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$500+ Every Week: Godfred from Ghana Shares His Dropshipping Experience

By Yaroslav Nevsky

Minimum $500 Every Week: Godfred from Ghana Shares His Dropshipping Experience

Every dropshipping experience is informative and inspiring in its own way – that’s why we value our clients’ success stories so much! Today, we’re talking to Godfred – an amazing entrepreneur from Ghana who has a lot to share!

Disclaimer: all the success stories published in AliDropship blog are the results of interviews conducted in the written form. Even though the editors may make some minor changes to the grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation, the respondents’ writing styles, views, opinions, stores screenshots and personal photos are left unchanged.

Hi, please introduce yourself!

Hello! I’m Godfred A. Osei from Ghana. I’ve got the education in the sphere of Business Administrator. I have been designing websites since 2009. So, now, apart from my Ghana-based entrepreneurship, I work as a website designer (digital marketer).

Did you have any dropshipping experience or general eCommerce background before you started dropshipping with AliExpress?

Yes, I knew about eCommerce, I used to run an electronics store called WebMall GH. I have been building my own classifieds websites which I made nothing from till I came across dropshipping. I learned about it from a Shopify article. After reading it, I fell for dropshipping since I didn’t have to pay a penny to start.

How did your dropshipping journey begin?

You know, I spend a lot of time of the internet, my data is always on and I like to find new things. This dropshipping thing, I had seen it a couple of times but never really paid attention to it until one-day I decided to after reading the article. I started working with Shopify, the business was great, but I had issues since I have to pay money monthly no matter if I made sales or not. I started making research online until I came across Alidropship.

Why did you switch to AliDropship?

I got tired of paying monthly fees and transaction fees to Shopify. When I came across Alidropship, I got the freedom to dropship. I can go on vacation whenever I want, I get to import as many products as I want, I get to design my website how I want it and add whatever add-ons I want.

I have two dropshipping stores and now I build dropshipping stores for others using the Alidropship Woo plugin since it’s the best out there.

My first store on Alidropship was made on the Alidropship plugin itself, later I changed it to Alidropship Woo. I also use Social Rabbit plug-in together with Alidropship Woo.

What is your current business performance?

Business has been very good, I make a minimum of $500 a week even though I don’t get the time to run the dropshipping business.

For example, here are the results of one of my stores this February.


Mind it – the store was closed for 2 weeks during the Chinese New Year, but the money is good anyways!

Do you remember the first sale made from your store?

My first sale if I’m not mistaken was made by a colleague of mine and it was somewhere about $20. I was like wow, this is going to be cool, I just earned $10 for selling a product that costs $10 on AliExpress for $20 and the product looked expensive.

I made it in less than a week after a store launch. All I did for this was talk to my friends, show them some pictures and they liked it.

What’s your strategy of choosing niches and products?

I don’t do a particular niche, I sell almost anything my mind tells me to sell or I the products see people advertising on social media.

So, to find product ideas I mostly spy on Facebook and use niche scraping tools.

Thanks to the Alidropship Browser Extension, before I import an item, I look at the product score, reviews, see how many sales it has, and the last time a review was made.

How do you set the prices?

Depending on the products cost, I set prices from x1.2 to x3, ( the higher the price the lower the margin). Let’s say, for a product selling for $1 – $5 on AliExpress it’s x3, and for a product selling over $1000 it’s x1.2

How do you promote your stores?

When I started dropshipping, my only customers were just my colleagues at work. Now, I do a lot of Facebook and Instagram advertisements. I spend $300 to $450 on ads monthly. For me, Facebook is the most efficient marketing channel. To understand who is my target audience, I use niche scraping tools.

How much time does it take you every day to manage your stores?

I use my phone which has a big enough screen to view orders, change some order status, chat with customers, etc. I only do a few things like imports, updates and order fulfillment on my laptop and I spend 2 – 4 hours daily on that.

Product choice and importing takes most of the time, but sometimes updates are super long too, depending on my Internet speed. There are times when I have to do manual updates overnight.

What are the biggest challenges?

I use WooCommerce and there are different order statuses like paid, processing, awaiting shipment, shipped, etc. which I have to do manually even this have nothing to do with Alidropship I suppose. Still looking for a plug-in to handle that. For now, I update status anytime I get an update from AliExpress.

How do you deal with difficult customers (if any)?

Most customers are easy to convince. If there are difficult ones, I sometimes give them a refund or promise a discount on their next purchase. It rare to meet such customers though.

Did you register your business officially?

Yes, my business is officially registered. There aren’t many legal obligations, I just have to pay some money to the government every year and also customs duty on some products that come my way before customers pick them, which I think is everywhere.

How did this dropshipping experience change your life?

I have moved from building classifieds which I earn nothing from and electronics where I had to go and pay before delivering to customers. Now I just import products and the supplier ships directly without me having to go to the supplier’s physical store. And, I’m not paying for shipping since most of what I sell has free shipping. Again, other people rely on me to build them dropshipping stores which I do at a cool fee.

My friends and family say my business has a great future and always advice I keep they good work up.

What are your plans for the future?

I want to build more stores based on specific niches as well as expand my dropshipping store building business.

What can you advise our readers – those who already run their stores and those who don’t have any dropshipping experience yet?

If anyone has interest doing the dropshipping business, Alidropship is the best place for you. The store is yours 100%, no monthly fees from Alidropship, no transactions fees from Alidropship like some companies ask. The time to start dropshipping is now, just purchase the plugin or a store and start dropshipping.

This awesome story proves that dropshipping in Ghana has a bright future! We are really thankful to Godfred for his sincere feedback, and we hope his dropshipping experience will motivate you to try yourself in this business, too!

By Yaroslav Nevsky
Yaroslav is a founder of AliDropship Community helping people worldwide to start and run a successful dropshipping business.
FAITH FAMOUS 5 years ago

Wow this is a great and awesome success story am really motivated about it.I hope to start it very soon but dont have a laptop I still believe I can use my phone.. Love Alidropship

Iddrisu sadik debabs 5 years ago

Hi, my name is iddrisu sadik debabs from ghana. A dropshipping store operator. I started dropshiping using woodropship then I move to ezusy and now I’m on alidropship. I write about this topic also on my blog *” and create store to clients here in ghana. I love to meet likeminded individuals from my country and will like to get in touch with Godfred. Can I have a contact to him.??
Best regard.

Jesse Joe 5 years ago

Hi Iddrisu, Do you get shipment to Ghana?
Cos it seems all the products suppliers don’t ship to Ghana. How do you do this? kindly help me out
Can even call or text me on +233 54 382 8870.
Thank you

Iddris salif 5 years ago

Hi name sake, I will like to get in touch with you too and Godfred because I wnt start this business seriously and I have just started learning about it my fb account is( DanjunmaDanjunma)

Bernard Asante 5 years ago

Please l would like to get connected to those already into droppshipping in Ghana for mentorship. Please kindly contact me on +233554953953

tony 5 years ago

please lets communicate i want a mentor

Priscilla Aidoo 4 years ago

Great, you guys have motivated me. I have a Shopify store but the sales are bad. I’m also from Ghana and have an entrepreneurial spirit. I hope this works out for me. I trust that my countryman will give a true testimony

Joey 4 years ago

Having a shopify store without much experience in digital marketing(Paid Advertising and organic traffic) is financially not advisable. I would advise u either find a niche or do maximum research on the products you want to sell.

Ernest 3 years ago

Hey how are you iddrisu? Can I get your contact?

Dickson Sarpong 5 years ago

This is another masterpiece. Well thought out article. I’m happy am not the only fish in the business of dropshiping business in Ghana. My only problem is Godfred didn’t share the payment gateways he’s using on his store. This the most challenging part of the dropshipping business in Ghana. Honestly it’s the one thing detaring most entrepreneurs from starting. If your can throw more light on the payment plans for Ghanaians.
However I write about dropshiping on
Looking forward to networking with my like-minded buddies. Thumbs up Godfred

Olga L. 5 years ago

Thank you for the feedback!
Probably, the most convenient payment gateway for your region is Rave – It allows making and receiving payments all over the globe, and it’s supported by our AliDropship plugin. So, if your store is built on AliDropship, you can safely use it to process all the transactions.

iddrisu sadik debabs 5 years ago

Hi, Dickson, I think these days the payment gateway should not be a problem since there are two best platform you can integrate on your dropshipping store that will help you collect payment through mobile money. If you need help with that you can get in touch for more details.

Kakuunah Maldedong Anthony 4 years ago

Insight about the payment methods you are using to receive money on momo

Jason Alvarado 5 years ago

Very inspiring and motivating. Have you ever got the detail on what niche scraping tools he is using?

Shoaib 5 years ago

I also came to the comment to ask this same question. Which is the best niche scraping tool and how to use this tool in the best way?

Ampofo 5 years ago

Hi Osei,
Am Ampofo also from Ghana. I’ll be glad if we could connect and help me mentor me if possible. My number is 0501383349

Thanks and looking forward

Otis johnson 5 years ago

Can you please send me contacts details for Godfred A. Osei from Ghana as I have a job for him in setting up my AliExpress store I live in the UK or my Mobile number +44 07434605208 or my above email.
Many thanks looking forward to hearing from you.

Josiah Iwoketok 5 years ago

Is he selling to people in Ghana? And how do they feel about waiting for 4weeks for the products to a arrive and please do the vendors ship to the clients door step? Please reply it will really help

Jesse Joe 5 years ago

Yes Josiah, the sellers ship directly to the buyers doorstep

Terry Wong 5 years ago

Do you have case study of people who do not have knowledge or experience in eCommerce and yet have succeeded in the AliDropship business. It will be also very inspiring to read those articles. Thanks.

Kwesi 5 years ago

everyone at some point didn’t have any experience. If you want to do it, go ahead. You will do well at it and inspire others, don’t wait till someone does it before you do, time is not a resource to waste,

Njoya Valery 5 years ago

Thanks for the article and I shall be delighted if you could share Godfred’s contact with me.
I am based in Cameroon and I have a huge concern on payment gateways.PayPal which is the best does not function here.
Waiting for reply , best regards.

Godfred Osei 5 years ago

Sorry guys I have not really had time to go through this comments, you can send me an email

Shadrack 5 years ago

Godfred am ready to start. I need your coaching pls contact me. 0249624709

Bastu 5 years ago

By using free shipping it means the products will take a very long time (App 4 wks) to arrive, don’t you face any problem with your customers about the delivery time? And which payment gateway do you use? Thanks!

udom 5 years ago

hello im happy to read this amazing story coz it means dropshipping is still a lucrative business but i’ve been doing this since last year and i have not made a single sale i would be glad if someone could view my website and tell me what am doing wrong thanks this is the website link
i have tried a lot of niches but still the same poor result please can someone give me advice thanks

Godfred Osei 5 years ago

Per your Niche, make research’s using niche scrapper, and make sure you’re targeting the right customers

Kwesi 5 years ago

Watch this video and you’ll see exactly why you’ve had this problem. It’ll tell you what you need to do to start making sales. It is not my video:

Godfred Osei 5 years ago

Godfred here, those who want to contact me should reach out via email, please note I won’t share my website and some info I deem confidential.

MTB 5 years ago

Good Article, and good job. But still, the “Ghanaianest” in him will not let him freely share key information to help others also build up. (even his own webstore is deemed confidential)….Oh Africa. We should stop this kind of mindset ” the success of my friend means my downfall” attitude, else the continent with such brilliant minds won’t grow. The Americans, the Chinese, all carried other people along as they developed. Now we are all beneficiaries of what Jack Ma started and involved all people. I hope we learn from them.

Guys looking for payment gateways can talk to hubtel, slydepay, ipaygh, expresspay and many local fintech coming up. Most of these guys already have free addons for woocommerce. This should not be a trade secret.


Godfred Osei 5 years ago

Hey buddy, we don’t hide out websites just because we don’t wanna share some sought of info but because we mean to protect our website from DDOS attacks among others, I have had a few of my websites attacked my competitors, all they need to do is provide my site address and pay for the DDOS attacks and boom my customers will be denied access…., I have provided my email if anyone needs help they can contact me but like I said I will hold on to some info I deem private

Harish Mehra 5 years ago


Q 5 years ago

What is your payment gateway

Godfred Osei 5 years ago

I use rave

Naqash 5 years ago

Hello, thank you for reading my message. I want to start drop shipping business. Please guide me how can I set shipping rates for different countries? Thank you

Kind regards,


Godfred Osei 5 years ago

Naqash, It’s Godfred you can reach me via email, I hardly read replies made here

Olga L. 5 years ago

Hello, thank you for your question!

With AliDropship plugin, you can add several shipping options to every product, and specify the list of countries you can ship to. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to set different shipping rates for every specific country, but instead, you will offer your clients several delivery options to choose from.

You can read more about it here:

Charles-Power Obuh 5 years ago

This is awesome from a brother.
I do not have any experience about web design and I desire to start up drop shipping. What do you advice?

Godfred Osei 5 years ago

Chat with me on WhatsApp +97433900524

nana kwame 5 years ago

i needed sample of dropshipping store in Ghana here. please anyone there to give me sample?

Olga L. 5 years ago

Hi, thank you for your question!

Our manager will get in touch with you soon.

Ken 4 years ago

Can I get a sample from Kenya too?
Thank you

Olga L. 4 years ago

Hi, thank you for your interest!

Our manager will get in touch with you soon.

Caesar A. Ashong 5 years ago

I started my droppshiping store December 2019, I am looking for like minded and existing dropshipers who are also into so we network and resolve any challenges that we may face. Get intouch

Jonathan 4 years ago

What is your contact please?

Bernice Baah 4 years ago

Please it’s free return incase of any Issue,and how can I change customer pin code.

Olga L. 4 years ago

Hi, thank you for your question!

If you’re experiencing some technical troubles with processing your dropshipping operations, kindly contact our support team at and explain the situation in detail.

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