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Promo Tools Bundle

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US $145
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Each of these smart add-ons is able to boost your sales in no time. Just imagine what they can do together! Benefit from the joint power of the six best dropshipping tools – and from buying the whole collection for $145 instead of $208!

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This incredible offer combines a great price and a huge potential of the six best dropshipping tools we are really proud of:

Countdown Timer

Encourage your visitors to finish their purchase asap by showing that the offers in your dropshipping store are time-limited. With catchy timers creating a sense of urgency, triggering sales has never been easier!

Facebook Business

Kick-start your Facebook marketing campaigns by creating product catalogues in a single click. Your dropshipping items will be shown to potential clients who are interested in what you offer.

Recent Sales Pop-Up

Notifications of recent purchases not only build trust and make your store look busy, but also multiply your sales. Pop-ups keep your visitors engaged by showing what other people have just bought from you.

Google Merchant

Benefit from advertising your dropshipping products on Google Shopping, one of the greatest eCommerce conversion boosters. With this add-on, you can upload your catalogue to Google and drive eager shoppers to your store.


An outstanding sales tool that motivates your customers to buy more items and makes them happier with the purchase. When your visitor is about to buy something from you he is shown an attractive bundle of other items based on his taste and interests.

Social Rabbit

This unique social media marketing tool is designed to auto-run and auto-promote your website on most popular social networks: Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Main Features:

Smart Posting – shares your website content on social media.

Instagram Account Promotion – boosts your IG account by attracting mass attention to it.

Post Grabber – finds popular content relevant to your niche and publishes it in your social accounts.



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