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New Store Bundle

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US $142
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No matter how experienced you are, a new store is a huge load of work that you will have to do! Thankfully, you won’t be alone! With our New Store Bundle, you will literally get a “skilled team” of effective solutions that will help you with your store promotion from the very first day of its launch.

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Starting an online store is always a very exciting but challenging task. Now you are a new business owner and have a lot to do. Let us help you! With the New Store Bundle, your venture will succeed faster because this set consists of the best promo tools ever!

You can run your social media marketing on autopilot, motivate people to buy more per order, encourage them to purchase without delay, and build strong trust-based relationships with your customers. All of this is possible with our magical add-ons!


  • Launch your business promotion with the help of five powerful marketing tools
  • Start getting sales from the very first day
  • Build trust-based relationships with customers by providing a number of real-life reviews
  • Make people buy more per order with the power of upsell techniques
  • Enjoy free lifetime support and updates


The New Store Bundle is a perfect combination of the most powerful tools to make any online store thrive! Let’s get a closer look at each add-on!

Social Rabbit

Social media is an integral part of modern people’s lives. If you want to reach your potential customers, you should run your social media accounts. With Social Rabbit, you will discover the benefits of auto-posting and auto-promoting your store 24/7 on 4 top social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram!


With the Upsell add-on, you will easily grow the average order value! It allows creating enticing offers based on the individual taste and interests of every shopper.

There are flexible settings so that you can customize your upsell offers to make them even more catchy, effective, and relevant to your business and store.

Product Bundle

Looking for more ways to increase your average order value? This revolutionary add-on will solve this problem for you! With the help of easily customizable bundles, you can tempt clients and encourage them to buy more items per purchase.


To create the Urgency add-on, we’ve combined three effective tools in one solution! Getting Urgency, you will get a countdown timer, a set of trust badges, and a social proof tool to boost your conversion rate and make people buy without delay!

Reviews Page

How to convince people to buy from an unfamiliar store? Provide them with real-life reviews! The Reviews Page add-on will help you with that. It allows you to create a whole dedicated reviews page on your site! Moreover, you can customize it any way you like and make it fit your store design.

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Some questions you might have
Is the New Store Bundle supported by the AliDropship WooCommerce plugin?
The New Store Bundle is compatible with both the AliDropship and AliDropship WooCommerce plugins.
Can I use the New Store Bundle on WordPress and WooCommerce sites without AliDropship?
No. Unfortunately, these add-ons only work when the AliDropship or AliDropship WooCommerce plugins are installed.
What if I already have an add-on from this bundle?
Please contact our support team at to discuss the offer details.
Can I use the New Store Bundle on multiple stores?
Yes, you can. When you buy the New Store Bundle, you get a unique license key for each tool from the bundle. You don’t have to use all the add-ons on one store — you are free to apply them to other sites you have, but each tool is limited to a one-time activation only. Also, note that some add-ons may have specific site or plugin requirements to work.
How long will the New Store Bundle license keys be valid for?
All our add-ons have a lifelong license key. You can use it for as long as you want.
Is setup service included in the price of the New Store Bundle?
No,but you can order the service here.
Any questions?
We’ll be happy to answer in detail!
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