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Buying An Established Business: Established Stores VS Custom Stores

By Timur Y.

Buying an established business allows you to start dropshipping right away

Interested in buying an established business? AliDropship now offers two types of dropshipping stores for sale – Custom Stores and Established Stores. However, these names often cause confusion. In this article, I will explain the difference between the two options.

Custom Stores and Established Stores are built on AliDropship plugin and allow you to start dropshipping goods from AliExpress to different countries around the world. However, they’re not the same. To understand the difference between these types of business, one needs to understand how the plugin works.

Dropshipping, AliDropship plugin and how it all works

AliDropship is an ecommerce plugin for WordPress content management system. Simply speaking, the latter is just a platform for building websites.

The plugin allows you to create not just a standard website but the one designed as an online store. It also has a rich set of tools and functions that allow you to dropship products from AliExpress. This is how it works.

Dropshipping is a business model that implies selling goods without having to manufacture or store them. You find an interesting product on AliExpress and import it to your newly created store. You simply copy the product information (title, variations, description, photos, videos, etc.), but you don’t buy the product.

When a client purchases the item, you place this order with AliExpress but you ask the seller to send the product directly to your customer. Since you always sell goods for a higher price, you get the margin as a profit.

In theory, one can do all this manually, but with the number of orders rising, it’ll eventually become impossible to handle it on your own. That’s why you need an automation tool.

AliDropship plugin allows you to import and edit goods from AliExpress, quickly and easily process the orders and automate most of your work. You also get 50 free imports from AliDropship’s database of pre-edited products.

However, before actually starting a business, one has to create the store, import and edit products, as well as connect the site to social media accounts, which takes time and effort. And that’s where our ready solutions come in.

What are Custom Stores?


Custom Stores are dropshipping sites AliDropship team creates for customers on request. Although building an online store isn’t that difficult, it still takes time and effort. So, instead of doing everything on your own, you can delegate this task to us.

Before the work begins, your personal manager contacts you to discuss all the details including niche, design, preferred package, etc. After that, you only need to wait for your store to be ready.

As a result, you’re getting an online store professionally made according to your individual preferences.


  • You choose the niche of your store
  • You pick the name, theme and design of the store
  • Three packages to choose from – Basic ($299), Advanced ($499) and Ultimate ($899)


  • A Custom Store is a business ready for launch, but it will not start bringing profit until you start promotion.

What are Established Stores?


Established Stores are built on AliDropship plugin by our team just like Custom Stores or the websites made by our clients. They are technically identical. However, these stores are managed and promoted by AliDropship’s Ecommerce Department. You could say, they’re just our own stores.

It all starts with an idea. The team chooses a niche that promises to be profitable; then they buy a domain and hosting and create the website using the plugin. After we import products and everything’s ready, we start promoting the store.

Our experts promote it on different channels, try out various strategies, customize the stores for better results and experiment with products. After a while, the website gets its own audience of regular buyers, a certain reputation, active social media accounts with real subscribers and so on.

When we see that the business is bringing profit, we list it for sale. In other words, an Established Store is a dropshipping business that is already running.


  • Built by experts
  • You are buying an established business that already has followers and is bringing profit
  • Along with the site, you also get a detailed guide, social media accounts with active subscribers, everything you need to start your own promotion campaigns, and one month of post-sale support and training from your personal manager.


  • Customers can’t choose the name, niche and design of the store
  • The price of an Established Store is calculated according to its annual profit and therefore, high-performing stores can be quite expensive.

Who could benefit from Custom and Established Stores?

While these two offers may seem similar, they will suit different purposes.

When purchasing an Established Store, you get a business that’s already running and bringing a profit. Thus, one doesn’t have to spend months to promote it from scratch or risk failing.

On the other hand, those who buy a Custom Store get to choose plenty of individual business details. It is the buyer who, after a detailed consultation with a personal manager, decides what to sell in this shop, how it should look, etc. Customizable features are its main benefit, so this option will suit someone who wants to see their dreams take shape. Custom Stores are much more affordable than Established Stores, but one has to promote them from scratch.

Thus, buying an established business offers different privileges: Custom Stores allow you to start promoting right away without having to build the website on your own while Established Stores allow you to start enjoying profits right away without having to develop a reputation.

By Timur Y.
Timur is a senior copywriter at AliDropship who is keen to create easy-to-read educational content for ecommerce newcomers. His area of professional interest is marketing tips for beginners in dropshipping.
Ayamba Oben Stephen February 8, 2020 12:41:06

I need an established Store, how do I get one?

Timur Y. February 10, 2020 2:31:58

Thank you for your interest. Visit the store’s page here: and press the ‘GET PERSONAL OFFER’ button. Soon, one of our managers will reply to you to discuss the details.

Ali February 11, 2020 10:07:32

How to buy any thing from Alidrop ship? where i am trying to buy a plugin and used my, my wife and relatives debit cards but each time the error comes card decline. Further i raised this issue to the customer support team and they send me a link to purchase via email and it also dose not work. Further with many days wait i got an email from the sales department to send money to usa bank account where i had given only account number and routing number, now i am waiting for the account title including full name of the person receiving amount, bank address details, everyday i leave a message of reminder, and it only being seen by the customer support but no action is being suggested nor any other word, SUCH A FRUSTRATING SITUATION, Don’t know what to do now….

Timur Y. February 11, 2020 10:38:11

Hello, Ali. Sorry for the inconvenience. I talked to the support team, and they will contact you shortly. I hope the problem will be solved.

Esther Nwabuko February 16, 2020 10:22:27

How much does an established stores cost?

Timur Y. February 17, 2020 2:56:38

The prices vary and change almost every week because they’re calculated from the store’s profit which also changes all the time. To learn the current cost of a store, please, contact our managers here: Make sure to tell them which store you’re interested in.

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