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Thank you Elena and Co for your patience and great Email set up. Cant wait to get going now.
4.5 rating
from United Kingdom
Great plugin! Intuitive interface, timely support, perhaps one of the best plugins I have seen. Solid top five to the development team!
5.0 rating
from Russia
Good day Ms.Kate, I'm writing to share my gratitude and tons of thank you for your / team's kind assistance throughout the process. It's been a pleasure working with you to obtain the required assistance in the portal creation. You guys have been an incredible support till the end. Once again thank you!
5.0 rating
from Singapore
very good customer service really impressed with alidroppship team, support team very helpful job well done. Thank you you all .
5.0 rating
from Melbourne Australia
A BIG THANK YOU to Yaros and the entire Alidropship team! I have two stores created by ADS team and I am extremely happy with the amount of dedication and professionalism they have extended towards making my stores. Special shout-outs to Elena Baranova for being extremely helpful guiding me in the entire process of my first store creation, and Vlad and Egor from customer support for helping me with Plugin update issues. It is very exciting indeed to launch your very own e-commerce business with the support of ADS team, who is always there if you need to fall back for any hiccups. Keep up the good work team and I look forward to many many more awesome product releases from you all!
5.0 rating
from United States
AliDropship rocks! You guys are super talented and you got great service. Thank you Ksenia my project manager for all the hard work you have done for this project and to the whole team I have worked with till the success of this beautiful store, I really appreciate everything and everyone and once again "THANK YOU ALL" and keep up the great work.💪
5.0 rating
from Oman
Very good services and products with the best support ever
5.0 rating
from tunisia
I just wanted to give a quick word and let you know that you guys at Alidropship do a really good job. I’m glad I chose to work with you. It’s really excellent how easy to make an effective dropshipping website with your plugin. I never have any difficulty with it at all. My new site Precious Cat Shop - more than effective thanks to you !!!
5.0 rating
from Hungary
5.0 rating
from المملكة العربية السعودية
Amazing plugin. Take your hand to success step by step. Thank you Alidropship
4.5 rating
from Suisse
Muy contento con la compra!
5.0 rating
from Republica Dominicana
There are two things I have done recently that have turned my life around. The first was to read a blog about a one product store, the second was an introduction to Picasso. You know that feeling when you see something and you just know that it's better than anything you've ever seen before and that excitement that just rises up from your belly into your chest. Well I had that feeling when I saw Picasso for the very first time. So I bought it. I wanted a product that would do justice to Picasso so I searched and searched. Amazon Best Sellers and Google Trends, and Hot Lists, you name it. Well I believe I have found a few winners, an amazing product, supplier, price and a WOW experience for anyone who passes by my store. And would you like to know the best thing? It will take a morning to set Picasso up. It is that easy. Because Alidropship have really raised the bar on this one and done absolutely everything for you. This rating is off the charts, like 20 out of 5. Really if you are undecided, get an amazing product, something you really believe in, and Picasso and you will really be on your way. Thank you to all involved in my dropshipping adventure.
5.0 rating
from United Arab Emirates
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