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30 Cute Products From AliExpress For Your Dropshipping Store

By Olga L.
February 26, 2020

A selection of 30 cute products and ideas for your dropshipping business

Products that feature emotional value are a good choice for dropshipping since such items can trigger impulse purchases. In this article, we have gathered a list of 30 cute products for your business.

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When you look for the perfect items for your dropshipping store, the most efficient strategy is to consider your customers’ needs and wants.

Obviously, their preferences and interests can differ a lot (by the way, are you sure you know everything about your target audience?), but there is always something that unifies all of us.

Do you know what it is?

It’s emotions!

As you remember, the commercial success of your dropshipping business heavily depends on your ability to generate impulse purchases. Before buying a functional item, we usually weigh up the pros and cons. But when people see an ad of a cute and affordable product, they simply want it! This is why you can safely rely on emotions to create an appealing and profitable product range in your store.

People choose various ways to fight their bad mood and cheer themselves up, and shopping is definitely one of the most common things to do when you’re upset. So how about creating a store that sells adorable, heart-melting and cute products that cause an immediate desire to buy them right now?

To pick such items, we went on AliExpress and used the same methodology we’ve described in this article: simply speaking, we were choosing offers with free shipping, 4* and higher rating, and relatively low price (all the items listed in this article cost less than $10). Clicking the item link, you can check the product out on AliExpress, and look at customers’ reviews to make sure this offer is a good pick for a dropshipping store.

Cute products for creating comfortable environment around you

Screenshot of fancy LED lantern as an example of cute products for dropshipping

Fancy LED lantern: price – US $5.32 – 7.85, rating – 4,7*, number of orders – 4895


An Asian girl holding a cute luminous plush toy

Adorable luminous plush toy: price – US $9.41, rating – 4,9*, number of orders – 6941


A door with a chalkboard sticker for cute messages

Chalkboard wall sticker for cute messages: price – US $3.91, rating – 4,8*, number of orders – 4446


A cute portable speaker attached to a smartphone

Geeky portable speakers: price – US $7.68, rating – 4,7*, number of orders – 1433


Screenshot of unicorn-shaped earphones as an example of cute products for dropshipping

Cute unicorn earphones: price – US $2.00, rating – 4,8*, number of orders – 2904

Cute products that help you arrange stuff

A woman opening a retro-style polka-dot organizer

Retro style organizer: price – US $2.94 – 3.94, rating – 4,8*, number of orders – 14011


Three eco-style laundry baskets with the images of cute Pegasus

Eco style laundry basket: price – US $7.47, rating – 4,9*, number of orders – 4099


Bathroom wall with two frog-shaped bathroom accessory holders

Funny bathroom accessories holder: price – US $1.39, rating – 4,5*, number of orders – 131


Eleven earphones storage bags of different colors in a white box

Bright earphones storage bag: price – US $0.89, rating – 4,9*, number of orders – 766


Adorable health & beauty supplies

Screenshot of a pink mini hair straightener as an example of a cute dropshipping product

Lovely mini hair straightener: price – US $4.77, rating – 4,7*, number of orders – 3162


Four cookie-shaped mirror & hair comb sets on a wooden table

‘Delicious’ hair comb: price – US $0.79, rating – 4,8*, number of orders – 592


Cartoon-style make-up bag as an example of cute products for dropshipping

Cartoon style makeup bag: price – US $1.59, rating – 4,9*, number of orders – 6372


Six colorful unisex socks suitable for a dropshipping store selling cute products

Unisex colorful socks: price – US $1.80-2.40, rating – 4,9*, number of orders – 2826


Ten patches for self-expression as examples of cute dropshipping goods

Self expression patches: price – US $0.36-0.99, rating – 5,0*, number of orders – 5009

Cute products for making a fancy working environment

Wooden desktop blackboard for writing motivational phrases

Desktop blackboard for motivational writings: price – US $6.92, rating – 4,9*, number of orders – 432


Screenshot of multiple green plant stickers

Green plants stickers: price – US $0.87, rating – 4,9*, number of orders – 2979


10 Kawaii pens as an example of cute products for dropshipping

Kawaii pens: price – US $2.34, rating – 4,8*, number of orders – 6285


5 sticker sets for writing down weekly plans

Planning stickers: price – US $0.90, rating – 4,9*, number of orders – 3897


Screenshot of pink calendar stickers

Calendar stickers: price – US $2.20, rating – 4,8*, number of orders – 882


5 cute cable managers shaped as bears and chicks

Cute cable managers: price – US $0.49, rating – 4,9*, number of orders – 1224

Cute make-up products

Cute black make-up bag with an inscription saying “I’m so purrrfect”

Kitty make-up bag: price – US $1.99, rating – 4.8*, number of orders – 947

Screenshot of an eyelash curler with pink handles

Eyelash curler: price – US $2.89, rating – 4.7*, number of orders – 583

Image of a peach-shaped lipbalm as an example of a cute product for dropshipping

Peach-shaped lipbalm: price – US $1.78, rating – 4.8*, number of orders – 606

Screenshot of 9 anti-fall mirrors with cute pictures

Small anti-fall mirror: price – US $1.15, rating – 4.6*, number of orders – 148

A beautiful, smiling girl wearing a make-up headband shaped as cat ears

Cat ears make-up headband: price – US $1.40, rating – 4.7*, number of orders – 2401

Cute baby products

Screenshot of 5 baby socks as an example of cute products for dropshipping

Cute baby socks: price – US $4.99, rating – 4.8*, number of orders – 9450

Image of 6 silicone baby bibs

Waterproof silicone baby bib: price – US $5.57, rating – 4.9*, number of orders – 2380

Screenshot of plush rabbit and bear toys holding hand: cute products to dropship

Plush rabbit and bear toys: price – US $4.45, rating – 4.9*, number of orders – 3040

Yellow, pink and blue baby hat & bib sets to dropship in your online store

Cute baby hat and bib: price – US $1.99, rating – 4.8*, number of orders – 3132

Screenshot of a baby wearing a pink knotted headband

Baby knotted headband: price – US $1.86, rating – 4.9*, number of orders – 5019

Well, we hope you got the idea 🙂

By the way, you can easily evaluate the potential of any dropshipping niche at your choice: all you need to do is use this free niche research tool developed by our team.

Here, we are just giving you a general direction for your search for cute products to dropship. Feel free to explore these topics further, and enjoy a great performance of your dropshipping store!

By Olga L.
Olga is a Copywriting Director at AliDropship. She works on guides, tutorials, and other educational materials to help you start and run your dropshipping business with ease.
Directwebstores January 22, 2018 12:33:13

Winter? The Southern Hemisphere ignored again … as usual. *sigh* LOL

Virgil Stanica January 22, 2018 14:15:06

I want to buy from you BASIC PACKAGE $ 299 and I want to know exactly what I will receive.
Does BASIC PACKAGE include SOCIAL RABBIT services or must they be purchased separately?
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Will you include the 50 products in the Dropshipping Store?
I want you to give me your advice to make a very good Dropshipping Store that sells very well.

Thank you.

Yaroslav Nevsky January 23, 2018 4:01:09

Hello, please check what is included in Basic package here:

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Thanks Olga, you always have great informative articles. My plan was to start a dropship business this year but I have tried unsuccessfully to reach someone from your company to get a few questions answered about the packages; (two emails and two phone calls) that gives me an uneasy feeling that once I pay for the package, I may be unable to get the help I need from Alidropship.

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“gives me an uneasy feeling that once I pay for the package, I may be unable to get the help I need from Alidropship”.

JAY! Your feeling is definite wrong here! Any updates? Did you purchase in the end because I did and have nothing but praise for Yaroslav and his team. Did you also see the money back blurb? Seems a win win situation for you.

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