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New Product Idea: Dropship Jewelry Boxes From Your Store

By Olga L.

dropship jewelry

If you’re wondering what to sell in your store, try to dropship jewelry cases and containers: it can be a great business idea. Take a look at this selection of curious and appealing AliExpress items that can potentially bring you some juicy profits!

When you’re considering what to dropship, it’s essential to think outside the box (pun intended).

For example, everyone seems to be selling jewelry, right? It’s a demanded product category, and customers readily buy rose gold, sterling silver, and gold jewelry – rings and pendants and all this cute shiny stuff.

It’s not a problem to find a suitable jewelry supplier who will ship orders directly to your customers as wholesale jewelry is a really profitable business. But this niche is a bit overstocked. You can drop ship orders all over the world, you can improve your customer service… but all jewelry dropshippers do the same. Competition is sharp, retail prices are lower and lower. So, what’s the use of selling products at the lowest price and have tiny profit margin?

Anyway, you could take the advantage of the situation and make use of this trendy niche.

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Why your should dropship jewelry boxes

What do you think people do with a newly bought pair of earrings, rings or yet another bracelet?

When they are not wearing this piece of jewelry, they obviously keep it in some secure and good-looking box or container.

Naturally, the more people buy jewelry, the more they need some sort of storage accessories for their purchases.

So, will you sell jewelry like everybody else? Or will you instead work in a less common but closely related niche of jewelry boxes and holders?

Take a quick look at this Google Trends stats: we checked several spelling variations and tried different queries, and it appears that this product category is really container trendsjewellery-holder-trend.png jewelry-trays.png jewelry-container-trends.png

So, let’s visit AliExpress to find the most appealing items that will perform well in a drop shipping store. We can even single out several subcategories!

Try to dropship jewelry trays

Kawaii ceramic plate

what to dropship

Price – US $8.49 – 10.62, rating – 4,9*, number of orders – 276

Adorable porcelain plate

what to dropship

Price – US $8.99 – 10.99, rating – 4,7*, number of orders – 114

Golden pineapple plate

what to dropship

Price – US $11.99 – 13.99, rating – 4,9*, number of orders – 66

Dropship jewelry holders

Album-like holder

what to dropship

Price – US $8.16, rating – 4,8*, number of orders – 396

Plastic cactus holder

what to dropship

Price – US $3.37, rating – 4,9*, number of orders – 105

Multifunctional tree holder

what to dropship

Price – US $4.31, rating – 4,9*, number of orders – 398

Wooden bracelet holder

what to dropship

Price – US $8.23, rating – 4,9*, number of orders – 376

Dropship jewelry boxes for a single item

Macaroon box

what to dropship

Price – US $1.69, rating – 4,8*, number of orders – 500

Personalized box

what to dropship

Price – US $12.95, rating – 4,9*, number of orders – 311

Geometrical glass box

what to dropship

Price – US $9.76, rating – 4,9*, number of orders – 405

Dropship multi-item jewelry organizers

Wooden box

what to dropship

Price – US $11.47, rating – 4,7*, number of orders – 158

Portable case

what to dropship

Price – US $30.28, rating – 4,9*, number of orders – 117

Velvet display box

what to dropship

Price – US $9.60, rating – 4,9*, number of orders – 309

Dropship multi-layer jewelry organizers

Three-layers velvet box

what to dropship

Price – US $10.05, rating – 4,8*, number of orders – 674

Leather-like box

what to dropship

Price – US $21.66, rating – 4,8*, number of orders – 559

Double layer geometric box

what to dropship

Price – US $16.85, rating – 4,9*, number of orders – 317

Dropship jewelry boxes in retro style

Telephone jewelry box

what to dropship

Price – US $15.79, rating – 4,7*, number of orders – 50

Gramophone music box

what to dropship

Price – US $8.24, rating – 4,4*, number of orders – 153

Dropship jewelry boxes for kids

Cartoon music box

what to dropship

Price – US $10.49, rating – 4,7*, number of orders – 97

Cosmetics & jewelry music box

what to dropship

Price – US $21.85, rating – 4,8*, number of orders – 74

As you can see, there are numerous subcategories in this product niche. Why not take any of them as an experiment?

For those who don’t yet have an idea what to dropship,  jewelry boxes and holders might turn out a winning solution. Find inspiration in these beautiful AliExpress items, experiment with the product offer in your drop shipping store, and enjoy the constant buyers’ flow!


By Olga L.
Olga is a Copywriting Director at AliDropship. She works on guides, tutorials, and other educational materials to help you start and run your dropshipping business with ease.
Don James February 2, 2018 10:22:45

Thank you Olga
Definitely I will try it out
It’s an awesome niche product

Ramesh February 2, 2018 11:08:36

thanks, Olga, really appreciated : )
great ideas here to research further

Samuel February 2, 2018 12:44:47

I already have a store and am interested in opening more; I honestly urge you guys to write something on how to start and run Facebook ads for alidropshippers. It would really help because opening a store is not the problem, it’s maketing and making sales. Keep up the good work Olga

william Clinton February 2, 2018 13:40:17

Very informative, and potentially a profitable niche. Thanks Olga

Ed Lange February 2, 2018 13:57:21

Great idea…but now that many thousands of prospective sellers have seen this I must assume that its too late to get on the band wagon….or am I wrong?

sebastian February 2, 2018 15:09:13

im struggling choosing football or this, i just purchased custom store

Anthony February 2, 2018 16:13:45

Thanks Olga! Nice Niche, I will start this niche 😀

Charice Champion February 2, 2018 16:21:29

Thanks so much for the all the free information you’re giving me. New beginners usually have to pay big money to learn this kind of info

Dianne Dixon February 2, 2018 16:54:00

This makes sense as I used to have one of these. Practical. I will research for sure.

Wayne February 2, 2018 16:56:39

If only your prices were wholesale instead of retail.

Dylan February 5, 2018 14:27:34

Great suggestion, perfect suits my niche!

Deniz February 5, 2018 20:02:36

Thanks for your sharing Olga.

oray February 28, 2018 10:57:16

Prices for non-american cargo for jewelery boxes are high. what will we do if we sell as free shipping. for orders outside of the USA

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