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How To Manage An Online Store: 3 Rules For Dropshippers

By Zulfiya S.

3 Rules Of Managing An Online Store For Dropshippers

Have you ever wondered what to expect from your brand new dropshipping life? Handling daily operations in AliDropship’s self-owned stores that make hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, I am happy to share my typical day and tell you a bunch of little secrets on how to manage an online store!

How to manage an online store: the basics

  • Essentials

When you run a dropshipping store, it’s easy to fall into the trap of being active 24/7 – like, you know, checking your inbox as soon as you are awake, handling an order return in the middle of a family dinner, staying super late to do some stuff in the store, etc.

Mobile technologies make it possible to work flexibly from any place and at any time, indeed. Unfortunately, some people think it means they should be managing an online store all day round to cover as many tasks as possible.

Please don’t.

Rule #1 is to organize your day in a way that lets you have enough free time that is NOT dedicated to your business at all. Remember that you don’t run this business to make yourself exhausted and burnt out; quite the opposite, you launched your store to make money in an easy and enjoyable way, right?

  • First things first

What does a dropshipping entrepreneur do every day?

So, what’s the proper way of running an online store? My working day starts with checking my inbox.

When I look at my emails, I concentrate on the following types of letters:

  • Changes to orders

It happens a lot in ecommerce. A person places an order, pays for it, and then says, ‘Hey, look, I changed my mind, I still want this T-shirt, but in a different color. And a different size, too. And oh, can you also add a pair of sunglasses to my order?’…

A message from a dropshipping customers who's asking to change the size of the ordered item.

It might seem tricky at first, but you get used to it soon. It’s really important to discover these letters in time. If you haven’t transferred the order to your AliExpress supplier yet, you can easily make the necessary changes.

And even if the order was already processed, it’s no big deal. You still can fix it by contacting the supplier directly and describing the query if you act immediately.

  • Refund letters

It’s not uncommon for buyers to change their minds completely, and that’s another part of ecommerce business management. For whatever reason, they may feel that they don’t want the item anymore, and cancel the whole order. Why not? They have the right to.

Alternatively, a refund letter can come from a customer who is tired from waiting for the delivery and thinks that the package is lost, or from a buyer who is not happy with the quality of an already received order.

In any case, these letters require my close attention and careful work that always starts with contacting the original seller on AliExpress.

  • Personalisation

Creating a more personal experience for users is a really important aspect of selling online. By personalising your customer’s experience, you will reap great rewards when it comes to sales.

Focus on creating more personal ads and offers based on previous browsing behavior, thank you emails, notes included with delivery and shout-outs on social media are great ways of showing your customers some love.

In this aspect, small dropshipping stores have an edge over big online companies. So, make sure to devote the time to create a personalised experience for your customers.

  • Adding a chat box function to your online store 

If you want to create an online store that consumers will enjoy visiting and return for future purchases, you must provide high-class customer service. 

It’s common for online consumers to have some kind of questions about a product or service and by equipping your store with a live chat function, you drive them a bit closer to making a purchase. This is a great solution to connect with your customers and make them feel heard and get their issues resolved. 

  • Payment confirmations

Oh, here comes the most interesting part of managing your online store.

I check the tiniest details of all the PayPal and Stripe payments because, you know, stuff happens.

The thing is, payments made with the help of credit cards can sometimes turn out to be a fraud attempt. This is why I perform a very careful check to make sure that:

  1. My buyer’s name (the name of the addressee) is the same as the name of the card holder
  2. The country of delivery is the same as the country of the card holder’s residence
  3. There were not more than 3 payment attempts made from different credit cards

What if the payment was successfully processed but personal details don’t match? In this case, I email this customer and ask to send their ID to make sure this purchase was legitimate. But what if there were attempts to use several different cards to process the payment and all of them were declined? I normally cancel the order because this purchasing behavior is typical for fraudsters.

Given that I run over 20 dropshipping stores, I have to do tons of work sorting all these emails out. On average, it takes me about 4 hours per day to go through all of the letters and to take the necessary actions.

And here I’m talking about a normal, ordinary day when I only have to process about 50-60 orders. When it’s pre-holiday time, online shopping activity rises and the amount of purchases goes up like crazy. So, the workload obviously gets heavier. That’s the thing you need to consider when you get your store prepared for any holiday season.

How to manage an online store: the core

The basics of managing an online store

  • Proofreading

As a dropshipping store manager, I have this really curious element of my daily routine related to order fulfillment. To be more specific, it’s all about checking the customers’ mailing details before transferring them to the relevant AliExpress seller.

During this part of the day, I:

Check the spelling of the addressee’s name and surname

You won’t believe this, but yes, people make spelling mistakes in their own names and surnames.

Fun fact: you won’t even notice it if your customer is a foreigner and you have no idea about the most common names in this country.

This is why it’s important to have some knowledge about your target audience, or at least do a little online research and check the spelling of unfamiliar names.

Obviously, this is not the only thing that can get mixed up 🙂

A message from a dropshipping customer who made a mistake in order details.

Check the ZIP code

Obviously, I can’t possibly know any person’s ZIP code, but there are cases when I’m 100% sure that the details are incorrect.

Some people just leave this field blank.

Some people write their phone numbers in this field.

How do I know if it’s a phone number or just a wrong combination? I try to learn the ZIP code formats for the regions where my customers come from. If I know, for example, that this area should have a ZIP code that looks like SW1A 1NH (7 digits, 2 numbers, 5 letters), but the provided code is something like 644053 (6 digits, 6 numbers, 0 letters), it’s evident that there is a mistake.

Check the ‘Additional Details’ field

For some reason, some people use this field instead of the right one and write their addresses here. I don’t exactly know why anyone would do this, but it doesn’t actually matter – I take a careful look at this field anyway.

Rule #2 is to pay attention. If anything seems questionable to me, I simply write an email to the customer and ask him or her to confirm the shipping details, or to submit them once again.

This time-consuming, but simple procedure is essential. If I blindly submit incorrect shipping details to an AliExpress seller, it will most likely result in delivery troubles.

  • Promoting

I could share lots of tips on how to run an online store, but most of this information (including small details) can be found in other articles on our blog. So, I’m going to give you two general recommendations on selling products.

Advertise your goods on social media

You can find dozens of online selling tips on AliDropship’s blog that explain how to find popular products, how to drive traffic to your shop with SEO, tips on using Google Ads and other tools, content marketing, etc. The team and I use all these methods, but most sales still come from social media, and particularly from Facebook.

Why are social media so efficient?

Partially, it’s because certain networks have very large audiences, which makes it easier to find customers among them. Partially, it’s because social media have turned into shopping destinations. People are not just used to seeing ads in their feeds. Often they expect to see an ad, find an interesting product, and buy it.

So, while using other advertising methods is desirable, social media promotion is a must for a successful online store! Describing how our team runs social media campaigns could take too long, so I recommend reading the corresponding article dedicated to our Facebook marketing strategy.

Email marketing

Another great way to raise sales is to send emails to previous buyers and new leads. On the one hand, the revenue from this channel may be much lower than what you earn from other sources. On the other hand, email marketing is mostly used in remarketing, which is very cost-efficient.

When you advertise goods to a new audience, these people are unfamiliar with your business and products. But if somebody left you his or her email, this person is more willing to get letters from you and buy goods.

So, sending emails should be part of your dropshipping routine, too. As for what kind of letters you should write, here’s the list of the most popular email types:

  • Product updates: tell potential customers about new arrivals.
  • Sales notifications: tell customers about upcoming sales or discounts.
  • Abandoned cart notifications: remind previous website visitors about the products they wanted to buy before leaving the site.

You don’t have to send these letters every day. Two or three times a week should be enough. Moreover, you can create email templates to save time.

How to manage an online store: the bottom line

More tips on how to manage an online store

  • The centerpiece

After I sort out all the emails for today, I go ahead with the core part of managing an online store: order processing.

As you can guess, this procedure doesn’t take much time because the plugin does it all automatically. All I need to do is click the ‘Place Order’ button, and basically, that’s it. The system does all the rest. After the supplier sends me the tracking ID, the plugin automatically grabs this data and connects it to the order details.

After this, I only need to change the order status to ‘Shipped’, and the client will automatically receive the email notification about the successful shipment and the tracking ID. Given the amount of work I need to do manually every day, this is a huge time saver, obviously.

  • Analytics

If you want to boost the performance of your online business, it is absolutely a must to track every kind of statistical data you can gather.

Once a week, I calculate the net profit: overall revenue minus advertising expenses minus the cost of ordered items.

Plus, I provide my colleagues with data on our buyers’ purchasing behavior. For example, I can see the customers’ country of origin. What’s more, I surely can tell what items sell best in a given period of time.

These details are valuable for our Internet marketing specialists because such data influences the product policy, the ads targeting, the amount of money spent on promotion, etc. I am not directly involved in the creation of promotional strategies; still, I can sometimes give a piece of advice to marketers when it comes to one specific store we run.

This store is all about a highly specific fan niche, and I’m actually a fan of it myself. Therefore, I know which communication tricks and product offerings can work well there.

Managing an online store: dropshipping takeaways

In my experience, the most important thing about how to manage an online store is sticking to a healthy work-life balance.

The best solution is to work ONLY within a specified period of time that is convenient for you. Never sacrifice your personal life for the business’ benefit!

Lots of tricks can be used to minimize the time you’re spending. For example, I have pre-written email templates for almost every occasion. Additionally, I use AliDropship’s automated solutions that help me get enough time to sort out various queries that appear because of the human factor.

Plus, your dropshipping life is much easier when you are an expert in your niche.

Rule #3 is to dedicate your store to something you know well. The more experienced you are in this particular field, the easier it is for you to predict what will work best for your customers.

This passion is what motivates you to keep going and to grow your business. I hope these tips on how to manage an online store will help you find the proper balance, and I wish you the best of luck with your awesome dropshipping stores!

By Zulfiya S.
Zulfiya knows all about running drop shipping stores, negotiating with suppliers and dealing with buyers - she manages daily operations in AliDropship’s self-owned webstores
Eddie 7 years ago

Great advise thank you. I am just starting out (store isn’t open yet) but this is great advice, thank you.

Ejike Stanley Orji 7 years ago

Please I have opened a store since last year and My webstore manager has not gotten some things fix about my payment gateway. It’s a if I wasted my money and time.

Yaroslav Nevsky 7 years ago

Your support manager will contact you asap to resolve any issues you have.

Danny Guerin 7 years ago

Thanks alot for this article, I’m going to be trying out this solution very soon. I’m used to other shopify solution but was not aware of the AliDropship plugin. Thanks in advance!

Mijkhael Morangovantes 7 years ago

Excellent article. What kind of email service do you use? did aliexpress gave it to you or you found it somewhere else?.

Zulfiya S. 7 years ago

We are using different email services like Mailgun, SendingBlue and Pepipost.
You can check them out here:

Martin 7 years ago

Hi Zulfiya,

How do you deal with the following issues:

– Aliexpress orders are not shipped out after several days (I have this multiple times up to 10 days order processing)
– When customers ordered a wrong item, and want to exchange it (communicating with the aliexpress suppliers can be time consuming and a reply could take days. What are you offering your customers?
– Disputes after 2 weeks of shipment like customers try to do this on purpose.
– Always the same follow-up emails for the smallest orders.

Do you also work with email templates? This is saving me some time now. Once I reply customers it’s mostly the same ones who will reply next day with a few more questions. It’s a never ending question & asking dropbox nowadays.

Zulfiya S. 7 years ago

1. You need to contact your aliexpress suppliers and ask them to speed up the process. They are usually really helpful.
2. Most of the suppliers try to be as quick as possible if they know you are a dropshipper.
3. That depends on the reasons of the disputes. Order can be cancelled within 12 hours after placing. Once it was shipped we don’t cancel and refund the orders.
4. You just need to keep answering even if the questions are similar.
5. We do have some templates since most of the questions, as you mentioned, are similar.
Right now we are working on the article about most frequently asked questions. Please follow our updates

Natalie Svensson 7 years ago

50-60 orders/day from 21 shop or each?

Dyani 7 years ago

thank you, very useful article .. my webstore has been running for 3 months, finally there is order entry for the first time, smooth payment, good supplier response, goods accepted quickly, but buyer ask for return and refund, without giving any reason why .. its makes me down .. worried when there will be next order happened something similar 😥😥😥😥

mumash 6 years ago

I agree..this creates a lot of anxiety on orders. Its like constantly checking email for any complaints. It can be very stressing. I guess as the article says “In my experience, the most important thing about managing a drop shipping store is sticking to a healthy work-life balance.”

Bryan 7 years ago

Could you might share with us what marketing strategies are you using? Facebook advs or Google AdWords or others

Akee 7 years ago

Thank you for the advise. Right now, I am using DSM tool to help me manage my listings. Gathering all advice as I can. I am a newbie 🙂

Eslam 6 years ago

Awesome tips!! thanks.

but i do not know how to run the orders automatically with my plugin, can you share the steps with us ?


Julio 6 years ago

ok, bad and profit control, is there any erp for integration to know what the real profit? to know how your realy profit?

Masud Rana 4 years ago

Hi Zulfiay,
Great article with great tips. Thank you very much for great tips. I am about to order a supreme package from AliDropship. As a beginner I might need a lot of help from someone experinced. Is there anyway to get your mentorship in the future if i need. Or if not what’s your suggestion to get help from someone experienced.
Thanks for your time. I really appriciate it.

Olga L. 4 years ago

Hi, thank you for your kind feedback!
All our managers are highly qualified to help you start your business as smoothly as possible.
If you want to receive more expert tips from our expert team, you are welcome to subscribe to our YouTube channel and watch our FREE webinar on managing a profitable store:
Wishing you best of luck!

GaryStephanian 4 years ago

Hi everyone I just purchased a copy of the auto gear and men essentials store. I am having a few problems I hope someone can help. First what do I click on in the wp admin section in order to check my inbox for new orders? Secondly when my sister placed an order once it was shipped she received a notification saying order shipped no tracking available I got the same email but the tracking id did show up in my order tracking tabs once processed change to shipment. In addition the retrack button doesn’t do anything when clicked I hope someone can help thanx newbie stay safe

Olga L. 4 years ago

Hi, thank you for letting us know!
Please don’t worry: your manager will get in touch with you to explain what to do.

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