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Custom Online Store: Best Way To Start Dropshipping For Beginners

By Timur Y.

A custom online store is a great way to start a dropshipping business from scratch

Are you planning to start dropshipping? Then a custom online store is just what you need since you can get a professionally made product within a couple of weeks.

Starting a business has never been easy. Besides all the risks and marketing hardships, one has tons of technical issues to attend to. You also need to choose a niche and find products, take care of the design of your ecommerce store, create social media accounts for promotion, etc.

Sounds complicated? While it may not be so difficult, it’ll definitely take a lot of time and effort. However, ordering a custom online store can save you both.

Table Of Contents

What is dropshipping business?

Dropshipping is a business model based on reselling goods by sending them directly to customers from suppliers (be it wholesalers or manufacturers). Sounds a bit confusing, but it’s simple.

In the standard model, you have to buy all those goods beforehand and place them in a warehouse. Only then you can start selling them as a retailer.

However, in dropshipping, you start selling without actually having any products in the warehouse. In fact, you don’t even have a warehouse because you don’t need it!

You promote the goods on the internet through a dropshipping website where you provide potential customers with all the necessary information – product images, descriptions, prices, delivery time and methods, etc.

When somebody places an order, you contact your supplier, buy the given product and ask the partner to send the item to your client. So, there’s no risk of stocking up on goods that will eventually not sell: you only order products after somebody buys from you. And you don’t have to take care of shipment.

AliDropship company creates solutions for dropshipping businesses that sell products from AliExpress, Asia’s largest online platform where you can find thousands of goods at wholesale prices.

What is a custom dropshipping store?

custom dropshipping store

A custom dropshipping store is an ecommerce website made by AliDropship team for a customer in accordance with his or her preferences and instructions.

Simply speaking, you tell us what niche you prefer, what products you’re going to sell, and what kind of design you expect to see. Let’s say, you want to sell pet products and want the store to look all fluffy and cute. Roger that!

The team makes suggestions and if you’re happy with the plan, we get to work. In about 2 or 4 weeks, you get a fully functional online store ready to dropship goods from AliExpress.

Let’s learn what you get in detail.

Niche analysis

Niche analysis for custom online store

Choosing a proper niche is one of the most important steps to a successful business.

When picking up a broad and popular niche, one usually has to face serious competition with few chances to beat other online stores. On the other hand, a narrow niche will attract too few customers. Your best choice is to find the happy medium with enough customers and moderate competition.

At the same time, even a potentially profitable niche doesn’t guarantee success unless it’s something you enjoy. You will have to promote the store on your own, and that’s why it is highly important to understand the target audience, to know the subject and to enjoy what you’re doing.

From this perspective, passion is the key to success. If you don’t have anything in mind, AliDropship’s team will help you identify the best options. Furthermore, we will analyze your suggestions and tell you how many products there are, what the level of competition is and how risky the niche looks.

AliDropship also offers a standalone service, Deep Niche Research, that will help you find 3 profitable niches, 5 best AliExpress suppliers and top 10 countries to dropship the products to.

Professional web design

Professional web design for custom store

Are you good at drawing, picking up and mixing colors? If not, then how about asking professionals for help?

Web design is another important matter in online business. You could compare a website to a brick-and-mortar store. When people visit a site, the first thing they see is the colors on the homepage, the logo, the background, etc. Just like when you enter a shop for the first time. Those who don’t like what they see are likely to leave right away.

That’s why you want a professional design. When you order a custom online store, our designers create a unique and clean design, as well as a logo, header images, favicon, banners and other elements. As a result, you get a truly appealing and competitive website that makes visitors feel cozy.

Technical matters

technical matter for custom online store

Aside from all these artistic issues, you also have to deal with a number of purely technical matters when creating your own dropshipping website. AliDropship’s team will take care of such tasks as mail service setup, Google Analytics integration, currency setup, etc.

First of all, we install PayPall and a number of the most popular payment gateways on your site such as 2Checkout, Stripe, PayU, and others depending on your country of residence and where you’re going to dropship goods to.

Products for your custom online store

AliExpress products for custom online store

Even after you’ve chosen a niche for your ecommerce business, you still have to find dropshipping products. Although AliExpress has hundreds of thousands of goods in all categories one can imagine, you can’t just grab any random item and expect high results. Therefore, finding the best products on AliExpress is a must.

Moreover, your business is going to depend on dropshipping suppliers very much. Since in this business model, products are sent to customers by the wholesaler directly, it’s crucial to find responsible and reliable suppliers.

When you order a custom store, along with the website, you get 50-500 (depending on what package you pick) best-selling pre-edited products from the most trusted AliExpress sellers. All these products will have pre-edited images, titles and descriptions and will require no editing at all.

Promotion boost

Custom store promotion boost

After the team finishes the work, you become a full owner of your own dropshipping store and have to start promoting it. Many small businesses use social networks to reach their audience and advertise products and services. Search engine optimization can attract visitors to the site as well.

To help you get started, AliDropship’s team will create and install top-class design for your social media accounts as well as integrate social media buttons and widgets on the store. Depending on the package, you can have materials for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube promotion. We also provide basic search engine optimization.

If you order the ultimate package, you will also get one promo video and a social media promo plugin.

Custom online store: what you get?

  • Niche analysis
  • Professional design and custom-made logo
  • Mobile friendly website
  • Design for social media accounts
  • 50-500 top pre-edited products within your niche
  • Search engine optimization
  • 100% ownership of your new business
  • Life-long support

And remember, you get all this for a one-time payment as we charge no extra fees. After the purchase, all you have to do is start promoting your store. Whatever you earn belongs only to you!

With a custom online store, you can start a dropshipping business without spending days to build one on your own. This website is ready to be launched and start making money as soon as you get it.

By Timur Y.
Timur is a senior copywriter at AliDropship who is keen to create easy-to-read educational content for ecommerce newcomers. His area of professional interest is marketing tips for beginners in dropshipping.
eduardo June 27, 2020 20:24:25

hello i’m from brazil my site when it comes to researching the products and put them in my store they will come with translation into my language

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    Hi, thank you for your interest!
    Our informational resources are only available in English (on this website) and in Spanish (on

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