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Want To Dropship Sunglasses? Consider These Product And Seller Options!

By Laurence Lee

Want To Dropship Sunglasses? Consider These Product And Seller Options!

What should you do if you want to dropship sunglasses successfully? Which products and suppliers deserve your most careful attention? Let’s figure it out!

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Why it’s a good idea to dropship sunglasses

Being well protected never goes out of style. And nothing expresses style better than a great pair of sunglasses. If you are unsure of what product to start your dropshipping business with, we highly suggest sunglasses.

According to PR News Wire, the global sunglasses market is projected to be a USD $38.84 billion market by 2024. It’s a booming industry and will always be in demand — it is also a universal market and caters to men, women, boys, and girls. It is not only a staple in fashion, but is also an essential for health when it comes to sun protection of the eyes. Simply put, sunglasses are an item and industry that is sure to always bring in income!

Where to find the best sunglasses suppliers for your store

With AliDropship, we have all the intel on best sellers. Just sign up for our AliDropship Insights to get eyes on the top-ranking and high-selling sellers and products for any niche. We’ve gone ahead and done some of the work to make getting started easier for you. Here are some high-performing suppliers you can trust!



Rating: 97%

Followers: 52,843

Years in Business: 7



Rating: 97%

Followers: 90,422

Years in Business: 5



Rating: 97%

Followers: 28,165

Years in Business: 9



Rating: 98%

Followers: 1,061,885

Years in Business: 6



Rating: 98%

Followers: 1,061,885

Years in Business: 6


Cycling Store

Rating: 99%

Followers: 34,628

Years in Business: 6



Rating: 98%

Followers: 148,978

Years in Business: 6



Rating: 96%

Followers: 176,223

Years in Business: 6



Rating: 97%

Followers: 38,220

Years in Business: 6



Rating: 96.2%

Followers: 7,241

Years in Business: 4



Rating: 98.6%

Followers: 323

Years in Business: 3



Rating: 98%

Followers: 148,436

Years in Business: 6



Rating: 98%

Followers: 282,877

Years in Business: 6


Veithdia Veithdia

Rating: 98%

Followers: 248,184

Years in Business: 6



Rating: 97%

Followers: 116,474

Years in Business: 9


car unique

Rating: 96%

Followers: 2,103

Years in Business: 2



Rating: 97.2%

Followers: 4,130

Years in Business: 3



Rating: 96.2%

Followers: 1,922

Years in Business: 2

Best examples of sunglasses to dropship

If you’re ready to sell, let’s take a look at some top-selling choices from our high-performing sunglass dropshipping stores. We’ve got a ton of looks for you:

KACHAWOO Vintage Gold Sunglasses

Best examples of sunglasses to dropship

KACHAWOO Fashion Rimless Sunglasses

sunglasses to dropship

KEHU Unique Ladies Luxury Oversized Big Sunglasses

Oversized Big Sunglasses

KEHU Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

LONSY Fashion Round Sunglasses

Fashion Round Sunglasses

LONSY Cat Eye Sunglasses

Cat Eye Sunglasses

MERRY’S DESIGN Classic Retro Rivet Polarized Oval-Framed Sunglasses

Classic Retro Sunglasses

MERRY’S DESIGN Classic Retro Rivet Polarized Square-Framed Sunglasses

Classic Retro Square-Framed Sunglasses

Peekaboo Small Rectangle Sunglasses

Small Rectangle Sunglasses

Peekaboo Vintage Retro Gothic Steampunk Mirror Sunglasses

Vintage Retro Gothic Sunglasses

Ralferty Polarized Magnetic Clip-On Eyeglasses

Polarized Magnetic Clip-On Eyeglasses

Ralferty Polarized Square Clip-On Night Vision Eyeglasses

Polarized Square Clip-On Night Vision Eyeglasses

ROYAL GIRL Luxury Rimless Sunglasses

Luxury Rimless Sunglasses

ROYAL GIRL Oversize Vintage Gradient Sunglasses

Oversize Vintage Gradient Sunglasses

runbird Luxury Vintage Sunglasses

Luxury Vintage Sunglasses

runbird Vintage Big Frame Sunglasses

Vintage Big Frame Sunglasses

Sunglasses 2020 Polarized Sunglasses for Men

Polarized Sunglasses for Men

2020 Sunglasses Polarized Retro Square Sunglasses for Men

Polarized Retro Square Sunglasses for Men

VEITHDIA Unisex Polarized Aluminum Sunglasses

Unisex Polarized Aluminum Sunglasses

VEITHDIA Men’s Vintage Polarized Square Sunglasses

Men’s Vintage Polarized Square Sunglasses

Veithdia Veithdia Polarized Pilot Sunglasses for Men

Pilot Sunglasses for Men

Veithdia Veithdia Polarized Mirror Lens Sunglasses for Men

Mirror Lens Sunglasses for Men

XIU Metal Mirror Lens Steampunk Sunglasses

Metal Mirror Lens Steampunk Sunglasses

XIU Metal Retro Vintage Steampunk Sunglasses

Metal Retro Vintage Steampunk Sunglasses

Steps you need to take to start dropshipping sunglasses

Ready to officially start up your sunglasses store? Follow our easy four steps below to ensure you are off to a good start.

  • Create a store

Getting started is easy with AliDropship. Just download our plugin for either WordPress or WooCommerce or purchase a custom store and let us set up your business for you from scratch. Have a particular idea of sunglasses you want to sell? You’ve got it with our plugin (or just let us know).

  • Select suppliers

If you’re on your own, we’ve cut through the hundreds of thousands of AliExpress suppliers to make finding the best suppliers quick and easy – with just a few clicks. Get our AliDropship Insights and filter suppliers based on niche type, number of followers, ratings, and years in business.

  • Choose items

Choosing what items to sell is also a breeze when you have AliDropship Insights. You can go about it two ways:

  1. As noted above, you can find items by filtering from top-performing suppliers. Once you find the right ones, start looking at what their best-selling items are to get any idea of what you want and can sell.
  2. Or, with AliDropship Insights, you can search for products instead of suppliers. See what items and niches have the highest AliExpress order amounts and dropship sales.
  • Make sure your store is search- and user-friendly

Once you have chosen and imported your items to sell, make sure your website’s pages are informative and SEO-friendly. Check that product titles and descriptions are keyword-rich while clear in conveying what the product and its attributes are. If a product you imported doesn’t have search engine-friendly copy, you can rewrite it so that it is.

Be sure to launch ad campaigns to drive traffic to your store and also utilize social media (we have a great add-on for this) to further drive potential customers to your online store. Check analytics over time to observe what is working and what isn’t. Your stats can help you decide what pages and places on your website you can improve, and also tell you what items sell well.


Sunglasses are incredibly lucrative and an ever-growing industry, making it a smart choice for dropshipping. With our plentiful suggestions (and our handy plugin solutions), AliDropship can help you set up your sunglasses dropship store easily!

By Laurence Lee
Laurence is a copywriter and editor at AliDropship. Having graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara with a Communication degree, he has worked in marketing and ecommerce for over 8 years. He loves to educate and teach audiences about tips for dropshipping and social media marketing.
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