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Best Products For Drop Shipping: 3 Reasons To Sell Space-Themed Items

By Olga L.

best products for drop shipping

In today’s selection of the best products for drop shipping, space-themed items get our focused attention.

Space is limitless, and so are your business opportunities!

Really, if you ever decide to choose space-related items as the niche for your drop shipping store, just consider these certain benefits:

  • Huge target audience

Space, planets, galaxies, the Universe – all these subjects are fascinating and interesting to lots of people.

Space remains one of the largest mysteries of the nowadays world, and it’s being largely discussed, observed and studied.

This is why it gradually comes to the centre of everyone’s attention: scientists, researches, engineers, writers, musicians, artists and large sections of the general public pay a growing attention to this sphere. For a space-themed store, such an impressive base of already existing fans and followers is certainly a significant bonus.

  • Media coverage

Thanks to the prompt and detailed coverage in mass media, the newest achievements in the field of space exploration get immediately delivered to wide audience.

Even if a person is not directly involved in any space-related scientific or technological activity, it is still easy to keep track of the latest events.

As the result, space stops to be seen as something beyond your reach: basically, everyone can get some information on any of the interesting objects. We get more accustomed to space, and step by step, it becomes a small yet important part of our life.

  • Mass culture boom

This public interest towards space can’t go unseen, and the influence of this sphere becomes more and more obvious.  This is why we can witness a boost in the number of video games, TV shows, series, movies (including globally renowned franchises) and other artworks dedicated to space.

In the public perception, space becomes not just some familiar sphere, but also a cool and trendy topic to discuss and explore.

As the result, we easily see these motifs in clothes’ prints, room decoration ideas, jewelry designs, etc. Take a look at these Google Trends graphs:




So, are you now convinced this is a promising niche?

(By the way, you can check the potential of any niche with the help of our free automated research tool!)

What to dropship: Space-themed room décor

Wall sticker with space objects

dropship space-themed items

Price – US $8.91, rating – 4.8*, number of orders – 81

Cartoon-style wall stickers set


Price – US $8.91, rating – 4.8*, number of orders – 81

Constellation wall decal


Price – US $7.98-9.48, rating – 4.8*, number of orders – 41

Wall banner


Price – US $7.49-8.87, rating – 4.4*, number of orders – 7154

Led string lights


Price – US $9.78, rating – 4.9*, number of orders – 200

Best products for drop shipping: Space-themed textiles

Outer space rug
Price – US $29.90-64.90, rating – 4.8*, number of orders – 67


Planet rug


Price – US $29.90-64.90, rating – 5.0*, number of orders – 12

Bedding set with the galaxy print


Price – US $20.10-36.60, rating – 4.7*, number of orders – 245

Bedding set with the stars print


Price – US $11.76-35.84, rating – 4.9*, number of orders – 36

Best products for drop shipping: Space-themed stationery

Moon stickers


Price – US $1.10, rating – 4.8*, number of orders – 638

Assorted stickers


Price – US $0.72, rating – 4.4*, number of orders – 74

3D stickers pack


Price – US $1.22, rating – 5.0*, number of orders – 42

 Best products for drop shipping: Space-themed phone cases

Case with golden stars and planets


Price – US $5.74, rating – 4.9*, number of orders – 63

Case with a holder ring


Price – US $5.59, rating – 4.9*, number of orders – 116

‘Dream big’ case


Price – US $5.36, rating – 4.9*, number of orders – 125

Constellation case


Price – US $1.59, rating – 4.79*, number of orders – 421

Best products for drop shipping: Space-themed patches

‘I want to leave’ patch


Price – US $2.59-15.48, rating – 5*, number of orders – 48

Space explorer patch


Price – US $1.34, rating – 5*, number of orders – 73

UFO patch


Price – US $0.77, rating – 5*, number of orders – 72

Assorted patches with space objects


Price – US $0.36, rating – 4.9*, number of orders – 107

Get inspired by this selection of the best products for drop shipping in the space-related niche, and use these ideas for your own drop shipping store!

By Olga L.
Olga is a Copywriting Director at AliDropship. She works on guides, tutorials, and other educational materials to help you start and run your dropshipping business with ease.
MarkCM February 19, 2018 12:45:32

Well … now that everyone is going to copy this … I’ll cross it off my list of stores to make 🙁

Steve H February 19, 2018 16:14:52

Exactly, this will be a saturated niche in a month.

Def February 19, 2018 21:53:13

Another good find Olga!

You mention media coverage and I think the spike in interest is because since Mr Musk gave final details in Dec 2017 of going to make space history, there’s been the anticipation of everything space and not forgetting the moon activity in Jan and Feb (so far) more moon attention will be later this year with the remaining eclipses of 2018

Elon Musk’s continued build up in Dec 2017 with his Tesla Roadster launch couldnt be missed worldwide on Feb 6 2018 could it?

And even the ‘Where Is Roadster?’ website owner, whose site is following its journey across the solar system, says he was amazed at the 25k folks who wanted to know more (and that was just day one) to keep track on its whereabouts in space. Even today, his lastest YT update has had 1,471 views per hour so far according to the YT stats.

Then what about the rare moons we’ve seen worldwide up close or on the television? These have no doubt added to the space items interest or purchases spike.

We had the rare moons and eclipses Jan 2 and 31, the Super, Blue Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse – all in one night with another blue moon due 31 Mar 2018.

I’d agree that, every and anything space theme (big or small) should be a seller right now indeed.

Looking forward to your next find and share!

Ramesh February 20, 2018 14:14:44

thanks, Olga, interesting niche, many possibilities.

Matt March 18, 2019 6:14:13

Great read. I learned a lot about focusing on specific niches and look forward to applying these strategies!

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