. You can resell low cost products or go in for high ticket dropshipping. You can add no name products to your online store or focus on the smartphones from well-known manufacturers. And so on, and so forth.

We recommend you concentrate on dropshipping low cost and mid-range segment smartphones from the most famous manufacturers. By the way, when dropshipping cell phones from AliExpress, make sure that you order global versions only.

Meanwhile, remember that, to date, phone cases are in strong demand. And since they are extremely perspective in terms of dropshipping due to their low prices, they are going to be a must-have for your online cell phone store!

Well, do you want to make money on your hobby? Then, use the Insights from AliDropship and start to dropship cell phones!

In case you are a complete newcomer to dropshipping, but you have a strong interest in starting your own money-making ecommerce business, AliDropship is happy to provide you with several options:

Haven’t you still started to benefit from your own business? Launch a dropshipping store with AliDropship, dropship cell phones, and enjoy your easy and profitable dropshipping journey!

By Artemis K.
Artemis is a senior copywriter at AliDropship. Having received a BA degree in International Communication and MA degree in Advertising, he started his career working in a multinational petrochemical enterprise as a marketing specialist. To date, for a number of years, Artemis has been sharing the latest ecommerce trends with you, creating guides on how to start an online business from scratch, and keeping you updated on new IT solutions that help you optimize your venture.
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