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How To Boost Your Profits With The Recent Sales Pop-Up

By Olga L.

Using recent sales pop-up in drop shipping business

Recent sales pop-ups that show buyers’ activity on your website are a wonderful marketing tool for a drop shipping store! Building customers’ trust and creating the sense of urgency, they motivate your store visitors to make a purchase without any second thought.

We are sure you have seen different kinds of pop-ups in other webstores.

Paul N. from Denver bought this item 7 minutes ago.

This item was just ordered by Erica from Uppsala.

9 other people are viewing this item right now.

All these messages that appear on your screen are called recent sale pop-ups. They perform many useful functions that you can see below.

Benefits of recent sales pop-ups FOR A CUSTOMER

  • They inspire trust

Imagine that a person randomly visits this webstore and sees the products for the first time in their life. What can prove the store’s reliability and security more than the experience of other people who already made a purchase?

  • They showcase items

Maybe the store visitor is not looking for anything particular, and just randomly browses the website pages. Isn’t it a good idea to demonstrate the best product offers through pop-ups?

  • They generate ideas

What if the store visitor can’t decide between several similar products? Someone else’s experience can help an indecisive customer choose one of the item options.

Right, so recent sale pop-ups are really valuable for an online store visitor. Now, let’s see how exactly they can help a store owner run this business.

Benefits of recent sales pop-ups FOR A STORE OWNER

  • They create the sense of urgency

When the webstore visitors see that the store is very active and busy, and especially, when they notice that some item was bought by someone else seconds ago, they start worrying that this item will be completely sold out really soon. That’s the basic human psychology, so why not make a good use of it?

When your store visitors are not looking for something in particular and are just randomly clicking on different pages, they are likely to get bored really soon, and leave the store. Recent sale pop-ups are your way to grab their attention and make them stay a bit longer – and ideally, even make a purchase.

  • They allow targeting

Let’s suppose that your business goal is to sell particular products to people living in particular parts of the globe. For example, you did a deep market research and decided to sell geometric enamel pins to Serbian teenagers, and flower cross stitch patches to Malaysian women. Recent sales pop-ups are a GREAT tool to encourage such purchases. A pop-up message like ‘Sharifah Z. from Kuala Lumpur bought Poppy Cross-Stitch Patch 4 minutes ago’ will do the trick!

As you can see, a recent sales pop-up is a wonderful thing both for you as an online store owner, and for your potential customers.

Let’s see how you can sort it out.

How to set up recent sales pop-ups

The newest Recent Sales Pop-Up from AliDropship makes it possible for you to create catchy pop-up notifications and customize them as much as you like. The add-on is already released for everyone’s use!

First, you need to go to your webstore settings in order to enable notifications and make sure that they can be shown on mobile.


After this, it’s time for the most interesting part – creating the message! The template text for our pop-ups looks this way:

{{first_name}} in {{city}}, {{country}} just purchased {{product_with_link}} {{time_ago}}

You can rewrite the textual part and, for example, make it look like this:

{{product_with_link}} was ordered by {{first_name}} from {{city}}, {{country}} {{time_ago}}

Make sure NOT TO CHANGE the main parts of the message – the words in {{braces}}.

What do they mean?

Our team created the list of 20 countries. For each of these countries, there are matching lists of cities, male names, and female names.


The system will automatically choose and randomly mix names, cities and countries to create various pop-up notifications. You can select the countries that will be shown in your pop-ups – if you don’t want to mention all 20 of them in your notifications, simply tick the ones you prefer. You can also add other countries, cities and names in the lists if necessary!

Also, you can select the products than will be shown in your notifications. This is a good strategy if you want to promote certain items to a specific segment of your target audience. If you don’t make a list of selected products, the system will use all the published items, and will show them randomly.

To customize your pop-up notifications, you can choose different:

  • Fonts
  • Colors for background, border, font, and link
  • Placement of the text and picture in the notification
  • Placement of the notification on the page
  • Corners’ shape (sharp or rounded)
  • Time intervals between the notifications
  • {{Time_ago}} periods
  • Time duration for the notifications to stay on the page
  • Number of notifications shown on one page

You can read the detailed instructions on setting up recent sales pop-ups in this article of our Knowledge base

As you can see, this AliDropship solution gives you TONS of ways to create unique, appealing and catchy pop-up notifications that motivate your store visitors to quickly make a purchase.

 Install the add-on today and enjoy the surge of buyers, orders, and profits!

By Olga L.
Olga is a Copywriting Director at AliDropship. Having graduated from the Faculty of International Business’ as an Advertising specialist, she puts years of her copywriting experience into making clear and informative guides, tutorials, and other educational materials for dropshipping newcomers worldwide.
David 7 years ago

When it will be available for purchase?

Tamukong Emmanuel 7 years ago

I need this. When will it be possible?

Liang 7 years ago

May I know when it will be released?

Fairoze M 7 years ago

Hi, is this a separate plug-in or add-on to our AE drop shipping stores? I have check the setting, there is no options available to set-up this. Please advise.

Thanks in advance.

Yaroslav Nevsky 7 years ago

Hi, it is an additional plugin you can find here

Uma 6 years ago

If I have already bought a custom store, why should I pay again for the pop up sales plug in? Shopify gives it free for its customers. Why can’t Ali drop ship do it? I can’t spend another 29$ now.

Yaroslav Nevsky 6 years ago

A custom store service does not not include additional WordPress plugins like Pop up plugin. Shopify does not give it for free, since you pay a monthly fee.

Uma 6 years ago

Yes, I too paid 350$

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