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Best Instagram Accounts To Learn And Get Inspiration From

By Artemis K.

best instagram accounts

Do you have your own business, especially in ecommerce? Are you already aware that you can benefit from social networks, especially from Instagram? If so, we are happy to introduce the best Instagram accounts for your business to learn from!

Social networks are going to be the main power nowadays. However, you can use them not only for fun, but also for the benefit of your business!

To date, lots of people make money on Instagram. And you don’t need to have millions of followers for that. However, it’s a lot more useful to learn from the best, right?

So, the team of AliDropship has decided to undertake a study and found out what you can learn from the best Instagram accounts for your business. That’s why, get comfortable, since we are ready to start!

Best Instagram accounts: what to learn from them?

Well, why do we need a list of the best Instagram accounts? Why is it a good idea to follow these accounts, and what can you learn from them? Let’s figure these out!

Let’s take by default that you have your own ecommerce business. You may probably have started an Instagram account for your business. So how to promote your business on Instagram?

First of all, you should update your Instagram profile regularly. So make new posts, tell your subscribers about the products and services your company sells, and so on.

What’s more, you can suggest your followers join an affiliate program. It means that they will promote your goods or something else in their accounts on a regular basis. You, in turn, are supposed to pay them a fee each week/month/year.

What’s so great about affiliate marketing? As a result, both sides are to benefit.

You, as an ecommerce business owner, successfully promote what you sell. Meanwhile, regular Instagram users get a commission for their services.

You can also promote your business by means of direct/indirect advertising. The first way implies that you contact Instagram administration and pay for your ads placement. In that case, your advertising starts to appear in the Instagram users’ accounts.

One way of indirect advertising on Instagram is Instagram shoutouts. If you haven’t heard anything about them, AliDropship is happy to present to you our guide on Instagram shoutouts which is going to tell you what a shoutout is and how to get it.

In short, an Instagram shoutout is a way of promoting your goods and services through popular Instagram accounts.

How many all is already written, right? However discussion is one thing, and seeing how it looks on practice is another one.

That’s why we would like to suggest you look at the list of the best Instagram accounts for your business. So you will have an opportunity to see what you can learn from them to improve your company statistics.

Best Instagram Accounts: 10 people and companies on Instagram you can learn from

We could just show you the list of Instagram accounts with most followers, but who really needs that? Does this have any practical significance? How can you benefit from such info?

We have to make an analysis, and now we are glad to present to you our exclusive list of the best Instagram accounts to learn from.

So, do you want to make the most of your Instagram account? Are you eager to make your business grow at a rapid pace? If so, the list above is going to be a must-have for you!

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

best instagram accounts


We suppose nowadays anyone has ever heard about Cristiano Ronaldo. He is one of the best football players in the world.

You could probably miss it, but Ronaldo tops the list of Instagram accounts with most followers – it’s almost 200m people! Just imagine! Only Instagram itself has more subscribers – over 300m users.

However, we realize that all people have their own strengths they can use to promote something. Obviously, Cristiano advertises lots of different companies. And one of them is  CLEAR.

cristiano ronaldo

So, Cristiano Ronaldo demonstrates his perfect haircut and tells his followers how he did this. How many fans went out immediately for this shampoo? 😉

BTW, Cristiano uses his Instagram account not only to advertise third party-brands such as CLEAR, Nike, etc. He also has his own brand that is actively promoted in his Instagram – CR7.

cristiano ronaldo on instagram

Just imagine how many more fans run of their homes for this eau de toilette?

However not only Ronaldo has his own brand. But look at what else has a CR7 label.

business strategy of cristiano ronaldo
Are you surprised? That’s right, Cristiano Ronaldo also has his own hotel chain which is called ‘Pestana CR7’.

And in order to make his hotel more prestigious, he carries out different events there. And, we guess, it really works because he has almost finished his new hotel in Madrid, Spain.

Well, what’s the thing of Cristiano you can use for your business?

In fact, he is engaged in producing perfume, building hotels, manufacturing sportswear, etc. It means that it’s a great idea for you to start investing money in some other business directions as soon as your initial dropshipping venture picks up steam.

2. GoPro

to follow on Instagram
The next in our list of the best Instagram accounts to learn from is GoPro. This company focuses on the manufacturing of action cameras.

Besides the fact that GoPro is popular worldwide, its Instagram account can boast more than 16 millions followers. So, let’s find out how they attract and keep their target audience subscribed to their Instagram.

useful instagram accounts

As a company producing and selling cameras, GoPro regularly posts breathtaking photos. It always reminds you that you’re the very person who is able to take this kind of pictures if buying one of the cameras GoPro sells.

Look at some more sceneries.

accounts to learn from
By the way, you can use the cameras from GoPro when doing water sports. Great, isn’t it?

accounts to follow

So, what can we get from this Instagram page for your business? Judging by the GoPro example, it is a great decision for you to visualise the benefits of the products and services you are ready to provide your clients with.

3. David Beckham

david beckham on instagram

David Beckham is one more famous footballer. Although he can’t boast 200m followers, his Instagram account has 60m active users.

So, David actively starts ad campaigns for third-party companies on his Instagram account. One of the companies he promotes is TUDOR. This is a watch manufacturer residing in Geneva, Switzerland.

how to promote products

Of course, that’s not all. Some of you probably know that David Beckham also has his own brand.

When you’re looking at his Instagram account, first of all, you will find out that David has a line of sunglasses.

beckham sunglasses

However, if you scroll his account down, you will see that he also has a series of body lotions.

beckham cosmetics

As you can see, David Beckham uses his own advertising approach. According to his Instagram account, you can conclude that he advertises his products through showing them in everyday use.

He doesn’t need any film sets, ad directors, etc. He just takes the product, takes a photo, and that’s it!

And people just think that he shows the products he uses himself, and they don’t consider this as an advertisement. In fact, it’s a lot more pleasant to look at these posts, and you have a different impression about that.

So the priceless tip we can get from Beckham’s account is that it’s a great idea to promote the products you sell through demonstrating them in everyday use.

4. Balenciaga

balenciaga on instagram

Balenciaga is a popular company that is well-known as a couturier. Now you can find shoes, clothes, sunglasses, etc. under the label of Balenciaga.

Some time ago people considered Balenciaga as a manufacturer that never conforms to any standards in the industry. In fact, nothing has changed yet. So let’s look at their Instagram strategy. They promote their product in that way.

best instagram accounts to follow

And that way.

best instagram accounts to follow

Looks strange, doesn’t it? Here is more.

how to promote products

Nevertheless, their posts collect hundreds of thousands of‘ likes’.

So what can you get from Balenciaga for your own business? Well, be creative. Try to be as imaginative as possible. And people will follow your Insta that is quite important for you when running a business.

5. Nike

nike on instagram

Well, you have definitely heard about Nike, haven’t you? Then, you should know that Nike Instagram account has almost 100m followers!

What’s special about Nike’s Instagram presence?

It’s clear that Nike always posts photos of different sportsmen. After all, Nike produces and sells sportswear. But look at how they do this. In each post the label of Nike dominates.

kobe bryant

Here is Kobe Bryant. He is an NBA legend. Definitely, he wears a t-shirt from Nike with a label on the sleeve.

naomi osaka

Here comes a professional tennis player, Naomi Osaka. She also wears an outfit from Nike.

And anyway, why keep the things small?

how to advertise business

More, more, more Nike labels on camera!

Don’t be shy to showcase your store logo in order to reinforce your brand image. This strategy gets even more relevant when you have a private label or you have managed to customize the products you dropship.

6. FedEx

best instagram accounts to follow

FedEx is an US company that deals with delivery services. If you’re wondering why we are telling you about a transport company, just look at their Instagram account.

The way FedEx acts on Instagram is quite similar to the one of David Beckham. The marketing specialists from FedEx try to promote their services by means of making daily life posts.

Moreover, it gets clear that they bet on cute and adorable imagery. How? They commonly publish children’s photos. Just view this post on Instagram of FedEx!

best instagram accounts to follow

And yes, they do this regularly!

how to get followers on instagram

But it wasn’t enough for them. They started to make Instagram stories and posts with pretty animals.

how to entertain followers

Great, isn’t it?

how to entertain followers

In FedEx Instagram account you will find lovely snaps of dogs, pandas, cats, etc. So if you are in a bad mood, go to FedEx on Instagram!

Beyond this, the FedEx Instagram account is full of sceneries.

how to use instagram for business

Therefore, here’s another practical recommendation: try to make posts that trigger emotional response and increase viewers’ engagement.

7. Trader Joe’s

best instagram accounts to follow

Trader Joe’s is a chain of grocery stores in the US. And yes, they also have an account on Instagram!

What do you think: is it really necessary for such a food store to attract customers through social networks?

Well, if you look at the Instagram of Trader Joe’s, you will see its number of followers – it’s almost 2 million! That’s not bad for a food store, isn’t it?

So how do they attract customers? And what can we get from them to use when doing business?

Actually, the Instagram of Trader Joe’s is a great example of how to present to their audience the products they sell.

best instagram accounts to follow

They focus on showing the dishes you can make using the products from their grocery. And do you know what? These images look as amazing as sceneries from the most popular magazines.

Here are some more posts from Trader Joe’s Instagram.

best instagram accounts to follow

By the way, they don’t forget to entertain their audience from time to time. This way.

best instagram accounts to follow

Or this way.

best instagram accounts to follow

Here is the idea for you to catch and use when doing business: whatever niche you’re dealing with, you have an opportunity to upload amazing Instagram photos and keep your audience awaiting for your new posts.

8.  General Electric

instagram accounts to learn from

In case you’ve never heard about General Electric, it’s an American multinational company that is engaged in several industries: aviation, health, healthcare, renewable energy, etc.

As you understand, General Electric has a narrow specialization. And the chances that their target audience surf Instagram are quite little. Meanwhile, their Instagram has collected almost 500k followers!

So why do those who first see the General Electric Instagram account want to follow it? In fact, that’s simple. The specialists from General Electric expertly show their business inside.

instagram accounts to learn from

Obviously, the products for aviation are huge a priori. But look at how they show them!

In addition, General Electric prefers to demonstrate their specialists, how they work, and what they think about their job.

instagram accounts to learn from

So meet Aaron Perry. He is a development assembly mechanic. He has been captured when doing his everyday tasks.

instagram accounts to learn from

And here is Chris Day, for example. He is a senior staff engineer at GE.

So what does it mean for you as a business owner? It signifies you should share photos that show how your business works inside. Of course, you’ll need to have something really interesting to share with your audience!


educational instagram accounts

The next Instagram account we are going to explore is NASA. NASA is an US agency which is responsible for the civilian space program.

So why did we decide to speak about NASA? That’s clear. Their Instagram account has more than 50 million followers worldwide. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

Let’s look at how they’ve managed to collect so many subscribers.

educational instagram accounts

It’s going to be clear for you since you see this post. So what do they publish in their Instagram account? Right, they serve as an educational tool for those who want to learn more about space, our planet, etc.

So, let’s look at some more posts to make sure we got this right.

educational instagram accounts

And more.

educational instagram accounts

The issue then, can you benefit from this method when doing your business? In fact, you can.

Due to making educational posts, NASA has managed to collect a huge number of followers.

So educate your followers, especially if they need additional knowledge in the niche you’re working in. And after that, using several promotion channels, you will be able to convert your followers into customers.

10. 3M

how to use instagram for business

Have you ever heard about 3M? If not, you should know that you’re highly likely to use the products made by 3M. Or made of materials from 3M.

Actually, this company manufactures many types of film, insulating materials, protective equipment, and so on. On Instagram, this company only has a bit more than 100k subscribers. But that this company represents a very narrow branch of industry. So how has a film producer gained this popularity?

They have decided to make posts which have practical importance.

how to use instagram for business

Here they tell their audience that they participate in making products which can provide pain relief for those who need it.

how to use social networks for business

In this post, they explain to their audience how to use old newspapers as wrapping paper.

how to use social networks for business

What’s more, 3M produces some items that are able to facilitate human lives. For example, this product is going to help you save up to 50% space when shipping something.

And so on, and so forth.

So what can we get from this company business experience? Try to publish photos and videos which are going to have practical significance for people’s everyday life.

Final thoughts: best Instagram accounts to learn from

If you surf social media platforms everyday, update your Instagram feed regularly, and so on, you should remember that you have a chance to turn your hobby into profit. In case of having your own business, you can use your Instagram in order to promote your products or services.

We were glad to present to you 10 best Instagram accounts to learn from. All of them are people or companies that have made tremendous strides in advertising their businesses on Instagram.

And now it’s up to you which recommendations to follow.

That’s it! We hope you’ll gain valuable and helpful insights from this selection of best Instagram accounts. Use them as your source of inspiration, apply similar content strategies while promoting your own dropshipping business, and enjoy the results!

By Artemis K.
Artemis is a senior copywriter at AliDropship. Having received a BA degree in International Communication and MA degree in Advertising, he started his career working in a multinational petrochemical enterprise as a marketing specialist. To date, for a number of years, Artemis has been sharing the latest ecommerce trends with you, creating guides on how to start an online business from scratch, and keeping you updated on new IT solutions that help you optimize your venture.
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