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Anti-Stress Niche Store: 20 Tools That Improve Your Customers’ Lives

By Olga L.


Have you ever considered selling stress relieving toys and other relaxing items in your niche store? Let’s look deeper into this idea!

As we have mentioned it before, niche stores offering a limited range of items perform much better than general stores selling everything at once. So, how about a narrow niche idea for your future webstore?

Much like our previous selection of healthy sleep items, our today’s set of promising drop shipping products is aimed on the buyers’ life improvement.

This is what I personally like about drop shipping business: through this easy-to-launch venture, it is possible to actually make a difference – and to help thousands of people all over the globe solve their burning issues.

This Google Trends graph shows that, unfortunately, the matter of stress relief concerns more and more people worldwide.

Why Anti Stress Toys Are A Good Idea For Your Niche Store

Obviously, I’m not saying that stress relief toys and gadgets can replace traditional therapy and treatment. Still, these tools provide comforting distraction and a calming sensory experience, which is why they can rightfully be considered an easily available supplementary way to support one’s mental health.

Why sell anti-stress items in your niche store?

While operating in this niche, you’re not just being a socially responsible entrepreneur – you’re also getting a range of noticeable business benefits, such as:

  • Large buyers’ audience

As you have already understood it, the community of people potentially interested in relaxing tools is rapidly growing. This can both be attributed to the change in political and socio-economic climate, and to the diversity of buyers’ needs satisfied with these products.

  • Multiple customer segments

Indeed, the range of anti stress toys use is impressive. Office workers and students buy them to improve their focus and concentration, people with specific perception peculiarities (autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, panic or anxiety disorder, etc.) rely on these items to release tension and calm down, parents offer these toys to children in order to improve their tactile sensitivity and nerves stimulation, etc. You can reach and target any of these segments or even all of them at once, and the demand level will be sufficient.

  • Appealing product range

Stress-relieving tools come in all sizes and shapes: as they solve various user issues, they can be divided into several distinctive types (slimes, fidget toys, squeeze toys, etc.) with their own unique features. So, it’s up to you to decide what exactly to include in your store offer.

Let’s take a look at the options available, shall we?

Stress reducing massage tools

Head massage tool


Price – US $0.65, rating – 4.9*, number of orders – 3409

Neck massage pillow


Price – US $ 24.50-30.50, rating – 4.8*, number of orders – 1563

Feet massage pad


Price – US $ 5.27, rating – 4.8*, number of orders – 2075

Assorted wooden rollers


Price – US $2.16-4.69, rating –4.8 *, number of orders – 461

Acupuncture finger ring


Price – US $ 0.32, rating – 4.9*, number of orders – 1182

Face rollerface-roller.jpg

Price – US $ 2.39, rating – 4.6*, number of orders – 1776

Anti-stress fidget toys

Fidget pad


Price – US $ 3.99, rating – 4.8*, number of orders – 361

Infinity magic cube


Price – US $ 1.89, rating – 5.0*, number of orders – 166

Mini basketball


Price – US $ 0.52, rating – 4.7*, number of orders – 798

3D puzzle


Price – US $ 0.71, rating – 4.5*, number of orders – 443

Mokuru desk toy


Price – US $ 1.71, rating – 4.8*, number of orders – 1762

Worry beads


Price – US $1.76-1.81, rating – 4.8*, number of orders – 123

Newton’s cradle


Price – US $ 7.17, rating – 4.3*, number of orders – 363

Relaxing substances



Price – US $0.77, rating – 4.6*, number of orders – 6168

Granulated slime


Price – US $ 1.97, rating – 4.7*, number of orders – 1602

Magnetic putty


Price – US $4.21, rating – 4.9*, number of orders – 3982

Anti-stress squishy toys

Assorted squeeze toys


Price – US $ 0.81-3.84, rating –4.7 *, number of orders – 1079

Squishy marshmallow


Price – US $ 4.44, rating – 4.6*, number of orders – 801



Price – US $ 3.63, rating – 4.5*, number of orders – 215

Grape ball


Price – US $2.23, rating – 4.8*, number of orders – 347

If you got the impression that anti stress toys and massage tools are a good choice for your own drop shipping business, launch this niche store as soon as possible! It will feel so good to be enjoying the financial rewards AND to be helping a large community all over the globe, right?

By Olga L.
Olga is a Copywriting Director at AliDropship. She works on guides, tutorials, and other educational materials to help you start and run your dropshipping business with ease.
The Shoutout July 6, 2018 9:44:58

Most of these products have been promoted to death by wish and other deal sites, good luck making some money off this….

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Excellent ideas

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