Social Rabbit Plugin Setup

US $79
3- 6 business days
  • Social Rabbit plugin installation and activation
  • Authorization with social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest)
  • Uploading niche-related images to your Media Gallery
  • Setting up the main Social Rabbit tools
Please leave your email on the checkout page. Our team will contact you to discuss the details within one business day after a successful payment.
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About this service

Are you curious to try the outstanding Social Rabbit plugin that can automatically promote your business on four top social networks? Here’s the best service for you.

We understand that as a dropshipping entrepreneur, you have lots of business tasks to focus on. Why not rely on an expert team to help you get your Social Rabbit plugin up and running in several business days?

What will happen after this service is ordered?

  • You will get a ready-to-use Social Rabbit plugin
  • Your business will be promoted on four top social media on autopilot
  • You will get more quality traffic to your store without wasting time
  • Your store will be ranked higher on Google thanks to backlinks from social media

Start promoting your business on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram with no extra effort and time loss. Our experts will do everything for you!

Start using Social Rabbit with no hassle
Authorization with four social networks
100 niche-related images for your Media Gallery
Best posting time and frequency setup for each social network
Estimated # for your niche
Poster and Gallery tools setup
Welcome Message tool setup
Mutual Promotion tool setup
Delivery time 2-4 days
Get maximum benefits from Social Rabbit
Everything from the BASIC package
Automatic albums creation and setup
100 niche-related images for the Instagram Stories album
10 niche-related GIFs for your Media Gallery
4 Poster templates
5 unique posts for each social network
20 unique comments for the Promoter
Grabber, Blog, Instagram Shoutout setup
Delivery time 4-6 days

Please note: you need to have registered social media accounts beforehand to provide the necessary details. If you don’t have any social media accounts yet, please check this service.

This service does not include the plugin itself.

Any questions? Ask us at

What happens after I order this service?
One of our specialists contacts you to discuss details.
When do I get my order?
The delivery time depends on the package you want to be set up. It varies from 3 to 8 business days.
How will you deliver this service?
First, we obtain the information needed to access your social media accounts and your site. Then our expert will connect Social Rabbit with your accounts, set up its tools and other features, and upload images according to your preferences and the selected package.
Is the cost of the Social Rabbit included in this service?
No, this price is only for the service. You need to buy the Social Rabbit separately here.
What does “Automated album creation and setup” mean?
Social Rabbit offers a wide range of features. One of them is an opportunity to refresh images in the Media Gallery automatically. This way, your social media accounts will look more attractive. To activate this feature, we’ll create a special album and set it up.
What should I do when the service is delivered?
We’ll send you the instructions on how to use the Social Rabbit further. In fact, all the tools and features will be already set up. But you can surely edit templates and change settings according to your preferences.

26 reviews 4.9

5.0 rating
Oct 9, 2019
your work was first-rate. Thanks to Elena! she is so nice!
By Adelina, Latvia
5.0 rating
Oct 4, 2019
Don't have any difficulties during the service. Everything was great and I am satisfied with the result
By Kajal, India
5.0 rating
Sep 19, 2019
Very professional work! The manager was very polite. All the settings were done according to my preferences and wishes. No hassle for me
By Benjamin, Chile
5.0 rating
Sep 6, 2019
I ordered the EXTENDED package. I am completely satisfied - my plugin works and I haven't done anything for it.
By Bill, USA
5.0 rating
Aug 29, 2019
If you don't want to look into the setup process - just oder the extended package
By Holga, Latvia
5.0 rating
Aug 22, 2019
By Okagbare, Nigeria
5.0 rating
Aug 2, 2019
I have several dropshipping stores and so much work! Of course, I can’t spend several hours trying to install and set up five Social Rabbits! Thank God, these guys have such a service. Recommend!
By Esmy, US
5.0 rating
Jul 30, 2019
I am so happy! I have been using the plugin for about a month and everything works well. I follow the recommendations I got when the service was done. Just want to thank you, alidropship
By Victoria, Latvia
5.0 rating
Jul 25, 2019
I got the tool and the setup service by recommendation of a friend of mine (he already got the extended package). And now I want to recommend them to you! If you are going to buy the social rabbit tool, you should get the service, too! This way you will get not just a powerful tool but a ready-to-use solution with all the settings done.
By Juan, Mexico
5.0 rating
Jun 29, 2019
Elena, my assistant, did great work! By the way, when everything was done I got a great instruction at my email what I should do next. Very detailed and useful!
By Daan, Canada
5.0 rating
Jun 19, 2019
Don’t know what to say! You provided the service so fast! Good job!
By Lars, Sweden
5.0 rating
Jun 5, 2019
I am satisfied with the result. Images specialist added to the media gallery are simply ideal! I don’t know how would I do it on my own! Thanks!
By Lena, Germany
5.0 rating
May 30, 2019
Your team is amazing! Each specialist works perfectly! My Social Rabbit was ready to promote my store in a day!
By Clara, France
5.0 rating
May 26, 2019
I was very lucky when I decided to order this service! I’ve bought $139 package and it was worth this money! I got installed social rabbit with amazing photos and videos and catchy templates. Thanks!
By Zoe, Switzerland
5.0 rating
May 13, 2019
Everything was done with the highest quality!
By Lenny, Australia
5.0 rating
Apr 30, 2019
Social Rabbit is a brilliant tool but its settings are too complicated for me. So, I was delighted when I found this service. AliDropship’s team member set up all the necessary tools. So I could start using the plugin right away.
By Omar, Pakistan
5.0 rating
Apr 4, 2019
I appreciate your team member's work! The service was done very professionally and in the short term.
By Whitney, Netherlands
4.5 rating
Mar 15, 2019
In my opinion, Social Rabbit is a great plugin but it is hard for setup on your own. Actually, I tried to set it up myself but after several hours I gave up. What about the service, this one is a wonderful solution for non-tech people. But I don't understand why they don't set up all the tools.
By Kathleen, Canada
4.5 rating
Feb 24, 2019
They uploaded about 70 images to my media gallery. I thought that this number would be bigger but anyway, they did everything well.
By Kenneth, USA
5.0 rating
Feb 16, 2019
Excellent! I got my plugin in 2 business days with all the necessary settings.
By Robert, USA
5.0 rating
Jan 3, 2019
Thanks! Everything is great. Also, it is awesome that you sent the letter with detailed instruction. This is very helpful
By Nicolas, France
5.0 rating
Dec 24, 2018
I like it!
By Kamran, Pakistan
5.0 rating
Nov 6, 2018
Very nice
By Dieter, Germany
5.0 rating
Oct 22, 2018
Social Rabbit is an amazing plugin! But if you want to get the most out of it, I recommend you to ask the team to set up Social Rabbit. This way you will avoid any mistake in settings
By Eva, Spain
5.0 rating
Oct 9, 2018
Thanks to the team for the plugin and high-quality services! I am happy that I am your client!
By Marta, Spain
4.0 rating
Sep 30, 2018
I was surprised that this service doesn't include setup of all tools. For example, Grabber!
By Jakub, Czech Republic
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